Garden Totems

First of all, a lot of people asked me how I made those boxes on yesterday's post. I did not use a glue gun. I used craft glue. I think a glue gun would be too messy for these projects. At least for me. All hell breaks lose when I have a glue gun in my hand. Had I used a glue gun I am sure you would have seen one of my fingers attached to the top of one of those boxes. I went on a thrifting mission yesterday. I love it when I thrift with a mission. It gives my life purpose. I was on the hunt for green glass to make a garden totem. I found this cool bird cage which is now residing in the gazebo.

I keep finding these porcelain birds and can't get enough of them. I have all kinds of ideas for how I am going to use them.

This cute ceramic basket was 99 cents.

This duck was also 99 cents and is now down by the lower pond.

It rained yesterday. Can you guess who took a nap in front of the fan while she was drying off?

And here it first garden totem. Click on these pics for a better look. It was very hard to photograph.

I found most of these pieces for 29 and 49 cents.

There are 11 separate pieces in this totem.

These can be placed anywhere in your garden where they will reflect light or can be used just as decorations. The very top is a porcelain bird bell. These are my new addiction. I am going to go and make another one right now. These are serious fun!!!


Linda said…
Ok i'm hooked. What kind of adhesive did you use? I can see me making one of these.
You always find the coolest bird cages!! If I fins any over here they are usually mostly made of wood and are impossible to get clean.

My firts thought when I saw Your totem was: what a great oil lamp :-) I really like it, but I wouldn´t dare having anything like it in my garden. It would most likly soon be glass pieces all over the place :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
OMG,OMG, the medieval bird cage and the bodacious garden totems, all in one post. Be still my heart, what tremendous fun!!! What will you think of next!!!

xoxo to the Wonderful Teddy!!
greekwitch said…
Great thrift findings! I am glad you enjoyed yourself.
Hugs and kisses.
Great finds! I literally LOLed from the picture of Teddy's imprint :p
Pricilla said…
That bird cage is amazing.

I was all did she not find any green glass....I should havd known!
Anonymous said…
Are those antique pieces to make the totem? It looks really aged. Nice!
Wow, those totems are such a unique idea! I bet they reflect sunlight beautifully!
Sharlene T. said…
Will you give me no rest!!!!! Now, I have to start making garden totems. Those are too cool. What a great idea! I love you!!!!!
What a clever - and lovely! - idea. It looks terrific - and I bet when the sun shines on/through it, it glimmers and shimmers!

Teresa said…
You are so creative! Your garden totem is amazing. I had to smile when I found out that you have problems with glue guns too. It gives me hope that I might be able to do something beautiful some day.
Nydia said…
What a cool totem, I imagine the reflections it must spread when lit! Awesome!
nostalgia*gal said…
OH my! I am so loving your project! So happy I click to follow you as your project are so wonderful.

The picture of you Teddy's wet shadow...priceless!
cheers, cindykay
oldblackcatboo said…
I agree with Sharlene! You are keeping me VERY busy!
I love the idea of glass reflecting in the garden! And yes, what did you use for adhesive?
Beatnheart said…
Hi I came by via CindyKay at Chapel Hill...You are one creative gal!! I love your garden and pool..Like wow man! I'm having a GIVEAWAY...POP ON BY.
Ann said…
Love the totem-mind telling us what adhesive you used-great way to use florist vases and odds and ends.
Celia said…
How wonderful!!!! I am so jealous that you find such great birdcages!!! Most of the ones I find are really expensive.....or they are wood and wouldn't hold up outside in the elements. How did you make the totem? What did you use to hold it together? I just have to have one! Seeing Teddy's "print" made me smile....puppies are wonderful....and make your heart full.