DIY Glass Projects

I am having a blast making these glass totems. I even made this serving stand for my daughter. She plans on using it for cookies and appetizers.

I placed a pink porcelain rose in the middle tier.

And a cute porcelain basket of flowers on the top.

Several of these would be great to use at a bridal shower. This pic has a yellow tone to it but it is actually quite clear.

And here is my newest garden totem. For those of you that asked what kind of glue I am using, it is called super goop. You can use any kind of clear glass glue.

I have to find a better way of photographing these because they are gorgeous in person but just don't show up very well on the post.

Maybe if you click on it you can see the details better. To give you an idea of what you are actually seeing here, starting at the bottom is a pressed glass plate turned upside down. The next piece is an upside down bowl. On top of the bowl is a cheap vase turned upside down. Then a scalloped dish is turned upside down on top of the vase. The next round glass ball is a piece from and old light fixture (it cost 49 cents). That piece is topped with another scalloped dish turned upside down. If you are using these in a the garden you don't want them to hold water but rather have it run off of the pieces. The next small pedestal piece is a candle holder. A small glass plate sits on top of the candle holder. The next piece is a small bud vase. And I topped it off with a clear glass bell that has a porcelain flower on the front of it.

This section shows eight pieces of glass.

This section shows 7 pieces. There 11 pieces that make up this totem. Total cost of this was about 8.00.

The totem apprentice was very sleepy this morning. Or she is just bored watching mama play with all this glass. I am making a totem for each of my neighbors and the challenge is going to be getting them to them. These things end up being over 3 feet tall when complete.

***I just read my emails and had so many questions about the totems that I promise to take step by step pics of the next one to show you how you can make one.

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Yalco (Chris) said…
Your totems are great! Clever way to recycle/repurpose an assortment of similar glass pieces. I like the way you have placed items inside, like the rose on the tiered piece you made for your dauther. Thanks again for sharing.
Marie S said…
Jaz, these pieces you are making are absolutely magnificent.
So gorgeous!
Well done you!
brokenteepee said…
Glass is notoriously hard to photograph.

I'll bet it sparkles in the sun!
Nar said…
What a good idea!
looking forward tot he step by step post!!
Beautiful totems. Wonderful gifts. Very creative idea I haven't seen before.

xoxo to Teddy Love!
It´s amazing what one can do with a bit of imagination! I really like how You put that little pink porcelain rose inside that serving stand!

I hope Teddy feels better after the attack!
Have a great day now!
rox said…
Wow jaz these are so cool ! I'm gonna take my time on this one and take it all in :-)
Bridgett said…
Beautiful, Jaz.
Tristan Robin said…
very creative and clever!

THANK YOU!!!! My very very cool crochet doilies Care Package arrived - woo hoo! I will put them to good use - and I'm already oohing and aahing as I peruse that fab book!

I have sent off something for you to use while going through your garden with Teddy. LOL If you don't want it - just give it to somebody who might enjoy it.

Again, THANK YOU. It was such a generous and thoughtful action.
William Bezek said…
(smacking forehead) Now I see why you were snapping up all those pressed glass candy dishes! I didn't think you were the hard hard candy and dusty old mint type of gal!
Teresa said…
I wish I were your neighbor! They are absolutely beautiful.
William Bezek said…
I could see these in a grouping in the garden with a light shining from underneath for a summer party...very unusual!
Sharlene T. said…
They're brilliant. You are so clever...thanks for sharing and looking forward to the step-by-step instructions...
Suzie said…
These are all SO cool! I had a vision of water dripping down over each tier and began wondering how hard it would be to put holes in each piece and run clear tubing up to form a fountain. Someone who works with glass would no doubt immediately know how to do it. I hav a tendency to envision things that I have no idea how to go about doing, and right now, don't have the time to play. So I am enjoying your creations even more!! They truly are beautiful!

I'm obviously playing catch-up here, but I assume that Teddy is on the mend physically. How is she doing emotionally? My parent's little dog was attacked by two dobermans (the neighbors, that they let run loose), and while Whiskers healed, his personality was forever altered, poor baby. I do hope that the same thing doesn't happen to Teddy!

I can hardly wait to see your next totems! They truly are lovely works of art!
Shell said…
Those look amazing!

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day on Monday!
Cindi Myers said…
Oh Dear! I've missed something somewhere! I've been zooming through my fav blogs, trying to catch up and - WHAT HAPPENED to Teddy!!? Is she ok?
I am going back through all your posts right now and see if I skipped something...
And I was just thinking that I spend too much time on the computer but now I've changed my mind! I'm scared what I'll miss!
Mary Elizabeth said…
Hi!! I came across your blog thru SITS and was so excited! I love, love, love fall and Halloween! I look forward to it all year. I love the season and decorating for it!
I will visit your site often!
Your totems are so pretty! I'll make one with somepretty glass that I was going to sell at yard sale. In fact, I'll design it and have fun building (playing with it) while I'm out there waiting for customers. I'll just take my Super Goop and create! Thank you! Your blog is really fun and gave me lots of ideas!
Blessings! Linda