Spring Gardens

Time for another walk. Who knows what could be lurking in those lower gardens.

If something is down there, Teddy will flush it out!

Since I live on top of a mountain, there is no running water anywhere but in my gardens. This attracts all sorts of birds and other creatures.

I finally trimmed the apple arch.

It look much neater now but I might not get any apples this year.

The Katsuras sure are filling in.

The grapes are leafing out. Click for a better look. They are on the right side of the picture.

The espaliered apple is still blooming.

The one right next to it hasn't bloomed yet. They are only 6 feet apart but this one does not get as much sun.

The garlic is doing very well.

A few people asked me what this is in front of the potting shed. It is a very old millstone which I sunk in the ground to use as a stepping stone.

These are the only kind of roosters allowed in the city!

I just love to see all of the ferns popping up.

These hydrangeas are blooming already and will be white by next week.

The oakleaf hydrangeas are getting bigger by the day.

Lady's Mantle....what can I say? I love it and hate it as the same time. This stuff takes over if you aren't careful. Once it takes hold, it will spread everywhere. I take most of it out at the end of the season and it comes right back each spring.

The hostas are opening amongst the ivy.

Another stepping stone for crossing the stream.

These hostas are huge! When they are fully open they are 5 feet in diameter.

The forest is filling in.

No critters were found on this patrol.

As soon as Teddy enters the upper gardens she looks around. I think she thinks that when we are in the lower gardens they run to the top. I think in general they are smart enough to stay away when the chow chow is guarding. Once Teddy is tucked in for the night the critter circus comes to town!

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Autumnforest said…
Oh that Teddy guard girl! She's awesome. What a great workout for her going up and down and up and down in search of trespassing critters! The gardens look so romantic and wonderful. What an escape!
Teddy tours were wonderful, as usual. How fun to see the garden and forest filling in and out.

Oakleaf hydrenga are new to me. I'm keeping an eye on them.

Your garden takes a lot of care and gives a lot of joy.

Happy day.
The spring has come so far over at Yours! here it took a break for a couple of days, starting yesterday when it snowed. How big is Your garden`It seemes hughe!

I´ve seen two Hosta buds on the sunniest part here :-) and there are still no leafs on trees or bushes exept on my redberried elderberry bushes.
Have a great spring day!
Love, love, love your yard so much!! That millstone idea is adorable!
Chowz Creations said…
I officially apply for the position of garden gnome. Of course, I want Teddy to LIKE me, not use me for a chew toy or dinner. You have the most incredible yard - thank you for sharing it.
Lovely pix as always of your amazing garden. Teddy is doing her job with gusto. How cute.
By the way lovely lady.....the BBQ rub recipe...kicks butt!!!!!!! My family just loved it. I used it on some short ribs last night, I thought they were going to kill themselves. No left overs.....yay.
So I suppose I should say thank you ever so for the culinary touchdown. Rah, Rah, Rah, for you. (((hugs))) until next time
Pricilla said…
So peaceful!
We have had almost summer like weather which led to a mighty nasty thunderstorm last night.

Oooh, the light show was something else. And the wind. Blew over one of the small goat houses.

Hubby is off for a week so something might actually get done in the yurt.
Sharlene T. said…
Thanks for the tour, Teddy! My hostas are just coming up and a few other flowers I don't know the names of but they're pretty. (I'm a veggy person and will slowly learn about the floral side.) Gonna set up my espaliering on the apple tree this weekend. Have a great day!
The Frog Queen said…
Amazing yard. And I completely agree with you on Lady's Mantle...but I do love it so :)

...all of it..so beautiful...and Teddy on patrol...good girl..

little teddy is sleeping by my side..after a long morning of ripping newspapers...just like kids i guess..all kinds of toys and bones and chewies and stuffed animals...and he wants the newspaper :- )

oh, he has mended a VERY broken heart...i am so IN LOVE with him..what a treasure...he is just so sweet..prancing around with his tail all curled up..he looks just like a wind up toy...darling...

he changed our lives...so much happiness...

hugs to teddy

sending love,
kary and teddy
William Bezek said…
Everything is waking up nicely in your garden! I can't believe there is a frost warning tonight, enough already. I have been waging war on something the North East calls "gooseneck"...pretty but a super spreader. It's chocking out some really lovely plants.
Rue said…
It's really lovely, all over the lower gardens! Do take another photo of the hostas later - I'd love to see them fully open. Such classy plants!

Poor Teddy - no critter catching today!
Jennifer Rose said…
well the critters could be hiding behind the door, you never know ;)
oldblackcatboo said…
and a BIGGER sigh.........
Celia said…
I love watching your garden grow. Thank you for sharing.
Touchatou said…
Katsudas are so beautiful ! I love the way they fall !

And the stone bench is a wonder ! What a nice spot to relax !