The Good Stuff VS The Thrift Shop

Remember this table I found months ago for 12.00?

And the fugly stool for 10.00?

I reupholstered the stool but was not quite sure what to do with it.

Recently I picked up this lamp for 2.99 at a thrift store and I redid the shade to match the stool.

Click for a close up.

Yesterday I painted the table gold.

I used a matt gold on it.

Long ago I bought this Patina secretary. I designed it myself and it took over a year to get it.

Click to enlarge. It has hand painted cherubs across the front and insects all along the sides. Dragonflies and bees and the like.

I even covered the stool with bee fabric.

It is quite a regal piece.

This is another patina piece which I also designed.

Here is my 14.99 bench from the other day....perfect at the foot of my bed.

And here is my new side table, lamp and stool. The trio cost a total of about 25.00.

Blends in nicely with the good stuff!


Linda said…
You are one talented lady! Love how it all turned out and it looks beautiful in your room!
jenana said…
But *where* do you find this stuff??? I've never seen this type of stuff at our thrift stores... you're so lucky!!
Wow, what a beautiful room you have!! I love the Patina secretary, and the bench at the foot of your bed! ♥
By your creativity and ingenuity your home and gardens provide comfort and beauty.

Good job!

xoxo to Teddy Love!
Anonymous said…
I pulled an old Hoosier cabinet out of a barn years ago and it had 11 coats of paint on to remove. Took me all summer but WOW was it beautiful when I brought it back. We proudly have it in our dining room and use it to store stuffs.
Lisa said…
Looks amazing! I'm so inspired and in a decorating mood!
beautiful room - stunning secretary!

everything does blend marvelously - very clever!
Pricilla said…
Very regal indeed!
Sharlene T. said…
I want addresses to her antique stores...yup, that's what I is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing...come visit when you can...
Tammie Lee said…
you are quite talented and inspiring!
Bridgett said…
The room is so gorgeous!
I want you to design all my furniture! :)
Crystalrainbow said…
You are just far too clever :) x xx
beautiful....and YES! Teddy has all of my attention....what a precious little handful of love...I ADORE him...and have been back making the tarts...she said, just raise your I did...

i have been really bad about blogging....

i'll get back at it....

sending love and hugs to you and Teddy

kary and teddy
Teresa said…
What an absolutely beautiful room. I think all of the things in there are the good stuff once you finish with them.
Lin said…
It's ALL good stuff now. :)
Deb said…
The Good Stuff is beautiful, of course, but I love your thrift store finds. You are the queen of thrifty bargains! If I ever found such a clever little table, I am certain I would have had to pay several times as much.
You have inspired me not to be timid, but to do what I want with a simple little side table I have: mosaic the top with random squares of vitreous glass, and paint the edge (and perhaps beyond) with a metallic paint. Thanks for all the things you share.....Deb