I picked up some really good deals recently. I found this Haws watering can.

It was $1.95.

This was $1.25.

This is a really heavy nice gold mirror.

More plates for mosaics.

Cute little birds for outside decorating. These cost 50 cents each and it is fun to sit them around the garden in unexpected places. If they break....they break!

I love finding these porcelain roses. This one was 99 cents. It will be great in a future mosaic project.

Someone tossed out this Green Man. He is made of cement and very heavy. I bought him for 50 cents. I think it is bad karma to toss the Green Man away.

Two cute French plaques. I put them below the potting table.

It was 50% off day and I got all of these cute porcelain boxes for 2.oo. Click for a better look but the butterfly box alone is worth much more than what I paid.

I found these 6 German plates for 1.95 for the group. When I returned home I googled them and found them online for 125.00. They are very delicate and have beautiful Fall fruit pics on them.

Another 99 cent silver tray.

These little boxes were 99 cents.

I also like to scatter these little houses around the gardens.

Cute little bluebird S&P. 99 cents

This little bird bell is perched on the potting table now.

These tiles were 99 cents each.

These needle point things cost 99 cents for all six.

This is the back of them. Does anyone know what these are? I just can't figure it out.

This basket is huge and cost 1.50.

This very nice one with handles was 99 cents.

I get very excited when I find these nice old wood bottomed sturdy baskets. This one was 1.00 too.

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Linda said…
You just hit the Mother load of great thrifting/yard sales! Love all the little birds and can just see them in the garden. Great baskets and so much more, but those pill boxes are so cute. Love the fruit plates and that was amazing SCORE!
pastrywitch said…
Very bad to throw away the Green Man! He's a beautiful one too.
I have several variations, including a print of the Green Man done in native Colorado plants.
You have the eye for thrifting, no doubt about that!
That was a real nice looking watering can I had a similar (without any color on it) when I had my garden centre, but naturally I forgot to bring it home with me.

Those German plates are simply fantastic! Why does I never find anything like that over here. If I did they would most likely cost 125.00 :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Jennifer said…
I haven't been to any thrift stores in so long, this makes me want to go! I love that blue bucket and the baskets. How neat something like that would be filled with some candy or other treats as a gift. This gives me some ideas!
The wonderful buys you constantly find never cease to amaze me... love them all.... esp that watering can and stack of plates
The poor discarded Green Man will be ecstatic to be in your beautiful garden! I'm sure he will cover it with lush foliage in gratitude!
Pricilla said…
Are they Christmas ornaments? It's hard to judge size...

That is some spout!
terrific finds! - I have a similar concrete green man over my front door ... but, he's green LOL
Marie S said…
Wow, it looks like you found some awesome things.
Have a great week.
TMCPhoto said…
Bad Karma to toss out the green man but excellent karma for you to bring him to your great garden... Keeping my eye out for a bleeding heart plant to bring home and write about
SeeThroughGreen said…
them are some good finds lol! I agree... bad bad karma to throw away the green man.... bad bad...
Autumnforest said…
Now that was a really productive trip.
My goodness what a haul you made. You undoubtedly live near thrift heaven.

Gorgeous finds, all of them!

Thanks for sharing.

The Green Man has found the best home in the world, the enchanted garden of Jaz and Teddy Love.
Bridgett said…
Oh, I'm in love with those 'fall' themed plates. Gorgeous!
Debbie said…
If I found half those things and at those prices, I would think I was extremely lucky!! Yard sales just aren't what they used to be these days. Thrift stores also seem to be more money. I won't stop trying though...especially after seeing what you got!! Wow! And do not have a butterfly box, you have one of my favorite insects...a dragonfly box!! Look closer. My daughter has a lovely one tatooed on her shoulder....she loves them too.:)
Sharlene T. said…
Great finds! Bad, bad, to throw out Green Man. Bad. That's all I'm saying...

It depends on the size, but I think they are necklaces that belong on satin ribbons. We used to do that (1,000 years ago) and put a little 'belt loop' on the back to thread the ribbon through. Now, if they're over 2", they could be ornaments or brooches...
PhoenixWitch said…
Love the Green Man and that lovely mirror!
what a SCORE ! love everything...

about those little needlepoint roosters...with the hook on the back..i am sending julie over here..i bet she knows what they are?

teddy is doing so great ! made another petco run some more chewies...took him to the toy store with me to get some presents for neice who had her ponytail pulled :-) b day party on sunday....dinasauer princess here....

hugs to you and teddy and i am off to julie...

kary and teddy
Celia said…
Fantastic finds!!! And the Green Man....I love it.....I need to find one for my garden.
Suzie said…
What a bountiful haul you made this time! You certainly have a gift for finding the most fantastic things, and in excellent condition, without costing a mint!

I noticed Sunday at the first of the season Antique market, that prices have gone down to reasonable instead of inflated, but no where near the bargains that you are finding.

And what a wonderful surprise on those gorgeous plates! Did you suspect that they were worth that much when you bought them? No mosiac material in their future!!

Speaking of mosiacs, I've been meaning to tell you that I saw a round metal garden table that someone had used mosiac tiles to make a pumpkin for the top, and sad to say, they didn't do a very good job. The background was pure white, the tiles hadn't been cleaned after setting up, very well, and the tiles used to make the pumpkin were rather dull and boring. .as I was thinking of what you would do with the same idea, some women came up, ooohing and aaahing over it, asked me if I was going to buy it (nice of them to ask), and when I said no, they bought it! This was in a trendy little gift and antique shop.

Another idea that someone came up with was to take antique wire egg baskets, and make mosiacs of chickens and roosters in round forms to fit in the bottoms of the baskets. They then hung them on the wall. I saw one of a rooster, and thought that would go so well with the roosters under your potting bench, with the wire form reflecting the texture of your bird cage.

I'm thinking of projects for you, even when I'n not here. .as if you don't have enough to keep you busy already!
Birgit said…
Oh wow -- so many lovely things for such little money... Makes me wish to live in your region. Such good prizes... Anyway, I am happy for you having found such treasures -- enjoy them to the fullest! :)

Greetings from Munich,

PS: The Green Man is just great -- and it's good to know that he will now have a good new home!!! :)
Touchatou said…
The fleur-de-lis tiles are wonderful !!! Would exchange them with you anytime ! Name the price, dear ! Maple syrup, maybe ? Or something you remember from your time in Canada ?

I'm oppened to any suggestiona, if you would agree to depart with them. ;) Kisses, dear.