Time For Another Walk

Come with me. It's time for another walk. Get off the sofa and take a walk with me.

I have to patrol now but I can show you some things while I do my job.

The upper pond is very clear now and the pond plants are growing. There are no signs of any fish though. We put some in the upper pond each spring but they do the fish water slide to the lower pond. It's like opening day at the water parks.

These hostas will be fully open soon.

The faux bois furniture has been uncovered and my mama is horrified by the damage. Does anyone know how to repair faux bois furniture?

This is my Japanese Maple that broke because of the snow. Maybe someday it will fill in.

I like coming down to 'my girl's' house so I can check out the area to make sure she is safe.

The New Dawn roses are budding on top of the potting shed. My mama will show you pictures when they bloom.

I hope we get lots of grapes this year because the squirrels (fuzzies) like to eat them and they have to come down to the ground to get them and you can guess what that means!

I just know something has been walking around down here.

The Service Berries are developing their berries....another good squirrel magnet. My mama wants to make them into jam but the birds usually get to them first.

Are you enjoying the walk so far?

My family has to go through these doors to get to the lower vegetable garden but I know an easier way to get there. I know all the short cuts down here. I am a little smarter than the rest of my family.

Time for a little fish terror. If I could only catch one of those little sushi's...Mmmm...I love raw fish.

There goes one.

Darn! I need a fishing pole.

Ok..time to head back.

The Beech still hasn't filled in. I like it when it is filled out because there is a tree cave underneath it. I like to lay in there because it is cool.

Daily patrol #1 complete. Property safe. Time for a nap.

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Autumnforest said…
Teddy, thanks so much for the tour. I love to go for walks with you. I bet you're liking not having to work your way around snow, huh? You chase those squirrels girl!
TMCPhoto said…
Oh my, Teddy has the best job in the world. All the little nooks and crannys make your little slice of nirvana seem to stretch on forever. Love the tours and progress from the pictures.

The garden is coming along nicely. I love to stroll through the garden with you. You know every nook and cranny.

Thanks, Teddy Love.

Tell your mama to have a Happy Day & you too!
Pricilla said…
What would your family do without you?!
Always nice to take a walk in Your garden!

I´m afraid that the maple most probably won´t fill out, but You can always plant another maple in front of it, perhaps one with a different color on the leafs?

I put down a couple of new plants in my pond today and the water is anything but clear now :-) :-) :-)

I have a realtive to the Service berry and those berries taste delicious! But my bush is to small yet to give more than a few berries. Here it´s the birds eating them before I get a chance though :-)

Have a great day now!
Suzie said…
Teddy, I don't know how you got up so high to have a bird's eye view of the gardens,but more power to you! I do hope that view is from a second story window, and not because you're clinging to the top of a swaying tree!

Thank you for another delightful tour! It is so peaceful, yet exciting to see everything coming into color and bloom.

How are your Mama's table and chairs damaged? Are they crumbling or cracking? I couldn't see the damage on my screen, even when I enlarged the photo.

As for your pumpkin mosiac, Fiestaware makes black, tangerine and marigold colors that could be used for shading and your solids, then continue to look for Autumn patterns. .some will come along that will be perfect, and then you'll make an awesome table!
pastrywitch said…
I love following Teddy through your amazing gardens. Do you mind if some of your desing elements end up in my novel/screenplay?
Well done, Teddy! Good dog!
The Frog Queen said…
Thanks for the tour Teddy! Your mama has a great yard....love visiting. :)

Marjorie said…
Teddy you are the best tour guide! My dogs wish they could come patrol with you--they are pretty fast and maybe could catch some fuzzies (not that they would know what to do with said fuzzies once caught).
Your yard gets more beautiful with each post!! ♥
Celia said…
Thanks Teddy for the walking tour. Those squirrels better watch out! You have such a sweet face.
Terri Smith said…
Sweet Teddy..I'd follow you anywhere! What a lovely stroll you took us on today! Perfection!

Blessings, Joy & Tuesday Sunshine, Terri Smith
loved taking the walk today..great job on patrol there Teddy....

Little Teddy is napping right now...finally...but he did just get back from another Home Depot run..and that always calls for a nap after :-)

Crystalrainbow said…
Thanks for another wonderful tour teddy :) xx
Bronny said…
Thank you Teddy for the tour. What a lovely garden in which to go a-rambling. So many interesting things to see, and now we can see what was under the snow shapes...
I'll meet you at the garden gate for the next tour.
Sharlene T. said…
Thank you, Teddy, for the tour. It's always a special treat to be with you whilst you patrol...Don't eat the fishies...
Lin said…
You have such a cool yard with all those levels! I wish my pond had more than one level, but alas, I live in very flat Illinois. :(
William Bezek said…
Your pond looks great! So jealous. We have had a serious algea bloom with yucky green water in ours suddenly after crystal clarity from the spring cleaning...aaargggh!
Willow said…
Teddy, you and your mom have an amazing backyard. Maybe one day you'll help me landscape mine!
Rue said…
Great tour Teddy! Sorry there was no fish for you - but I don't think your Mama wants you to eat her fish anyway!

Great 'people' doors to the veggie garden!
OH Teddy! Great tour! I love, love, love that doorway!
And I love your faux bois furniture.
Wish I knew how to repair it.
pastrywitch said…
Ok, apparently my dyslexia was in full swing yesterday; that should have been ' do you mind if some of your design elements end up in my fiction? My inner proof reader is on vacation;)