Quite Possibly the Best Dessert Ever

My family knows me so well. Look what I got for Mother's Day.

My daughter got me these personalized spatulas.

I love them!!!

And she bought me this. I LOVE Anne of Green Gables. She and I watched it when she was little.

And the Blog Tech bought me this. It is so funny, these two sets of dvd's define me perfectly. One dvd is very sweet and one is sort of evil. That's me! Sweet but evil!!! I've always been described as being Martha Stewart gone bad. Not that I'm bad but more like Martha with tattoos!

My best present ever! Poor Teddy was attacked at the park yesterday by 2 large St. Bernards who were off leash. My husband had Teddy on leash so she could only do so much to protect herself. One dog bit her on the neck so today she has to go to the vet. Too bad I wasn't there because there would be two sorry St. Bernard's and one sorry owner today. I would have kicked some butt. No one messes with my babies.

And here is the dessert. Toasted marshmallow milkshakes!!! OMG..my daughter made these for all of us. The marshmallows are toasted and blended into the milkshake and then they are topped with more toasted marshmallows.

I don't like desserts much and I really don't like ice cream. But these blew all of that out of the window. I just can't describe how delectable these were. I told my daughter that I never want a cake or anything else in the future except for these. WOWZERS!!!

And we had my favorite food......Ethiopian!

For any of you who have never tried this....please do so if you ever have a chance. We ordered a sampling of all kinds of different dishes, vegetarian and meat. To eat this, you pull off pieces of the injera (bread) and pick the food up with it. That is the rolled injera at the top.

Here is a closeup (click on it) of the injera. It is made with tef. It is spongy and chewy and wonderful. I used to seek out Ethiopian restaurants in all the cities we traveled to in this country and all over the world. I am thrilled to finally have some in my own town. Except for the puppy bite, it was a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had quite a day Mommy!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I do hope Teddy is feeling better ?
Those presents are so lovely, they have really spoiled you. I haven't heard of Weeds. It isn't aired in the Netherlands yet I think.
The desert looks so yummy. I love, love, loooove marshmellows, so that would be the thing for me ; )
Have a wonderful day !!
those milkshakes look wonderful....

love the octoberfarm spatulas...darling....

i am with ya on sticking up for my babies..i have gotten in a couple real good fights protecting Buddy...sometimes when i would leave to take Buddy on a walk...john would say "please..try to not get in a fight today."

thinking about Teddy today at the vet...hope all is well...we will check back later

kary and teddy
Linda said…
Oh and I forgot to say I love WEEDS I have watched every season that is out on DVD. It just cracks me up!!!
Linda said…
I just love your gifts! How fun when they know you so well. Poor Teddy! I would come with you to kick some St Bernard & owner butt!!!
Glad you had a good day....
Autumnforest said…
You know, you make my diet easier. I gotta tell you, it seems like it should be torture to see the yummies at your house, but it actually satisfies me. You describe it and show i so well, I feel like I just cheated. :-) Glad Teddy is okay. Poor girl. I agree, I would have been a bitch on wheels if someone messed with my dog. Good thing she has so much fur.
Pricilla said…
I hate people that do not control their dogs!

I am sure they thought their "babies" were just "playing".
Did your hubby get their names. I would send them the vet bill. THEY should pay it.

I get this all the time with the goats. People let their dogs run wild, they come in MY yard and terrorize the goats and "oh, they are just playing."

It's not play when the other animal is scared or hurt.

Ugh, sorry for the rant but once I get started on loose dogs...oy!

I'm glad you had a 3/4s good mother's day. The blown glass pumpkins are exquisite.
Melodie said…
OMG! I am so glad Teddy is OK! I hate,hate ,hate irresponsible pet owners! I have had to deal with some of our neighbors who thought it was OK to let their dogs attack our animals...they messed with the wrong woman's animals!
Poor Teddy!!! I would have kicked some butt too if I saw that! Send her my love.

Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day; love the personalized spatulas and those milkshakes... WOW. ♥
Bridgett said…
Yup...those milkshakes look delightful!

So glad you had a nice Mother's Day. I love the whole Martha Stewart gone bad persona. LOL

As for Teddy...poor little girl!
:( Seems like something should happen to the St. Bernards. Is she doing okay?

Love ya!
Chowz Creations said…
Hurray! You got the pumpkins. Very nice.

Weeds - a show I also enjoy (along with Dexter).

Poor Teddy! I truly hate irresponsible pet owners. Hugs to your beautiful girl.
Indeed, thoughtful gifts were given and prepared to make your day special.

Ethiopian food looks so good. I don't know if there is Ethiopian food anywhere near me. Maybe in Lakeland, I'll check for sure. Toasted Marshmallow shakes is the most WOW desert I've heard of. Yummies.

Now, for the St. Benards, they were off the leash can anything be done? No messes with the babies is right. Teddy looks distressed in the photo. Feel betters are coming her way. Please, let us know how she is.

Martha Stewart gone bad. That is a hoot.

xoxo to Teddy, I was so sorry to hear anyone...pet or "hooman" would be mean to her!
Delphyne said…
What is it with irresponsible pet owners? My first dog was a St. Bernard - they're BIG. Really Big. And can do quite a bit of damage to a smaller dog - and most dogs are smaller than a Saint. 2 unleashed ones who attack could kill. I'm glad Teddy is alright. That dog owner should be fined at the very least.
Poor Teddy! I thought St. Bernards were gentle dogs? Bastards.

Apart from that, sounds like you had a fab Mother's Day! I love Anne of Green Gables and Ethiopian food too, although not necessarily at the same time.
Wow, what a mix of a day! Your gifts & food look so wonderful, but what a nasty situation for Teddy. I hope she heals quickly.
Poor Teddy!! I would have done like You would have. The owners of those dogs would never forget me, nor their dogs! I hope She doesn´t get afraid of other dogs now and that the wounds heal well!

Nice gifts! Those pumpkins are great! They send Weeds over here too, but so late that I almost never have a chance to see it.
Have a great day now and hug Teddy from me!
Lin said…
Poor Teddy! I'd be kicking butt and sending a nice fat vet bill to their owner as well. I hope Teddy will be okay.

The Ethiopian food looks FAB! I'm gonna have to find a place here.
Teresa said…
How sweet your family treats you. That is nice. I hope Teddy is okay.
Jennifer Rose said…
oh no, poor teddy :(
i love anne of green gables, hmm i need to find that now and re-watch it. love the pumpkins
William Bezek said…
So sorry about Teddy, the same thing has happened to us. My favorite Ethiopian restaurant used to be in Berkely when those were my stomping grounds...yummy!
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Perfect Mother's Day for you.

Anne of Green Gables, well, what can I say??? I've watched the videos about 9 zillion times. I never tire of it or the books. I think Jeff and I will make a trip of it this summer and visit PE Island.

Teddy...poor baby. How can people be so thoughtless?? I jumped into a few dog fights, but my big Una protected ME.

Sending love, now back to work.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island