The Pool is Open

This is what the Weeping Beech looked like this last week.

This is it this morning.

A bit of heat and rain and it opened right up.

Here are a few pics of the gazebo I took before I started to work on it. You can see how bad it was. The green leaves are the first ones to open on the Beech.

You can see all of the clematis that was bogging things down and holding in moisture.

I finally got my drill fixed.

It is raining today so I will be back to work on this tomorrow.

My phlox is still blooming!

And finally the pool is open.

The water is not quite clear yet. We don't use chemicals. We have a copper filtration system.

I planted rhubarb and tomatoes.

And some peppers.

I still have lettuce coming up from last fall.

I can't wait for my radishes.

All of my pots are doing well.

My climbing hydrangeas are about to bloom.

The back door to my garage has a devil door knocker.

Teddy is on the prowl.

Ready to do her garden tour.

But first I get a treat request!


... AND you have a pool?! Your yard is too good to be true! ♥
The beech is so beautiful! Over here the trees are slowly opening up their leafs. Birches and sorbuses has started now :-)

We still gets frost in the nights so still nothing planted in any pots and the tomatoes has to stay indoors for yet a week or two, but now they are slowly getting to big :-)

So it works to have a pool and no chemicals! Great! I can imagine how nice it must be to have that pool in warm summers!
Have a great day now!
pastrywitch said…
It's amazing how fast things can grow. I really like the doorknocker.
TMCPhoto said…
It always seems like magic when you wake up one day and the trees are full and green.
Anonymous said…
Great pictures, thank you so much for sharing.
I love the look of the back door ; )
Have a great beginning of the new week.
Lin said…
You have an incredible piece of property and a knack for making it so visually interesting and inviting. Does everyone say that?? :)
Pricilla said…
Our lettuce is coming up from last year but the goats are snacking on it.
Guillaume said…
Your pool is open? I envy you. Here today it is all gloomy and dark and while I enjoy that kind of weather enough in October, not so much in May. And there is no swimming pool to open, not outside anyway...;-)
Anonymous said…
Lovely yard and pool. What city do you live in?
You cannot imagine how "silly exicited" I am over your garden. The willow tree is asking me to dance, alas I am to far away, but will do a little shuffle here in my living room. :)

The gazebo will be beautiful and a wonderful place of peace.

The raised beds appear to be coming along well. I wish you a bounty crop for all you have, and will, plant.

The pool is gorgeous and I would love to stop by for a dip.

Now you know how I love Teddy, the last picture is fetchingly wonderful. She says, "Momma, look into my eyes, see allllllll this adorable cuddle fluffs, a treat Momma, Pleazzzee! :)

Have a happy day, friend who gives so much to other's!
Bridgett said…
I always wondered if there was a way to keep a pool without using all the nasty chemicals. You'll have to tell us more about the copper filtration system. Sounds very interesting!

Everything looks so lovely!
Rue said…
Wonderful thing when a pool comes alive in the Spring! Hope your weather warms up so you can start using it!
William Bezek said…
That gazebo is really something special...the perfect spot for some fair weather witchery I would think!
Your backyard is gorgeous! I love it! And your pool looks amazing--officially jealous!
oh..that pool is a thing of beauty...remember when it was under look....

and i LOVE the devil door knocker...LOVE IT !

guess who's little chin is resting on my laptop? and who has sleepy eyes cause we just played fetch on the kitchen floor....sleepy boy...

john and i are so IN LOVE with him. we can't take our eyes off of him....he is so adorable...

pizza was good last night...tonight we are bbqing hamburgers with american cheese in our little fruit orchard...with corn on the cob and a can of Bush's baked beans..old fashion summer kick-off.

hugs to teddy

kary and teddy
teddy has fit right were right when you said" you should get another dog"...he is right on my side...all cozy :-)
Sarita Rucker said…
OMG, you even have a swimming pool in your back yard??? I'll try not to be jealous, but it's hard...
oldblackcatboo said…
I'm putting on my flip-flops, grabbing my beach towel and I'll be right over.
Chowz Creations said…
With every photo, your garden paradise just gets better and better.

The door knocker is very neat!

In an earlier post you spoke of your Katsura tree - the cotton candy scent intrigued me. I am happy to say, I purchased a 7' one yesterday - and it went in the ground today. And it does give off the most incredible cotton candy scent! I think the honeybees will love it too.

I have my eyes on a tri-color Beech now. I'm trying to pace myself, only 1 or 2 new trees/bushes a week.

Thank you for taking the time to post the names of your plants/trees/shrubs.
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Loved reading this post and catching up a bit. I have been so out of the loop the past few weeks.

The phlox are fabulous, the beech, well, words escape me. I adore them and fell in love with an especially gorgeous weeper in Maine.

Sending love, love,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
Sharlene T. said…
It's just gets prettier and prettier. Very interested in that copper filtration system. My pool won't be ready until late May. I simply cannot enter a cold pool, even if it is good for me...Give Teddy a treat. With a face like that in the last picture, you would have to be a monster to not do so...
Suzie said…
I find it amazing, but not surprising, that even your pool looks like it fits right into the rest of your landscaping. It has a serene classic, ancient look, instead of a bright glaring out of place cement hole in the ground.

Just as your garage door does. There is a complete energy that flows through your whole home and gardens. It must be very powerful to feel it in person. Congratulations for getting everything aligned perfectly! I know that it isn't easy, but it feels so good when it all comes together!

You've said that Teddy doesn't like to get her toes wet, but loves to be in a lake. .does she swim in the pool, or does she like to be able to put her feet on something solid?