Outdoor Wednesday, The Front Garden

I entered Outdoor Wednesday and you can see all sorts of pictures of peoples gardens by clicking on the 'Outdoor Wednesday' button on my sidebar. I still have to mulch but the front gardens are filling in.

A view down the path of the side garden from the front.

Lady's mantle after the rain. Click for a better view.

The tree peonies manage to always bloom just before a rain and then they are done for. These peonies are here for their pods more than their blooms so it doesn't really matter.

New growth on the weeping hemlocks.

The garden guard won't leave the porch because it rained and the ground is wet.

Fothergilla and hostas

The Sycamores are opening.

I have two huge Sycamores canopying over the front of my house.

I love the different subtle colors of their bark.

Teddy was groomed today.

She is looking very fluffy and lots of her winter coat is coming out.

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I love lady's mantle in the rain. Lovely yard. :) I do "what's blooming wednesday" on my blog.
Rosemary said…
Lovely tour of your garden.
Southern Lady said…
Your front garden is very nice. You must work hard to keep it up. Carla
Pricilla said…
I think you need a goat for yard maintenance.
I think you should fly me out.
Everyone needs a Pricilla!
Lovely, lovely, lovely (Teddy included!) ♥
It looks so nice over at Yours! I love that gate with the snakes! Never seen anything like it before.

I´m hoping for a slightly cloudy weather when my tree peonies will flower so I will have them for at least three days this year :-) :-)

Teddy looks as cute as ever :-)
Have a great day now!
That is so funny. My dogs don't like to get their feet wet either. They'll try and stay inside all day if it rains. Don't want to upset the prince and princess! :)

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner
All the gardens are green and lush. I've never heard of some of the shrubs. The weeping hemlock is gorgeous.

The fothergilla and hostas are a wonderful contrast. The tall sycamore are stately.

The leaves of tree peonies are perky and beautiful.

I imagine, even with all the work, you and your family enjoy the gardens all the way to winter.

Teddy is looking lovely. She is such a wonderful fur baby!

Have a good evening.
Laura said…
I just love your garden posts. The gate is just fascinating!
William Bezek said…
It all looks so lovely and tidy-clean! We have been bombarded by the neighborhood Oak "helicoptors" in a steady wind....I actually had to get naked and dive in the Koi pond to fish it all out today! Don't bother looking on my blog, there are no pics. Ha Ha.
Wow! You have gorgeous grounds. Thanks for joining me. I'm returning the favor. And that banana pudding recipe is my favorite. I'm spoiled on that recipe and can't even how to make it from scratch any more. Delish!
oldblackcatboo said…
Everything looks so great!
I love your big heavy front door with that awesome knocker!
But the snakes above the gate freaks me out. I'm terrified of snakes! LOL!
Teddy looks SO SOFT! What a beauty!
Rue said…
Teddy - gorgeous coat dahhhling!

Love the multi-shades of green in the front of the house. The trees and shrubs are so lovely!
I'm with Christer. I have never, ever seen anything like your gate. Amazing! Sorry, but I have to smile when I think of what your neighbors must say from time to time. I don't even have that and enough has been said about me from time to time. lol :) What a fun gate! I would take that sign very seriously "Private"... if I were a neighbor! :)
Celia said…
It looks beautiful....Teddy included. Your gardens are just breath taking and I look forward to watching them grow....this will be my first season with you.....so it is even more exciting for me!
Autumnforest said…
Oh my gosh! That's beautiful. I remember when our chow chow's winter coat would come out--we could fill bags and bags with fur! It was like a cottonball dispenser. Hee hee
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