Garden Totem and The Upper Garden Room

Here is a new totem I made to give to my friend's sister. She loves birds.

I placed this porcelain bird statue in the middle. Click for a better look.

As you walk along my garden path you come upon hidden garden rooms. Some of these rooms were being taken back by the forest so I have been weeding and cutting and taking the rooms back for myself. Last year I planted this planter with pumpkins but there was not enough light for them to grow. Time to toss the planter.

After I weeded I spread the dirt from the planter all around the edge of this room.

I hauled bags of debris out of this little space.

After it was all cleaned out...

I planted impatiens all around the edge. When they fill in they should look wonderful. There is an armillary sphere sitting on top of the pillar.

One of my snake bark maples died right by the upper pond. I don't think it died because of being crowded because I lost another one right after I planted these gardens. Though I was sad to lose it, I cut off all of the limbs and left the trunk and now I am looking for the perfect birdhouse to attach to the top of it. It is a great location for a birdhouse since there is direct access and it is next to the water.

The dogwoods are blooming all over the woods.

Look at the size of these hostas!

The armillary sphere is 8 feet tall and it looks tiny in comparison to the hostas.

These ferns are giants too. It always amazes me how things thrive when you plant them in the right location.

As huge as the ferns are, the hydrangeas are bigger.


I have used the leaves from these hostas as place mats for outside dinners.

The back of my garage.

The downside of roots. I need to have this whole patio relaid.

The mock oranges are all in bloom.

When I pulled down all of the Fall Flowering Clematis on the gazebo, I wrapped it around the railing and it is putting out new shoots. I am hoping I will have a railing covered with fall blooms in September.

This copper sphere hangs from a preying mantis. When the wind blows it spins. I bought this in Maine.

The mountain laurels are blooming.

This is my favorite perennial in my forest.

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Celia said…
Your gardens are so beautiful.....I wish I could come and see them in person.....I can only imagine how peaceful it must be to walk through them. Teddy has it made!
Guillaume said…
I will repeat myself, but your garden looks gorgeous. Sometimes I wish I had one. I think I could be a decent amateur gardener.
Pricilla said…
I love dogwoods. My brother sent me six trees when we moved into our Victorian in NJ. They are so pretty....
Jenna Gayle said…
Your gardens are so incredibly beautiful! I'd love to get lost in one of the "rooms" :)
You even have mountain laurel?! Okay, now I'm truly in love ♥
Beautiful just the most relaxing serene areas I have seen, thank you for sharing with us
How does your garden grow, very well thank you.

Another beauty totem. You sister's friend will be thrilled.

I enjoyed my garden stroll.

Good job, Jaz, good job!

xoxo to the Wonder Chow, Teddy!
Holy moly, those are the biggest hostas I've ever seen!
Sharlene T. said…
I just need to walk through your gardens to feel good. Thank you for sharing and the uplifting...come visit when you can...
Linda said…
I do enjoy my visits to your gardens! Always lovely and so much to look at! Cute totem!
Hilde said…
Thank you for the tour around your garden. Your garden is so beautiful, and very interesting. I wish my garden could look like this.

Love the totem, your sister's friend will be thrilled!
Teresa said…
I am just in awe of the beautiful gardens you have. It is a great idea to use the dead tree for bird houses. I'm sure your feathered friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
SeeThroughGreen said…
what a beautiful oasis. I could sit in a place like that for ever and never need to move. You must feel so blessed to have such beauty near you all the time!
Look at your garden! It's amazing!
What an enchanting place you have. Love all the different nooks.