I woke up early planning on working on the gazebo but found that the skies had opened and it was as if buckets of water were being dumped upon us. So I decided to build an ark instead. Then I decided it might be more fun to make barbeque. I bought some baby back ribs this weekend so I will show you how I prepare them. Above is the recipe for my magic dust. There are two ways to do barbeque, wet or dry. Being the glutton I am for all things food, I do both. I always have this magic dust on hand. You can use it on anything. Just sprinkling it on chicken breasts before grilling is wonderful. You can sprinkle it on your burgers too.

I opened the 3 slabs of ribs.

First I spread both sides with yellow mustard. Not only does this add to the flavor, it also holds the dry rub on.

Generously sprinkle the dry rub over the mustard surface.

Pile the ribs together.

Wrap with heavy foil and refrigerate for at least a day.

I know most people buy their barbeque sauce from the store but just don't do that. If you ever listen to anything I say on this blog, listen to this. MAKE YOUR OWN SAUCE. It really is simple and so much better that that over priced crap filled with high fructose corn syrup and all kinds of other unnatural ingredients. This stuff is so good that you can eat spoonfuls of it. I could drink it with a straw. Start by mixing 2 T. of good chili powder, 1 tsp. cracked black pepper, 1 tsp. salt and 3 T. of garlic powder.

Mix this together and set it aside.

Heat 3 T. of oil in a heavy pan.

Add one diced onion and saute until translucent.

Dump in the dry ingredient mix and saute for a few minutes. (Above you are just seeing the garlic powder. I forgot to take a pic with all the dry spices)

Then add 2 C. ketchup, 1/2 C. yellow mustard, 1/2 C. cider vinegar.

Stir this all together and cook over medium heat.

Add 1/3 C. Worcestershire sauce.

Add 1/3 C. molasses, 1/4 C. lemon juice and 1/4 C. steak sauce (A-1).

Stir in 1 C. brown sugar and 1 to 2 T. Frank's Red Hot.

Stir this all together and cook until it begins to thicken. Stir the whole time and do not let it scorch. It will only take a short time to thicken.

I will show you the ribs when I cook them. Refrigerate this and it will actually be better after a day or two. This is the best barbeque sauce ever. It could be used on all sorts of things not just ribs. Once you make this you will never go back to store me!!!

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Sharon Lovejoy said…
OHHHH Yum! It is definitely that time of the year and this looks like a great rub. I do a dry rub, but will try this and adjust for your recipe. I've never used molasses, always Maine maple syrup, but I'll give it a try.

Hope you are well and loving life,

Love, love,

Sharon (at home in California for 3 days then off to Madison, Wisconsin)
Thanks for sharing the bbq sauce recipe. Question, though - how long will it store in the fridge? Are you able to can this?
It's a wonderful recipe and I can't wait to make it. I would love to stop buying store bought.

As always, your food makes me hungry....

this sounds like absolute heaven.

I'm printing out the whole page and making this in the very near future!!!

Delphyne said…
That sounds positively delicious! Thanks for sharing it!
My mouth is watering!
Linda said…
Wow that looks so good! Honey start the BBQ!!!
Rue said…
Yum! I just had breakfast, but am now craving BBQ...

Stay dry, and let me know if you start collecting two of everything for that ark. I have two cats that are driving me crazy today!
Your rub is fabulous so it just follows that the BBQ sauce will also be scrumptuous...yum.
Thanks for another generous and delightful post.
Looks delicious!
But I never barbeque here at home for some reason I don´t understand myself :-)

But I do it with my closest friends now and again at their home and they always makes their own bbq sause them selves (would have been surprised if they didn´t because they sell spices for a living :-) )
Have a great day now!
What yummie recipes. I wrote down the Magic Dust recipe. I'll write down the BBQ sauce too!

BBQ how fun! Have a great day.

xoxo to Teddy Soft & Fluffy.
Oh, man... can I move in with you?! :p
Sharlene T. said…
What was the problem? Your plans for the ark floated off? That BBQ looks so delicious. Yummy. I'm coming over...
Oh yes please. Do you deliver????

Thanks for swinging by and making my SITS day so spectacular. Your time and words mean the world to me.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's for dinner
Pricilla said…
Mmmm. I make barbeque sauce in the summer with the fruits and our tomatoesI get and can it for use all winter.

It is much better than the store bought stuff.
Divaeva said…
*tummy gurgle* looking always!
Suzie said…
My recipe for homemade sauce is almost the same, but I'm going to try yours. I can see where using ketchup would add more zip than plain tomato sauce. And yes! Once you have a good homemade sauce, that stuff in the bottle just won't do.

Thanks too for the dry rub recipe. I have yet to try the rubs, but you have inpsired me to give them a try!
oldblackcatboo said…
OK, I promise to never buy BBQ sauce from the store again because you said so. And I believe you on all things "food" more than anyone else!
I have to get grilling myself because all the neighbors are doing it and their "smoke" is drifting over making me hungry!