Teddy's Favorite Thing

Someone wants to go down to the lower gardens. Notice her wet mane. You will see why it is wet in a moment.

The stream is running.

This is the top pond where the stream begins.

This is the second pond on the stream.

This is the lower pond with its waterfall.

Teddy likes to come down here to take a drink and scare the hell out of the fish.

The garlic I planted is growing and it is time to uncover the raised vegetable bed. We cover it with leaves in the fall.

The Swiss Chard is growing around the base of the Service Berry trees.

Look at all of those cute little fern fronds. Soon these ferns will be huge.

These irises were originally pond irises which were planted in the water. They have spread out to the edge of the patio.

This is the original plant.

I am training apple trees into an arch over the entrance to the terraced fruit orchard. Time to trim them!

Birds love to build nests in this arch for some reason.

Sweet Woodruff is my favorite ground cover and it loves the fruit orchard.

The Cathedral Roses are still blooming. (Hellebores)

One strange stray tulip. Me thinks a certain squirrel was digging up and burying bulbs! The hostas are ready to open.

The huge Weeping Beech is the last tree to open. This tree weighed 7 tons when I planted it. It tipped over the crane and we had to get a bigger one to lift it. The ball of the tree looked like a spaceship.

I had to cut down my beloved Weeping Willow because it was taking over the yard. Now I have mushrooms growing out of the stump.

Phlox is blooming next to the small waterfall on the upper pond.

After Teddy terrifies the fish and gets her drink, she lies right at the gates between the two gardens. This allows her to guard both places. As soon as I return to the main garden and close the gates, she changes locations.

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Autumnforest said…
What? I'm not on the list of Teddy's favorite things? What a cutie! I love how she guards both gardens simultaneously. I envy you growing apples. I have tangerines, pomegranates, red grapefruit, and several kinds of grapes here--at least the Southwest is good for hot weather fruit. I also am trying to grow some pumpkins this year for the first time. I should have done it long ago, but I never found a good place for them to ramble. I love the stream especially. Running water is my favorite thing! You create magic so perfectly!
I wish my garden were on a mountine like Yours! Your garden is truly beautiful!

What a fun idea to make an arch with apple trees! I´ve never seen that before. It´s a shame that weeping willows gets so terrible big. How big will the weeping beech become? Almost as big I guess.

Have a great day now!
Oh MY...where to start...that arching apple tree...sigh

the ponds and waterfalls, the vegetable garden,those cute mushrooms,i LOVE all of it..and cute Teddy on patrol....

next week at this time you-know-who will be HOME. TEDDY

hugs all the way around...
Marie S said…
Wow, I just love your yard Jaz, it is so beautiful!
No wonder Teddy loves it.
I am enjoying your spring so much!!
Have a great day.
Love and hugs.
Rue said…
Thank you for the beautiful guided tour through the lower yard! The stream and waterfall is wonderful - I could sit and daydream there all day!

Teddy is such a good guard!
Sharlene T. said…
Love the apple tree arch. I'm thinking of linking my orchard trees in the espalier. Limbs aren't long enough, yet. Teddy is certainly enjoying her Spring, isn't she...

Thank your Blog Tech for me. Don't want to miss your posts!
What a tremendous feast of garden today. It is thrilling to see the new growth and stroll through the gardens. Waterfalls and ponds, apple trees, phlox, woodruff, mushrooms and a stump, hostas, tulips...on and on.

Teddy is in her element. Feeling in charge of the garden and free to roam. The shot of her looking over her shoulder from the top of the stairs is priceless.

Again, I thank you for sharing the wonders of your garden, Teddy the Wonderful and your life.
Suzie said…
Oooooh, I want your garden!! We had a tiny pond, and finally had to fill it in last year because I kept having pump problems, and the nursery that carried them went out of business. Unhappily I found that no one else would honor our guarantee. .one of the "perks" of living in a small town. I know I'm going to miss the sound of the splashing water though, and am already on the hunt for a fountain of some sort.
I had a great feeling of accomplishment because I planted a 7 ft. Serviceberry tree yesterday, and then I read about your tree planting experience! Wow!! Mine is miniscule in comparison!

Maybe I missed it, so I'm sorry if I'm asking you to repeat, but what do you have growing on the side and roof of your potting shed?

Now I'm trying to figure out how to find room to plant some trees to make into a natural arch. .hubs is going to wonder where I'm getting all of these grand ideas!
You have such an enchanted garden-- it could be the scene of a fairy tale!! ♥
Pricilla said…
I think the birds like the arch for the view.

the pocket gophers eat our garlic. *sigh*

The ravioli were yummy - meat and caramelized onion in a sauce it took all day to make. He had morels.

I'll have a post up later.
carma said…
your place is so idyllic!
Jennifer Rose said…
I love water features like that, so calming to sit by :)
can't blame Teddy - I would love to sit with my feet in that lovely trickling waterfall and pond!
TMCPhoto said…
How do you ever leave? Your home and garden is so full of charm and magic. There's something so soothing about the sound of running water.
jenana said…
I've often said how I absolutely adore your garden. I want mine to look as lovely! But I have no idea where to begin! I have a general idea as to what I'd like in mine, and where those places will be located, but the actual getting down to it? I get overwhelmed!

I have a preschooler and an infant, I just don't know how to make ti happen.

Still, your garden is such a source of inspiration. Thank you for always sharing its beauty with us!
Celia said…
I will never get tired of seeing pictures of your beautiful garden. And Teddy is SO CUTE! I would love to be able to roam your gardens the he does.
chib said…
Hi Joyce, Long time without pay a visit here. It is wonderful to be here again. Nice captions
Michelle said…
Hydrangea is one of my very favorite plants and I many varieties but Oakleaf Hydrangea is my favorite!
oldblackcatboo said…
I wish I could do an Alice in Wonderland kind of trick, get really small, jump through the computer and land on top of Teddy's soft fur and she could take me for a tour past all this beauty in person!
Wow! What a dream your garden is!
Delia said…
OMG, your garden is gorgeous! Just stopping over from Saturday SITS Sharefest. What a pleasure to see your photos. --Delia