An Enchanted Box Giveaway

The winner for lasts weeks giveaway for the brass candlesticks is: Beth

Above is the picture of this weeks giveaway. An enchanted box to hold your special treasures! I made this myself. To enter, leave a comment on this post and if you are not already a follower, sign on to follow! The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway will be posted.

Teddy is observing the fountain clean up.

She loves laying on the cool spots on the grass.

This is always a huge project.

You can see what a big help Teddy is. She thinks if she takes a little nap the fountain will be working when she wakes up.

It's not ready yet, go back to sleep.

Each stone has to be removed and scrubbed clean.

Then all the leaves and debris need to be removed.

But it is always worth all of the work.

Click for a closer look.

The sound of the fountain is wonderful. Now if my arborvitaes would just stand up straight!


Congratulations to Beth!
I never realised that it was so much work cleaning the fountain! To clean all those stones must take hours! But as You say, it´s worth it!

Teddy is as cute as ever :-)
Have a great day now!
Sharon Day said…
Lucky Teddy! I swear if I came to your place, I'd fight Teddy for scraps and shady places to lay down and nap in your yard. Can I come back next life as a dog that you adopt? Hee hee
So in love with your yard (and Teddy!) ♥
Cindi Myers said…
I'm green with envy.
Bill said…
The box is beautiful! But Teddy is even better. :O)
Melodie said…
Your yard is so beautiful,it looks like a picture in a magazine!
Tristan Robin said…
are those mercury balls I see everywhere?! how enchanting!

your fountain is just wondrous ... there are so many special crooks and nannies and marvelous discoveries in your gardens!
Marjorie said…
The fountain looks great, and I love the blue totem in the previous post too! Teddy looks like I do in the summer--the heat is just so draining I just lie around and wish for fall to arrive.
Your yard is amazing, love the fountain.

Lovely box you're giving away.
Teddy is such a good helper!! The fountain is wonderful. I love that box and would be so happy to win such a beautiful thing!
Anonymous said…
Teddy sure loves to watch you work ; )
That is such a beautiful picture of that cleaned fountain. I love the sound of water. I have a tiny fountain in my tiny pound. It's really little, but I love it ; )

The box for this weeks give away is a pure delight to watch, especially for a magpie ; )
I would love to enter.
Have a wonderful day.
Teresa said…
I just love the fountain. It is a beautiful touch of water in the garden.
Unknown said…
Hi Jaz sorry been change ups and such put me out of commission. Love the fountain.

Please enterme in ur giveaway, would love a piece of you work to keep my lil treasures in.

I will be back ha ha...

Unknown said…
Did my post post? lol...oi
Judith said…
It looks so peaceful, and the totems ROCK!
Unknown said…
POOL PARTY or Garden Party!!!!! LOL your yard is so beautiful thankyou for inviting us through the lovely photos.
Nydia said…
Congrats, Beth!

This box is really enchanted, it loos so lovely! I'll cross my fingers and toes again!

Kisses from Nydia.
The Traveler said…
and this is what goes through my head every time I see pictures of your house and yard.."GODS I WANT THAT HOUSE!!"

so totally rocks
Rue said…
Who knew a fountain was that much work? But seeing it going in that pic with the lounge's definitely worth it!
jc said…
As always, everything looks so perfect! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.
Congratulations to Beth as winner of Teddy's Treats giveaway!

Work, work, work, and then...behold the beauty!

I love the fountains! The scenes of gardens and repose are so fetching! They draw me in to rest.

Lovely new giveaway!

Happy Sunday & xoxo to Teddy in Repose! :)
katscorner said…
What a wonderful trinket box and your yard/garden is so peaceful looking I do not know how you can stand to leave it.
Rusthawk said…
An enchanted box, indeed! I'm following -- thanks for the chance to win!
bison61 said…
Teddy is a beautiful dog! please sign me up for the giveaway

tiramisu392 (at)
Marie S said…
Congratulations Beth!!
have a great week Jaz!!
Beautiful box, count me in!
Mystica said…
Would love this for a niece of mine. She is getting married in August and this would be ideal to keep her bits and pieces!
Imaginative Me said…
Gorgeous box! You're very creative. Thanks for the follow! Hope to get to know you better!
Sugar said…
What a pretty box for treasures! Teddy is adorable as ever.. love her!
Debbie said…
You are such a busy lady! Sorry I have not been here lately. I am running a fund raiser for my brother who lost his home in the Nashville is tomorrow night 5-22-10 and it's been crazy! I just love your home, gardens, food you cook, the grounds, and your wonderful and beloved Teddy! Your life seems so full and you seem to love it so much! I really enjoy reading about all of it too. As you already know, I LOVE the box you made and please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks for offering it!