Mercury Glass and Gardens

Here is a soothing picture to start your day! I planted a fern in the cistern urn and I'm a poet. haha!

I had some questions about the silver globes in this pic from yesterday. A long time ago I had mercury glass globes all over my gardens. And then nature laughed. And then nature destroyed them. Now my silver globes are made from stainless steel. And I laugh back at mother nature! I better watch my back after making that statement.

Teddy will take you to see the true mercury glass collection.

I've collected this stuff for years.

I have pieces from all over the world. I got a lot of it in the Czech Republic.

I have a lot more than this but it is in storage. When I move from this house I want to move to a farm. I want a rustic barn beam for a mantle and I want to put my mercury glass on it.

I am still having trouble getting a good pic of these totems. I put them in the garden this morning.

I planted marigolds around them.

They are surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and fennel.

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Guillaume said…
I love the first pic and the piano pic... And I wish I had a garden here sometimes.
I love that top photo! Is an old ruin or is it something You´ve built Yourself? It´s getting popular to build ruins over here now.

I don´t think I´ve ever heard of Mercury glass before. Must have looked grand in the garden! I don´t think even lightning can destroy those made of stainless steel though :-) :-)

I like how You placed the totem!
Have a great day now!
Everything is so beautiful, as always... I love your parlor! ♥
Autumnforest said…
I love the way you showcased the mercury glass together--such impact!
Lin said…
I love mercury glass too!!! Your collection is fabulous. :) And your garden.....need I go on???
Linda said…
Love the totems in the garden. They look fabulous. Your mercury glass collection is beautiful.
Rue said…
The totem looks great in the garden bed. I can just imagine it, when the beds are full of veggies/flowers/greenery - pretty!
Have you ever heard those mercury glass globes called "Victorian viewing globes"? Apparently they were all the rage in Victorian English gardens.
Ahhh...the cistern urn. Beautiful waterfall and window view. The fern adorning the window and surrounding plants, what a picture.

The mercury globes are awesome. And someday...a farm.

Teddy is such a love. xoxo to the dear fluffy girl. :)
OMG - the collection of mercury glass is just breath taking.

Your totem is just delightful ... it must look marvelous with sun shining on/through it!
Pricilla said…
The totem looks like it was planted. It's perfect!
Laura said…
what a beautiful home and gardens you have.. i just love all your collections, they are so unique...
Teresa said…
The fireplace/piano is just a lovely combination. The mercury glass is perfect there. Every post makes me more jealous of your beautiful home and gardens. It looks like it has taken so much time to get things to be so lovely.
Jennifer Rose said…
ooh shiny :D its very pretty glass and ooh piano :D really want a piano again
oldblackcatboo said…
Boy! Blogger keeps making my comments disappear! I'm starting to get a complex!
Anyway, I left you a comment on how much I loved everything, your garden is so great and how I covet your chair by the piano!
Love Love Love it!
Also, I was hoping you had time to check out my "WIP" potting bench, I value your opinion so much!
XOXO - Cindi
Nice spot for the fern. Pretty.
Libby said…
Mmmm...i want some fresh grown veggies!
If I had a garden like this, I would probably be much more inclined to grow veggies!
Laura said…
wow, those are some great pictures, you have inspired me to take a fresh look at my raised bed and add something interesting to them. You home is amazing.