Walking Through The Gardens

The big red Japanese Maple is filling in by the lower pond. Click on any of the pictures to get a better view.

Teddy checks out the lower gardens and walks under the Katsuras. These weeping trees give off a scent twice daily that smells like cotton candy.

Teddy makes sure to check out every inch of the garden.

Behind the Katsuras you can see flowering apple trees.

Behind the witch weather vane, you can see the espaliered apple tree trained against the fence.

They are beginning to bloom.

The Sweet Woodruff is filling in the perrones and should be blooming soon.

Forget-me-knots are blooming in places they were not planted.

Mazus Reptans blooms along with a dandelion.

Finally the phlox is in full bloom.

I remember a house from when I was small which had phlox cascading down the hillside in front of it. It was stunning when in bloom.

The tree peonies are close to blooming.

Lungwort is blooming and spreading everywhere.

Pig Squeak.....Bergenia....when you rub the leaves together they sound like a pig squeaking!


They are blooming throughout my gardens.

*** Tomorrow I will be showing you my potting shed which took an entire day to clean out!

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I´m comforting myself that I still have all that to look forward to :-) :-) (not even dandylions flowers yet, but my lungworts has flower buds)But at least one tree peonie almost has leafs now :-) :-)

I hade espaliered apple trees in my gardencenter and they always gave apples a couple of weeks before my other tress did. I´ve been wondering if I shouyld have one or two here at home towards my cottage. But there will be big troubles when I have to paint the walls every eight to ten years.

You have such a beautiful garden!
Have a great day now!
Joyce, it's an absolute paradise. My favorite thing is where the tiney forgetmenots are blooming where they were not planted...and the stone work...and moss. One could spend days out there just piddling around. What a perfect place.
I have the photo with the apple tree's blooming and what sort of looks like a weeping willow in front of them...
When you think of all that snow just a short time ago...
Joyce...what a place to live!!!

I see that little Gargoyle sitting on the corner of the wall up there :) For some reason I have never been crazy about those but get a kick out of them anyway. They really add a sense of mystery to any place they happen to be. And..I DO love mystery.
The witch weather vane is another perfect addition. I have heard of those apple tree's but never seen one before...that is amazing.
What is on the other side of the fence..more of your yard or someone elses?
The phlox is fantastic! That shade of lavendar...is stunning.
Your yard seems to be yawning and coming slowly fully away after sleeping for a long time...what a joy!!
Autumnforest said…
My nose is happily itching as I view your beautiful garden--it's really coming to life all at once. How magical!
Melodie said…
Your garden is lovely! It seems like just a few weeks ago Teddy was tunneling through the snow...now she is in her own springtime garden paradise!
So gorgeous...I really love that phlox ♥
Pricilla said…
So nice to see flowers. None here yet and not for a while.
Raining today. VERY unhappy goats.
Sharlene T. said…
How long did it take to get the apple tree to grain that way? I've got a young 3-yr-old and wanted it to espalier.
Oh, the beauty of Spring!
Southern Lady said…
Your garden is waking up nicely! Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. Carla
so gorgeous....everything...love the flowering apple tree..i LOVE apple trees... i only have room for two..but they are heirloom..one is called Seek-No- Further from Mass. and the other is a variety called Pumpkin Russet ( you can see why I wanted that one)an old variety from the late 1800's from New Hampshire...wish I had room for more...but the other fruit trees are there...my apricots, and cherries and my one peach tree that we planted for Buddy..it is a variety called santa barbara peach..cause that's were we got him...ohhh how i miss that dog...to tell you the truth..still crying :-(

one week till teddy...i love him already..so weird to be crying for one and so Happy for another..the bittersweet of life, i guess...

hugs to teddy

Crystalrainbow said…
I just love your garden and the teddy adventures ty so much xx
oldblackcatboo said…
WOW! Love all those beautiful photos, the phlox, the weathervane, ...I'm going to build "perrones"...(I'm sick today with the flu, came home and I am now commenting on my fav blogs in a Nyquil haze)...so forgive me in advance...
My fav photo is the second one with Teddy coming around the bend...too sweet!
I ALSO wanted to tell you that I came up with a GREAT idea for my garden dilemma! Thanks to ideas from your blog and two others!
It involves a potty bench! I will post about it later when I feel more coherent!
Love your garden SO much! Take care, I'm off for another "shot" of Nyquil! XOXO - Cindi
Ah, the garden beautiful. Splendid.
Beadwright said…
You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.
Guillaume said…
Cute. I love curious dogs and gardens in springtime (who doesn't?). I wish I had a witch weathervane, we saw many of those in Brittany.
SeeThroughGreen said…
This reminds me of the Secret Garden.... or one of those gardens from a dream... with hanging trees and moss covered rocks and flowers growing everywhere...

What a place!
Suzie said…
Teddy looks so purposeful, like she is on a definite mission. No wonder she loves the garden. So many nooks and crannies to seek out, and so lush with gorgeous vegetation.

You've done a wonderful job, as usual!!