Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day brings back many memories for me. My 'New Dawn' roses always bloom for Memorial Day so as soon as I see their buds I know Memorial Day is not far away.

Memorial Day makes me remember decorating our bikes with crepe paper and flags when we were kids and riding them at the end of the parade.

It reminds me of the pools opening and baseball games.

It reminds me of potato salad, corn on the cob and cooking on the grill.

But most of all it reminds me of Billy, me big brother.

504th MP BN, C Company
Quang Tri, Camp Evans
Phu Bai

March 29, 1947 - March 3, 1974

RIP bro!,

Your little sister.


Have a wonderful day- I send you my condolences for your brother ♥
The roses are lovely.

The Big Brother's was handsome and I light a candle in memory of his life. No greater sacrifice than a man lay down his life.

xoxo to Teddy Love.
Rue said…
Have a wonderful day - enjoy the roses and the memories of your brother.
brokenteepee said…
Your roses are beautiful.

My mother lost her only brother in Vietnam in '78.
War is stupid.

Happy Memorial Day
I hope Your memorial Day was a good one!
We don´t have it over here. The last war we were in was against Napolen 1814. Something to be grateful about.
Your brother lives forever in your heart. And in your roses!
Nydia said…
Joyce, I'm sorry for your loss, specially under these circunstances. Yur post is touching. Happy Memorial Day for you and yours.

Kisses and love from us.
Lucie Le Blanc said…
Your brother looks so much like my father... Every time you show his picture, I think of daddy. He died just 2 years before Billy. To our men, love !
Teresa said…
This is a beautiful tribute to your brother. It's amazing how the holiday changes from the picnics and parades of youth to the remembrance of adulthood. The roses are beautiful.
Lin said…
What a lovely tribute to your brother!
Sharlene T. said…
Thank you for sharing your beauty and your pain...he will go into my prayer jar...come visit when you can...
LisaDay said…
I am sorry about your brother. I hope your day was wonderful.