Teddy Patrols The Gardens

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Each day Teddy feels the need to check the entire garden. I keep the door closed to the upper gardens most times just so I always know where she is. So several times a day she lets me know it is time for her to patrol the perimeter.

This is the gazebo room. The gazebo was built from the trunks of Black Locust trees. The floor is laid in stone. This is on my clean up list for sure.

The Helebores are all blooming.

The purple ones are my favorites.

Here come the chives. It took me years to get my chives to grow and now they are invasive!

Another clean up project, the garden shed. The Greenman over the door saw a lot of snow this winter and is ready to watch the garden grow.

Here she comes....she is checking out the lower vegetable garden.

She loves to stop by the lower pond to get a drink.

This does not thrill the fish!

Chow Chows will not step out of the house if it is rainy or damp but give them a lake or pond and in they go!

My daughter's back door light is right next to the lower pond.

Winter damage on a Japanese Maple next to the middle pond. I lucked out without having to much damage from the snows but this breaks my heart. I am hoping at least part of the tree will survive. Click for a better look. This split right in half.

Here she comes hopping back up the steps. These steps are called perrones. They are very useful for hilly areas. They are basically framed in raised planters that step down the hillside. I live on the very top of a mountain so my grade drops drastically. I've planted each perrone with creeping thyme and mosses. by the end of summer the entire stairway will look like a green path.

Steps are very tricky for Chows to navigate. Chows have what are called stilted hocks. This means that they are missing a joint in their legs that other dogs have. They have one joint just above their paw but the rest of their leg is entirely straight. Therefore, they either have to hop up steps bunny style or they have to slowly navigate them step by step moving each foot independently.

The inspection is completed for the moment and she heads back to the upper garden to chill the belly belly out on the cool patio stones. You can be sure if she hears the slightest noise she is back down below in a heartbeat! I made the hand rail out of Black Locust trunks too.

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Marie S said…
Boy, I can hardly wait to see what this looks like when it fills out.
I love your taste in garden decor.
The back light is wonderful.
Teddy must just love being the queen of this wonderland.
Have a great day!
Ann said…
Loved the tour of your gardens and had such a good guide as well!!-Spring is definitely well on its way-and, do you recall where you got the lighting fixture next to your daughter's door-love it!!! Angie
Wow, what a beautiful yard you have!! I love it! ♥
Our garden shed sports a Green Man too! It's the perfect place for Him to supervise His Kingdom!
SeeThroughGreen said…
oh man! I never knew that about chows! thats interesting! Lovely garden! and Im glad that the winter damage wasnt worse!
teddy is so good on patrol....

what a beautiful garden...looks like paradise..and the pond..love it

and those steps with the moss..wonderful...i love all of it...

what a great spot....

hugs to you and teddy

A shame what happened to the maple, but You can put the halfs together again (even if they never will grow together again). My english isn´t good enough to explain, but get in contact with an arborist (I think it´s what they are called in english, experts on trees).

I think it will take another week or so until my helleborus flowers, but my hepaticas are on their way to do it soon :-)

I had no idea that Chows missed one joint! I can understand how stairs can be tricky then!

Your garden is so big so I can understand that she must guard it all day :-) Mine is so small that my dogs just have to get their heads outside the door to see most of it :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Lucky Teddy. Such a pretty place to walk everyday. It's raining here today and the goats are in the barn and very unhappy. But then they would be unhappy to be OUT of the barn so I just can't win.
Marjorie said…
You must have a large property there--upper and lower gardens and upper and lower ponds?! I LOVE your daughter's porch light!
greekwitch said…
I love, love, love your garden. It seems so elegant and serene. Teddy is a very happy dog!
I just love your gardens and all the whimsy within!
And Teddy - just too cute!
Sharlene T. said…
I hope you're ready. I'm moving in...gosh, that's pretty. Thanks for the tour, Teddy.
Teddy has a big garden to guard. That's why she is on the lookout for extra tidbits of foodies. She needs extra energy to navigate the steps. :)

Great garden, great post.
Willow said…
You have an amazingly, beautiful backyard. I'm going to need lots of advice from you when I buy my first house.
oldblackcatboo said…
Thanks Teddy for the tour!
I am stealing some of those great garden ideas! My backyard is flat and just drops off to the left but gradually descends to the right. So I will be steal the step/planter idea...
I wish your Mom was HERE to give me some of her expert opinions and ideas on what to do on the bottom where it gets swampy in the spring!
Touchatou said…
Just a word to tell you I got my connection back ! I love my new house : it's heaven !
Sydnii said…
What a beautiful yard! As for the maple: a couple of years ago, there was a really bad ice storm at my parents' house. It knocked a sassafras completely over... And in the spring, the sassafras sent up new branches even while it was lying down, connected to the stump only by a 3 inch flap.
Crystalrainbow said…
Thanks for the great tour of your beautiful garden :) its amazing can hardly wait to see it filling out as the months go by :) thanks to teddy too xx
Michelle said…
Japanese Maple are so vulnerable I don't even plant them any more here. So disappointing to my clients when they don't winter!
Jennifer Rose said…
I didn't know that about Chows legs, interesting fact to know :)

i love that door light!
I LOVE that bat light! Where on earth do you get such neat things! I always look for stuff but never find anything like that.
The entire garden is a place I would love to wander through. My daughters is like that...and I love it. Mine is tiny but I want to put in two raised gardens. Husband doesn't see the sense in it I think..and his usual answer is " just another thing to take care of!" It's upsetting sometimes. There was not a thing planted when I got here except the cyprus trees bordering the property and a few shurbs front and back...I really NEED a garden. :) I do!
Touchatou said…
Love your daughter's back door light !!! I am fond of Gargoyles... hem isn't that the name of my new puppy ? lollll