A New Giveaway and a Garden Cleanup

The winner of last weeks giveaway for the amber glass compote and small dishes is: Carapace!!! Please send me your shipping info and I will ship them right out! This weeks giveaway is this pair of tall brass candlesticks. They could be polished if you want them to shine or can be used as is. To enter, leave a comment on this post and if you are not already a follower, sign on to follow.

This is my favorite thing in all of my gardens and the one I use the most....an outdoor sink! It has hot and cold running water and the basin is made from an old lab sink so it is virtually indestructible. I really miss this when it is closed down for winter.

My grass was cut for the first time yesterday.

And as predicted, the arborist and his crew broke all of my hostas and broke my little garden fairy. This is why I tried to get him out in early March but he always waits until the perennials pop out so he can destroy them.

The pool is clearing up. The copper filter system we use puts a slight electrical charge through the water. It is just enough to kill algae. I don't like the idea of swimming in a pool full of chemicals.

Some of these trees will be thinned out next week to allow more sun to reach the raised beds.

The rhododendrons are blooming on the side garden path.

The ferns and hostas are filling out next to the house.

On the advice of my blog buddy over at autumnforest, I collected all of my broken windchime pieces and made a windchime out of a English Walking Stick branch.

The potting table yet again. My potting table makes me happy.

I added some outdoor cushions to the gazebo but I think these are too bright. So these are going on the Blog Techs front porch where they will look much better and I am hunting for pillows that will complement this area more than the red ones.


Pricilla said…
Maybe some greenish ones.

The right red flowers- are they rhododendrons? I never saw them in that color before. They are stunning!
Autumnforest said…
That garden is looking amazing. I love the pool system--sounds very cool. A lot of my friends have the saltwater ones, but I find exercising in them harder because you float so much you can't get any weight on your body for impact. That sounds like a good alternative. I have the old-fashioned chlorine, but I admit the smell is kind of nostalgic of childhood swims. I'm loving the greenery--it looks like spring totally sprung there.
Laura said…
oh what i could do with an outdoor sink! i love your gardens... so beautiful... i've stopped hiring people to work in my yard as each time i have something horrible has befallen my plants...so i do all the work (with a little help from my mum occasionally)..it will take me longer but at least it will be the way i want it to be.
Congratulations to carapace for the latest Teddy Treats wins!

Damnit about the arborist! Go figure.

The garden is greening up and filling in. The gazebo really did clean up beautifully. Can't wait to see what cushions karma brings you. :)

The sink and table area are both beautiful and practical.

Everything is so fun to watch grow!

As always, thanks for sharing your garden, a part of your life.

xoxo to Teddy Fluffs!

As akwa
Congratulations to Carapace!
To bad they broke the little garden fairy, the hostas will grow up again so that isn´t that bad. But the fairy won´t heal unfortunally.

I have never heard of that filter system before. Those I know that has pools uses chlorine and that isn´t especially nice.

So nice to see rhododendrons in bloom! I think it´ll take at least two weeks before the first ones flowers over here. It´s still to cold. I agree that those cushions were a bit to bright even if I as a sweed love red color :-)

My leg is much better. Now when I understood why itbehaved like it did I could treat it. But it was an odd feeling when it happened :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
I want your pool....Teddy is keeping me very busy...just gave him a little bath in the sink...all fresh now...we are so IN LOVE with him.....

Teddy saved my life.......

Hugs to Teddy

Sending Love,
Kary and Teddy
I would love to be entered in the brass candlestick giveaway.
I absolutely love your gazebo room. It is so magickal and wonderful. Reminds me of something from a fairy tale.
(((hugs))) until next time
oldblackcatboo said…
I just keep going over and over the photos. It's all so unbelieveably beautiful. I love how you don't need chemicals for the pool (even though I adore the smell of chlorine,I know I'm strange but for me it's got this clean fresh smell)and OMG! the gazebo and the walkway and....I'm drooling! It's all so perfect!
Sorry about your little broken fairy, can she be repaired?
And OH! the potting bench...gotta go and look at everything again!
Have a Great Mom's Day!
XOXO -Cindi
Teresa said…
Your gardens are just absolutely wonderful. It's obvious the care and love you've given every detail.
jc said…
The garden is absolutely amazing, love it so much! Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said…
the copper filter system sounds awesome, i knew there had to be a better way! I bet its expensive to get tho im a poor girl lol
Lisa said…
I've probably said this before but your garden just looks like heaven on Earth.
Beth said…
I adore your garden! The picture of it and Teddy definitely bring a little joy to my day. Teddy is such a character!

Congrats Carapace!

I would love to be entered in this giveaway.
katscorner said…
your garden is so inviting looking like you could just sit back a read while listening to all the wonderful birds and windchimes. Just my favorite peacefull space. I wish we had all of the little shops you go to, to find your treasures.
CathyH said…
Your yard is amazing!Everything is real lush here and flowers everywhere. I made a trellis out of bamboo and string for my cumcumbers and it's so cool!
I wrote to ask about that coupon, and will be in touch :)
Love the windchime idea! Definitely will try that. I have forwarded the photo of your rustic gazebo to my hubby. What a peaceful place!
Lin said…
I love shots of the yard--it is such a treat. What's the deal with the gardener???
Jennifer Rose said…
the windchimes look great hung like that :D I actually like the red cushions lol but I like having a splash of unexpected colour in places :)
Wende L said…
You live where my dreams are made!!! I love your garden. Such a magical place to visit even on the web. I will be following you from now on! Thanks
Wende S.
Blessed Be!
katscorner said…
I love your gazebo just the perfect area to sit and read a good summer book
Marie S said…
The thing that comes to my mind when I look at your yard is sanctuary, such a beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful space!
katscorner said…
I love you outdoor sink I have always wanted one of those as well as a counter to work out of my garden
carma said…
I can see why your entire place would make you happy :-) It is lovely.