Spell Books

People always ask me about my spell books. Spell books are very personal and usually kept very private but I think this subject deserves a post so I am going to share some of mine with you. I have filled many spell books over time and this is my current one. I bought it at The Broom Closet in Salem.

Spell books are just elaborate journals. I collect vintage German Halloween diecuts and use a lot of them to decorate my books.

I also paste favorite picture like this one. Look closely to the right of the strawberry pot. Who is that?

This was taken the first week we had Teddy.

Chow Chows ears take a few months to stand up straight.

We tried a few futile attempts at first to teach her to listen. She quickly trained us.

If I come across a particularly nice poem or picture, I add it too.

This is a picture of my nephew's new born son alongside of a piece of dried evergreen from my yard.

I press flowers from my garden and glue them to the pages.

This hydrangea took up one whole page.

Here is another pic of the little tank. One of her nicknames is Teddy the Tank.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. She has always laid flat on the belly belly with her little legs stretched out behind her. You can see that she was running around in the mud before laying down to rest.

At this age it was easy to get her in and out of the car. Not anymore!

This was a Halloween invitation I made one year.

Click for a closer look. This is the inside of the invitation.

I journal in my spell book daily.

Anything that catches my interest goes in the book.

This handmade card was sent to me from a witch.

I always glue all of my Halloween cards in the book.

Another handmade card from another witch.

I save notes and thank you cards I receive.

A very good friend in New York sent this card to me.

I will show more pics of the book soon. I write the good and the bad and everything in between.

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Pricilla said…
Ooooh, Teddy was such an adorable puppy.

Thanks for showing the book. It's very fascinating.
those puppy photos of Teddy are adorable. what an absolute sweetheart!

your book is lovely - I am a big fan of German scrap images...and the Hallowe'en ones are always fab!
It´s dangerous to look at those Teddy photo´s :-) I´m almost starting to look for chow kennels here in Sweden now :-)

Well today all wiches flies to BlÄkulla for their annual party, so the spell book would most probably follow on that trip, together with a black cat and a coffee pot :-)
Have a great day now and Happy Easter!
Sugar said…
Thank you for sharing your book. It is truly inspiring, as I haven't been able to actually start my own yet. Now Maybe I will!
Your spell book is most interesting and I love that you chose to share. Your openness is a step to giving witches a good name. Normal people, living normal lives, who are witches.

Teddy, oh Teddy, couldn't possibly have been any cuter as a baby. 'Course she's still a baby! Right?! :)
Autumnforest said…
I like that! I keep an "inspiration" book which is basically a photo album. I cut out words and pictures and dreams and fantasies and hopes and goals and put them in it and look at it often. It's interesting to see over time what my priorities were. Love the baby pic's of the tank! What a widdle ball of fur--hard to find the pup inside there!
SeeThroughGreen said…
You are so creative! I love all of the leaves and flowers! The halloween cards are great!
my book is somewhat started... sorta. Some day I shall post on it!

Now Teddy, what a cutie! Arent puppies the sweetest things?!
I havent ever seen my dog as a puppy cause he was born and raised to be a race dog... I got him when he ended up sucking at it lol! he turned 2 with us!
RetroKali said…
This was lovely! Thanks for posting!
Sydnii said…
Thank you for sharing!
OMG..those puppy pictures of Teddy...i can hardly take it.sssooo cute !

and i love the journals...

love all things witch here too..
just the best...
got an email from valerie...

looks like we are going to palm springs around the 20th of april....

i am so excited :- )

Kary and Teddy
So beautiful! I love all the Halloween things, and Teddy was the cutest puppy ever! I love the picture of her laying on her belly with her little feetsies sticking out!♥
Kanani said…
This makes me want to focus on my spell books! Yours is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!
pastrywitch said…
The Halloween invitation is great! And the photos of baby Teddy- so adorable :)
oldblackcatboo said…
That was so cool to look at! Thanks for the peek inside!
Teddy was/is so adorable!
Sharlene T. said…
A great Spell Book! Mine has a tendency to create spells that ruin bowling shots for the opposing team...not that I would mention it. Yours is just plain gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
Toria said…
I love that picture of Teddy stretched out. My mum had a corgi that always lay down like that, so adorable.
Nydia said…
Thanks for sharing something so imprtant and personal! Oh but the best was to se your chow chow when a litlle puppy, so sweet!!

Kisses from Nydia.
Guillaume said…
Love that book.
Suzie said…
Your book is positively enchanting and I thank you so much for sharing it with us!
You know how some actors say that they will never perform with children or animals because they know that they will be upstaged?

Well, you should have no concerns when it comes to sharing your creativity on the same page as Teddy's baby pictures.

As over the moon adorablle as she is (and I think that is what makes her extra loveable now, is that she never lost her baby face)your artistic eye can stand toe to toe with her, being as exciting and pleasurable to view.

What a lovely personal journey through your memories. I love it!
OMG OMG Teddy as puppeh...I don't know how you didn't just melt into a puddle of goo being in contact with her. I am NOT surprised puppeh jail didn't last.
Suzie said…
It hit me the other day that Teddy still have that cute puppy face, and now seeing how adorable she was, and still is, it IS true!

I have family members that rescued two chows, one Teddy's color, and the other one was black, and they both had very "adult" stern looking faces. I also have a friend that has three and shows them, and none of them have Teddy's sweet cuddly looks either.

And as for her spunky attitude on life, that must be environmental influences that she has gotten from her human Mom!
Anonymous said…
That is absolutely beautiful! And some wonderful ideas with the Halloween cards and pictures! And as always, Teddy just steals my heart away.:)
Touchatou said…
I am so happy to see what you do in your spell book !! Gives me ideas for mine ! I thought it should be serious things, but now I am going to have fun with it ! Thanks !