Thrift Finds and Another Garden Totem

I found this at a thrift store the other day for 2.95. I couldn't believe my good luck. I had just bought one of these last year for over 40.00.

Now I have a pair!

And I found these dried flowers pressed between glass and sealed with lead frames.

They were 1.99 each and they even have their Latin names written on them.

I made another totem. I am keeping this one. I gave some of the other ones away over the weekend.

I place a porcelain bird bell inside the pedestal.

I also added a porcelain flower basket inside the dome on top. I am planting lots of marigolds this year in my raised beds. They are natural aphid repellents.

My lattes are growing very well too!


Rue said…
Oooh - I'd like a Latte garden too!

The bird ornaments in the top photos - did they come with the basket "nests"? We have a similar ornament in the store I do books for - but it has a metal bowl instead of the basket. I really like them!
Oh, I love going out to the garden to pick a nice chilled latte!
I really like it when You put porcelain things inside the totems! Especially the bird was perfect!

When I saw those birdnests I came to think of the flower groups I made for Christmas when I had my gardencentre. I used to put small bird nests (not as nice as Yours though but made of grass I think) and small birds beside them in the arrangements. Those were the ones that got sold the fastest :-)

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
You can't grow too many lattes!
Love the birdnest!

You just KNOW that somebody got it for a gift and hated it and sent it to the thrift shop, having no idea it was actually worth something LOL. Love it.

The porcelain birds look very clever under the clear pressed glass.
Oh, I love the latest totems~you get more and more creative!

xoxo to Teddy Girl!
Teresa said…
I absolutely love the one in your garden with the bird. The marigolds are perfect to surround it with cheerful color.
Sonia ;) said…
I could use a latte garden for sure...Ha the totems

Linda said…
I did not think the totems could get any better...wrong! Love how you have put items inside them! Perfect! This one with the bird is adorable...a real keeper! I also love that metal bird/nest!
Touchatou said…
You go girl ! You have awesome ideas ! That's a great idea to have encased the porcelain in the glass !

Oh those flowers in glass are just beautiful ! That gives me ideas !
oldblackcatboo said…
Your totems inspired me to go to the "ReStore" and get some old glass covers from old light fixtures. I've "planted" them in the garden and they sparkle in the sun!
once again you amaze me with your finds... you are a charmed one indeed...
Lin said…
The birdnest was a STEAL! Very cool.