Another Thrift Bonanza and Custom Pieces

I went to a thrift store and couldn't believe it when I saw this piece and I saw the price. This wonderful old antique pine armoire with the original hardware was 179.00!!! It had been marked at 499.00, then slashed to 399.00, then 299.00 and finally I found it at 179.00! I live in an old Queen Ann Victorian house which has almost no closets and the ones I have are tiny. I have large armoires in all of my bedrooms so I know what these pieces cost. I was shocked to find one this cheap. Cool...more room to store stuff!

It fit perfectly into the Blog Tech's old room. I topped it with a bunch of my thrift shop baskets.

While I was in his room I thought I would show you a couple of custom pieces I had made years ago. If you remember the howling coyotes table from back in the 80's, it was done by a guy named David Ross. His shop was in Santa Fe. It might still be there. When my kids were small, we spent a lot of time in New Mexico. I had my first Chow Chow Freddy back then. I gave David pictures of Freddy and asked him to make me 2 chairs and a set of library steps for the Blog Tech to use in his room. He has very high shelves in there! Click to see the steps better. Freddy is sitting on giant bones. This piece is so heavy I can hardly move it.

Here is one of the chairs he made with Freddy looking at a lady bug. The other chair has her staring at a bone.

I also had a small stepping stool made with my cats images.

CATsup is the dark cat and Mischief is the light one. CATsup bought the farm a while back but Misch is still kicking at the Blog Techs house since Teddy tried to eat her. Misch is 20 years old now.

Little kitty foot prints on the steps.

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Love the armoire... what a bargain!
And what gorgeous stools! I love how personal they are, too! Would absolutely adore one of my cat, Lola :) ♥
Guillaume said…
The armoire is just amazing. So beautiful. I want one like this, especially at this price!
Pricilla said…
AMAZING price on that armoire! Lucky you!

The cats look so very regal on the step stool. They sure can pull that look off, can't they?
Karma, karma, karma, good karma is running and overtaking you for your giving, compassionate and kind spirit! I am thrilled!

The pine armoire is wonderful and splendid find.

The David Ross pieces are unique and may be used by future generations. :)

xoxo to Teddy Lays with Face in the Dirt.
Lisa said…
What an amazing price for such a great piece! The stools are so fun!
Anonymous said…
I found mine at an auction, my high bid was $150. I knew it was worth far more than that. It's solid real Mahogany. I love it.
adorable steps!

... are you sure you need the space to give you a reason to make more collectons? :P
Debbie said…
Cool stuff Joyce! You find the neatest things!!
Sharlene T. said…
You find the most wonderful things. The stool is adorable. Thanks for sharing...
Southern Lady said…
I love the armoire. I have always loved pieces like that one. You have some really neat stuff! Carla
You have unbelievable thrifting luck! A secret spell?
Teresa said…
I absolutely love the cat steps. What wonderful pieces to honor your animal family members.
rox said…
Oh I love it Jazz ! I also love the work you did it is just so beautiful so cottagy ☺
Teresa said…
I would like to invite you to my site to receive the Versatile Blogger award. I absolutely love your blog.
Rue said…
Those custom steps and stool are great! What a great way to remember furry family members that are no longer with you.
What neat stools. I miss so much when I don't get over here. I could believe the price you paid for that lovely armoire! That ..was an amazing find!