The Witch's Garden Potting Shed

I baked a loaf of cheddar bread and two loaves of sour dough and then headed out to get the potting shed ready for the season.

Click on all the pics for a better look. I built this into the hillside so it stays rather cool.

It has dutch doors.

I lined the walls with peg board.

The floor is made of brick and set in sand and stone so you can literally hose it down if need be and it will just drain into the foundation.

I decorated the upper rear shelf with framed dried flowers and herbs.

The potting table is made from cedar.

My floppy straw witch vintage gardening hat.

Metal shelves hold candles and gardening gloves. "S" hooks hold tools.

The door is surrounded by lights covered with silk Chinese lanterns pods.

I have a 4 season spigot which flows into a very deep custom made copper sink.

I added copper to the top of the counter next to the sink.

A pentagram rug I bought in Salem.

This sink is great. I had a roofer build the sink for me. It accommodates large watering cans.

More framed dried herbs and some really cool candles sit below the Green Man.

One corner of the counter holds gardening books and faux bois candles.

There are places to keep my garden markers and pens.

It looks out on to the raised vegetable garden.

I keep baskets, fish food, and all my garden supplies on a shelf under the counter.

During winter I store all of my hoses and pots and garden decorations inside.

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o my...i just sent you an email telling you i am making bread..and then i come here and see this....

are you sure we weren't seperated at birth?

LOVE LOVE LOVE that potting shed and all the witch things...LOVE IT...

hugs to Teddy....tell her we are on countdown over here...

Sugar said…
I want one!!! I'm so jealous. You have such amazing goodies.
Mmmmm! What a witchen fun filled place. Great copper sink and love all the "decorations".

The bread looks so good!

xxoo to Teddy.

Happy Day to you!
faerwillow said…
~would you like to come build me a enchanted garden palace so cute is this and quite fun functional designs...l♥ve the floor...i think if mine looked like this my family may never see me...i would be playing all day! warm wishes and brightest blessings~
What a beautiful potting shed! Such a good system in there too! It wouldn´t look that great if I had it :-) :-) :-)

Those breads look really fine! The cheddar bread is that a "common" bread but with cheddar cheese in it? It sounds delicious.
Have a great day now!
Sweet potting shed. Could double as a sacred space!
Love the copper sink!
SO jealous! I have had the plans drawn for mine for a while now, but I'll have to wait even longer. We are putting the house up for sale next year. =[ I have some old mouth-blown glass windows to use whenever we get settled again. Soooo hard to wait!
Your potting shed is nicer than some apartments I've lived in!
Autumnforest said…
Thanks for "shedding" some light on your potting area (pun intended). That is really wonderful. I have a dream that some day I own a cottage on the Shenandoah and a big barn where I do my horror writing and it has a giant pentacle on the floor where my writer's desk sits atop of it. That reminded me of it when I saw that picture. That's really efficient and beautiful at the same time--you're a pro at those two things!
Pricilla said…
Looks like a nice place for a gnome to hide a chair and read a book.

I am making ravioli today.
Sharlene T. said…
That does it. I am now officially jealous! OMG, what a beautiful potting shed!

Your beautiful brass candlesticks arrived this morning. They're gorgeous. Now, I'm waiting for my table. But, such a lovely card and gold leaves. Did you make those? They so precious. And, I loved the Cow Tails. I'm sure you were using them to stabilize the package but they also happen to be my all time favorite candy! Thank you, very much, but especially for the beautiful candlesticks!
greekwitch said…
First of all i was just watching some videos of Teddy and your were talking. I love your voice, it has a beautiful melodic sound that makes me dream(said the crazy greek stalker). I must admit i have an obsession with voices(i am a soprano after all, but it is more than that). You could read children's books and fairytales. Your calming effect would be suitable for bed time stories.
On the other hand, can i come and live in your little witch-garden house, eat all of what you cook and play with Teddy all day long?
No? But it sounded so appealing(to me at least!).
Brightest blessings.
Ps. new food obsession=filled tomatoes and peppers with rice and vegetable sauce. Tried to make them...huge failure! Not even Phoebe ate them, and she eats my dirty socks! For real!
Sharlene T. said…
I've awarded you the Sunshine Blog Award because I find your blog so inspiring and uplifting. The catch is, you'll have to visit me to get it.
What a lovely little oasis! I especially love the copper sink (and witch hat!)

Wish I had a space like this! ♥
That copper sink is so perfect, and deep too. Bet you will be in their alot this spring, concocting and mixing soils. What a fun place to work
TMCPhoto said…
Divine just doesn't say it. Plus the bread looks yummy too.
That is the most elegant and posh potting shed ever. LOL I can't imagine getting dirt in it! Are all those candles? Do you pot during full moon?

Oh - I meant to ask - is that sign a Carolee Clark? It looks like her work - which I just love.

This would be a perfect meditation space.
Touchatou said…
Your potting shed always makes me feel good. It looks so magical ! I could live in it. ;)
Lin said…
Gees, what a great space you have there!! You are soooo creative.
oldblackcatboo said…
mmm...cheddar bread, with a glass of wine! Dinner for me!
Now about this shed- I immediately loved the guy over the door, the little mushrooms, the circle stone? in front of the door, the dutch-door (I've loved those since Mr. Ed!)and are those cast iron chairs? and I'm not even inside yet!!!
Then the stone floor, the copper sink...EVERYTHING! LOVED IT! If you weren't such a sweetheart, I'd be jealous! LOL!
Hey, thought of you today! I went to the "ReStore" (a place of donated building materials that are resold and profits go for Habitat for Humanity) and I picked up some "things" and then stopped at Goodwill...I'm going to work on my "project" this weekend and hopefully be able to post it next week! So..Thank you my Muse!
XOXO- Cindi
Ok.. WHERE did the witches brew cafe sign come from!?!?! MUST HAVE! LOL.

I adore your potting shed.. it is the most perfect little witchy haunt ever. Can I be you when I grow up? seriously? :)
Anonymous said…
I am IN LOVE, with that Witch's shed! Oh my, oh my. That is one of the most fabulous things I've ever seen. I wonder if my hubby would build me one. LOL!
Suzie said…
I KNEW that there was something very magical behind those closed doors. No musty, dusty beginnings for your plant friends! No wonder your garden is so lush! There is a ton of good energy flowing all over!

What an ultra-special space! I could take some of that yummy bread, a glass of wine, and a chair, and simply sit in there, letting my stresses completely melt away. It is extemely enchanting!
rox said…
Oh I love it ! I so wish I could be there and really peek and touch in real life all the nice spots you have . lol I'm such a touchy feely gal ;-)
Rue said…
This is the kind of garden shed every witch dreams of! You've done a marvellous job here! I love every little thing!
Celia said…
How wonderfully enchanting!
Michelle said…
What an adorable potting shed! I want one exactly like it!
Anonymous said…
I love it! I want one like it!
Mary Henderson said…
Wow, you've got a wonderful garden potting shed! I can see that it's not only a storage shed but also a hobby room. It does not only contain your gardening tools but also your collection. This is a good idea for a garden potting shed.
Nikki said…
I know I'm way late to the piece, but I LOVE your shed. I was googling pictures of witch cottage gardens and your blog came up. My hubby is in the process of building me a garden shed and I just have to include some of these cute ideas!