Let's Go For a Walk

Hey Teddy....do you want to go down to see the fish?

That gets her every time!

Who is that lurking in the shadows?

It is Teddy checking every nook and cranny.

Teddy fords the stream.

Oh wait....she stops to make sure

that I am right behind.

My impatiens continue to grow. I can't wait for them to fill in. I'm impatien.

My irises from the lower pond sent seeds up to the top pond and planted themselves right in the middle of the stream.

It is so nice to see some sun on the gazebo. It was so dark and dreary before I cleaned up the area.

The middle pond is the smallest of all of them but it is my favorite. It is always cool and shady and surrounded with ferns.

The white mountain laurels are blooming.

The Baptisia just bloomed.

Click for a closer look. The roses are all blooming on and around the potting shed.

I have grapes. Concord grapes! I love them. I hope I get enough to make juice or jelly.

Each winter the roses bushes look so horrible that I swear I am going to take them out.

But then they bloom and I am glad I left them in.

Funny how you can always tell when the tour is over.

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Lisa said…
Just gorgeous. "I'm impatien" teeheehee
Everything is simpy gorgeous, Joyce! What a lovely place to live. The climbing roses ....sigh..
Pricilla said…
The hubby love mountain laurel.

I tried making grape jelly with regular grapes. Don't do it. It is awful.

I don't think they would grow out here due to such a short warm season and such a wet spring season.
I love the garden tours. A walk through the gardens brightens my day. These tours are my connect with nature!

I too love the small pond surrounded by lush green foliage.

Teddy Tour was a great success!

Happy Day to all! xoxo to Teddy Red!
Love the Teddy "tours"
Your garden is one of the most beautiful I´ve ever seen!

We had heavy frost here last night but my tomatoe plants survived :-)They stood close to the wall under a roof. The warm weather seemes to have some problems reaching us here in the northern parts of the world.

Roses always looks bad in winter, but is forgiven every spring :-)

The pakage arrived and nothing was broken. Most of the candy is now gone too :-) :-) I´m getting spoiled and I like it :-) :-) Thanks!
Have a great day now!
LC said…
What a neat yard and gardens you have... guess I'll have to start following! I like Teddy as well! Larry
I had to laugh at your comment on the pumpkins already sitting out on your counter. I just bought an entire storage container of the prettiest things for fall..at a garage sale (as if I needed more!@) and I keep looking at it. Why the woman was selling such lovely things, I have NO idea..but I bought the entire thing for $5.00! My favorites were some tiny glass fall leaves strung on wire of all colors.
I keep reaching up and touching my Witch friends in my office closet...tempted to take them down..last year I held out until August.. not sure about this year. :)
Have a great weekend, Joyce!
I see Christer got his package from you..and he is delighted! :)
He is so neat!
Darla said…
Why doesn't my garden shed look like yours, love it!!
Guillaume said…
Isn't a garden great when Springtime is starting to look like Summertime?
I love your potting shed and rose bushes... so beautiful! ♥
Linda said…
I love the Mountain Laurel so pretty! Your garden is my dream!
Divaeva said…
oh my.....your garden is simply breathtaking....I can spend hours looking at the pictures...I can only imagin being there irl....
Celia said…
I have loved watching your garden grow this spring! Thanks for the tour Teddy!
oldblackcatboo said…
I think that the only thing that would be better than a potting shed would be one covered in roses!
Sharlene T. said…
I can rest, now. I've had my walk with Teddy...thanks.
lovely little tour - thanks!
Debbie said…
Thanks dearest Teddy! Wonderful tour....GOOD JOB!! What a magical place to live Joyce. How long did it take you to make it this beautiful? That's a lot of work!
Touchatou said…
Your potting shed looks so much like the home of a dwarf or a wood nymph. Must be soooo calm there.