Rebuilding the Gazebo

Sorry there was no post yesterday. The Blog Tech and I drove three hours to a market and when we got there it was closed. So, not only did I not post anything yesterday, I have no pics to show you of the trip. The market is open every other day except Thursdays. Weird! Today I posted this video of my present project, rebuilding my gazebo. The gazebo was built from black locust trees and I planted Autumn Clematis to grow up and cover it. Though the clematis was beautiful when it blossomed, it held in too much moisture and parts of the gazebo rotted. Now I am cutting up trunks and limbs from other trees I cut down and saved. This was built about 7 years ago and I really should be doing a bit of work on it each year. I will show my progress as I repair it. I hit a bump in the road when my drills battery died so it will take a bit longer to finish this project!

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oldblackcatboo said…
I'm at my "day" job and I'm watching your video without sound. And even without sound i have to sit here and act like I'm "working" when I really want to be "freaking out". That Gazebo is SO AWESOME!!!!
I am going to start this weekend clearing out the bottom of yard. I WAS all irritated that it was full of discarded trees and branches that I had cut out of my neighbors hedge but now...hmmmmm
Love YOU! LOL!
I can't wait to get home tonight and here the narrative.
XOXO - Cindi
By the way, can I dig up a little 2 yr old peach tree whose growth is being stunted by my Willow and transplant it to a sunnier spot or will I kill it? Thanks in advance!!
I loved that video! It´s amazing how well our cameras take up the different sounds around it! I wish I could have running water like that to my pond, but it´s hard to make it look natural when the garden is almost totally flat :-) :-)

I like Your gazebo a lot and it is always a problem when the tree root. There are a lot of different trees that recists rooting for a much longer time. Over here the larch tree is used quite often.
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
It will be stunning....the ferns.
Aaaah, so peaceful!
We missed you all yesterday but understand. Everyone needs a day off from blogging anyway!

Seeing the gazebo in "real" and the garden is even more beautiful. Lush green, the water traveling over the stones, stepping down the pathway further into the garden. Thrilling!

Teddy wants to supervise. Her guard duties will not suffer as she will take breaks.

Sorry the market was closed. Another day.
Fabulous idea for a gazebo ... albeit, what looks like a LOT of work. I look forward to seeing to the progress!
Suzie said…
I'm sorry that the market wasn't open. What a strange day to be closed, but maybe once Summer is official, they will be open all week long.

I love how you've made your gazebo out of materials from your yard, or your holiday trees. It not only makes good use of the trees and branches that are normally discarded for waste, but it makes it more personal too! But what a project!! I'm sure like everything that you do, it will be beautiful when you are finished.

The sound of your stream is SO delightful and peaceful. I could lay down in some cool grass, and enjoy listening to it, along with the birds, for hours. It's all so enchanting!
Touchatou said…
43 years old woman, quiet and clean, would do anything to be adopted by you !! lolllll

That's so awesome to hear your voice ! Wow, and the sound of that water... and te gazebo... ahhhhhhh
jenana said…
How did you build that? WOW!! I was thinking of a pergola, but now I think I'm more interested in something like this. Gorgeous!!
I also loved that video. It makes it so clear as to what you are working on and what you have to do. Seems like a huge undertaking! It had to have been a lot of work just pulling of the Clematis. What will you cover it with this time..I don't think I heard you mention it. I love the stone floor. What a beautiful area. Those doors that open to the steps and then the sound of water...all of it. Just beautiful!
Did all of that freeze up in the winter and did you have to turn all of the water off?
Wonderful video. Just wonderful! You did a great job of showing us!
I am so in love with your yard... especially after seeing it on video! The winding waterfall, the wooden gazebo... just WOW! ♥
oldblackcatboo said…
OMG...I just watched the video again but this time with sound...
will you adopt me too?, along with Touchatou...I'm will work for (YOUR) food...(gotta bring Blue too though! LOL!)
Debbie said…
Hello dear lady! Yesterday I recieved my most precious gifts from you wrapped ever so beautifully with much love. Thank you so much...there will be a package heading to your place early next week. Love the video of the gazebo in the making. I see you have our good friend Christer as a follower! Am off to email you...
Anonymous said…
Great to hear your voice ; )
Such a treat to see Teddy in action too.
That gazebo looks great, eventhough it has to be repaired. I can see it finished already, that will be so beautiful !!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Great video, thanks !

In France a gazebo like that is called a gloriette - a word which makes me smile every time I hear it.

I bet yours is just glorious when it's full of climbers !

Irene x