Happy Mother's Day!!!

One of my Mother's Day presents was an album my family made me filled with pictures of Teddy throughout the year. The pics were taken with a phone so the quality is not great but I think you will enjoy them anyway. This is Teddy wearing her Halloween scarf. Notice it is coordinated to match her tongue!

Teddy trying to take a drink on Wells Beach one of her favorite spots. She just can't figure out why the water is so salty!

She sure loves to roll on that beach.

Teddy posing with Santa.

Teddy looking like she is pretty fed up with all of this pictures taking.

Teddy showing extreme Chow Chow patience.

How humiliating!

A very strange picture of Teddy in her Halloween cape.

Teddy stomps Santa.

Does this cape make my butt look fat?

You can tell by these pictures that she was not too happy to be photographed but she put up with it anyway. Sometimes we make our children do the strangest things!

To all of you out there that take care of any creature big or small, old or young, human or fur baby, you are doing the best thing that anyone can do. Have a very happy Mother's Day!


I think "Teddy stomps Santa" should be your 2010 Christmas card!
Melodie said…
Happy Mother's Day!
oldblackcatboo said…
Teddy is so lucky to have you for a Mommy!
I LOVE the album, I need to make something like that for myself.
Have A Wonderful Day!!!!
Sarah said…
Giggle...me too!! Have a wonderful day hon!! Hugs, Sarah
Linda said…
Happy Mother's Day! I love those photos, she is one adorable chow!
I love the one where she has santas cap :-) :-) She is so cute!
We won´t have Mothersday until last weekend in May over here. But I hope You will have a very nice Mothers day!
Autumnforest said…
That Teddy is a real pinup gal! You have a fantastic mommy's day--I'm sure you're being adequately spoiled and extremely well deserved.
greekwitch said…
What a great gift!Happy mother's day!!!
Rue said…
Happy Mothers Day Jaz!

Great pics of Teddy - she is a patient girl...until Santa gets stomped - giggle!

Hope you have a fabulous day - here's an idea...let someone else cook for a change!
Marie S said…
Happy Mother's Day Jaz!!
Pricilla said…
Happy MOther's Day

Those photos are priceless.
Teresa said…
What a wonderful present. Your Teddy is remarkably patient. I cannot get my dog to leave anything on for more than two seconds. Hope your mother's day was wonderful.
Southern Lady said…
Too cute. Happy Mother's Day! Carla
Lovely photos. Teddy is so cute!
Debbie said…
What a wonderfully thoughtful gift from your children that was! Teddy is just so photogenic and he absolutely has much chow chow patience! And by the way Teddy...that cape does NOT make your butt look fat. Don't you dare let anyone tell you that! Happy belated mothers day Joyce! You're a wonderful mom to Teddy and humans too.:)
Bridgett said…
LOL...she's definitely a patient girl! :)