A Summertime Giveaway and Memorial Day Pies

The winner of last weeks giveaway is: Nydia!!! Send me your shipping info and I will send it right out.

Teddy thought that since this weekend officially kicks off the summer season, we should do a summertime giveaway. The giveaway includes four vintage banana split dishes and all of the ingredients to make your own banana splits. Except of course the ice cream and bananas, that could get a bit messy. And as you can see, somehow I inadvertently bought a jar of sugar free hot fudge sauce. Do not despair! I already replaced it with the real stuff!
To enter just leave a comment on this post and if you are not already a follower, sign on to follow! The winner will be announced next Saturday.

As anyone that follows this blog knows, I love baking pies. I really love baking pies for memorial day.

And though I like making big pies, once a piece is cut out the pie oozes and looks messy.

So very often I opt to make mini pies.

If you ever choose to try this, put them on a silpat on a cookie sheet to keep them from slipping around.

I line small pyrex bowls with pie pastry and then fill them with berries mixed with a bit of sugar, flour and lemon zest. I really stuff the berries in so that when they bake down there will not be a gap in the pies. These blackberries were huge and I put about 13 into each pie.

I added a dot of butter on top of the berries.

I rolled out the last of the dough and cut rounds to fit the tops of the pies.

You need to leave some dough hanging over the edges in order to seal them.

They don't have to be perfect.

Just before baking I brush the tops with cream and sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.

And into the oven they go at 375 degrees.

They bake until golden and the juices are bubbling, approximately 30 minutes. You may have noticed that though 7 went into the oven there are now only 5. The Blog Tech walked in just as they came out of the oven. He squirreled 2 away in a hurry. The Blog Tech can be a little piggy sometimes.

After they cool they slide right out of the glass containers.

That is, of course, if you remember to spray them with cooking spray before you fill them.

Aren't these too cute?

Sorry for so many pics but they are like my little babies.

Until I eat them!


Congratulations to Nydia for the latest wonderful Teddy's Treat win!

As you were giving us the scoop on making the mini pies I was thinking, baby pies, that's what they are. Luscious, juicy, tasty baby fruit pies. I especially love how they can be taken out of the baking dish and stand alone. Oh my, yummy little babies indeed!

Wishing you all a happy & safe Memorial Day!

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs! :)
Those mini pies are adorable, and look so delicious!

Hope I win this Giveaway...! ♥
Autumnforest said…
I love the mini pie idea! The package of goodies looks perfect--we're reaching 100 here, so it's ice cream, cold drinks and air-conditioning for the next four or five months...
Delphyne said…
I love this idea! Thank you! And Happy Memorial Day!
throuthehaze said…
Oh yum! I am a new follower :)
Congratulations to Nydia!
Smart idea to make mini pies! I´ve never thought of that to be honest.

Summer is still far away here, at least it feels like that since it´s so cold.
Have a happy Memorial Day!
Jennifer Rose said…
those pies look delicious :D perfect serving size
Sharlene T. said…
What a great idea. Cupcakes seem to be the thing, nowadays, so it's only natural that mini-pies would be the next...thanks for a great recipe and the pix. Have a great weekend.
TMCPhoto said…
mmm pie and banana splits with all the toppings, those pies look lovely, as do the splits I'm imagining right now...
Anet said…
Teddy has the best ideas!
Your mini pies are wonderful!!!
Enjoy your weekend:)
Judith said…
the split gets me... cold ice cream... hot summer days... yummmmm
Nydia said…
Jaz! I've been so lucky lately, winning some awesome giveaways from really sweet people like you! :o) Thank you so much, I really loved the heart box, it's lovely! I'll email you with my info asap.

Obviously, please don't consider this comment as an entry for your new giveaway!

Kisses from Nydia.
pastrywitch said…
I too love pie! Your little pies are adorable, and the silpat tip is brilliant.
Since you love pie, you should check out this book - Mrs. Rowe's Little Book of Southern Pies by Mollie Cox Bryan. I was the recipe tester for the book. Really.
I can never make up my mind which I love the most...the days when you bake those delicious looking goodies....or your days in the yard with Teddy.
And YES! It is amazing that your wonderful goodies have reach Sweden! Christer is so grateful and pleased! :) It made me smile!
Good grief! Those little pies (berries..my very favorite!) look just plain fantastic!
The Traveler said…
Since the sliders were such a hit at my house that my 10 year old requested them specifically for his birthday party I think that once I try this little gem out there shall be a rousing round of cheers out here in the wilds of california!
Teresa said…
My mother had some actual mini-pie tins when we were growing up. That was always the most fun. When she was done making pies, we got to use the leftover crust to make our own little pies. What fun.
Millie said…
I love summer. I'd love ice cream too. My human makes yummy ice cream from the milk I give her.
Those pies look soooo yummy! Love to Teddy!
Lisa said…
What a great giveaway. I have one dish that I've always wondered about, thinking it must be a banana split dish. Your pie looks so yummy. They're so cute on the outside and so juicy looking on the inside. I'll have to give this a try.
Max's Mommy said…
Mmmm!! Those little pies look soooo good.
Very imaginative way to make pies.
Love their shape!
Pricilla said…
I don't know how I missed this! Yes I do! I was scrubbing my bathtub!
Ugh. What a job. After all the construction in the bathroom it had: paint, sheetrock mud, mastic,grout and I don't know what some of the stuff was on it.

It was a job!

I read that the best way to caulk the tub was with the tub full of water and the caulker naked. heh
You get the best seal with the weight in the tub so I figure I might as well take advantage and USE my bubble tub, Right?
Marie S said…
Yay! Nydia.
Jaz will you please adopt me. ;-D
OMG! I love the pielets, thank you for sharing that.
I love berry pie and these are just beautiful.
Have a great weekend!
Birgit said…
Now that's what I call a real summer treat! :) Leave it to Teddy to come up with the best treats ever.

Why is it that I once again crave something sweet after reading your blog post?! :)

Linda said…
Oh wow those pies look good. Love the little one's like that, how cute. Oh the ice cream looks so good on these hot days!
Anonymous said…
the little pies look lovely !!
They look very yummy.
Must try that sometime. I make a lot of pies too. Our applepie (in The Netherlands) has a different pie crust. We make it with a sweet dough. It is really yummy !!!
Have a wonderful day.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

Warm blessings,
Rue said…
Honestly - that is just brilliant. I love the crust more than the filling, so putting them in little bowls like that makes for lots of yummy crust! Love this idea!
Touchatou said…
I smell them !!! I want them !!! lolll
MarZel said…
MMMMm delicious!! Wow how fabulous they look!
Anonymous said…
You have the best recipes - looks so tasty! Congrats Nydia
BleuMoon said…
I have to try making the mini-pies now - they look so yummy! I never thought to make personal pies =) what a great idea!
katscorner said…
Oh wow those little pies look so good on your site I could almost smell and taste them. And you giveaway banana splits are my favorite summer treat
Sugar said…
those little pies are so cute!!! perfect size for kidlets!

I love banana splits!!! thanks for the chance to win such fun goodies!! (again)
Katrina said…
Those little pies look so delicious....Cherry too my favorite.

Cherries also taste great on Banana Splits too!!!
Katrina said…
Those pies look so delicious, I will have to try to make some soon.

Oh and then Banana Splits...yum...yum
CathyH said…
Pies look so good! I'm would love to be able to keep a file of your recipes. I love to garden too. Last summer bought a 110 yr old farm house on 2.5 acres. Lots of huge rocks and old trees making natural path ways. I'm planting stuff everywhere!
Jenna Gayle said…
Mmmmmm blackberries!! I've got some at the house waiting on me to make a cobbler with them. :)
katscorner said…
What great looking mini pies you allways have such wonderful recipes