Thrift Store Bonanza

I hit the thrift stores yesterday and this morning. I love it when I find something like this.

This wonderful bench was 14.99.

It has a bit of dirt on the legs but after I clean it off I will use it just as is! This piece is built like a brick s**t house. $14.99.....unreal!!!

Found this cute Fitz & Floyd bud vase for 1.29.

Another porcelain bird to use in one of the totems. 99 cents.

Three more glass bells to use as totem tops. These were between 49 cents and 1.29.

I am such a basket freak. I have a pile of baskets stacked in my basement from the floor to the ceiling. These old baskets are so well made and for about a dollar, I just can't pass them up. I found a few more gems to decorate another jewelry box. Most of the old pearl necklaces are really good quality and I rarely pay over 95 cents for them.

I found two more brand new jewelry boxes to decorate and they were 1.29 each and were still in the original boxes.

The pyrex rice mold was 1.69 and the little corning butter jar was 95 cents. I pick up these butter tubs whenever I find them because I like to make compound butters and put them in the tubs as gifts with a batch of homemade rolls.

I LOVE this old clothes basket. It is huge and it cost 3.95. I dry all of my wash outside on wooden drying racks and I really needed one of these to carry the wash.

I am always excited to find these porcelain birds to use in the totems. This pair was 49 cents!

This glass bell cost 39 cents.

This porcelain one was 29 cents!

I see an amber totem in my future.

Would you like to have a few glass mushrooms in your garden?

Just buy a cheap florists vase....this one cost 99 cents. Top it with the glass dome from an old light fixture. I paid 49 cents for this one. Instant mushroom!


You're so clever. I love the mushroom idea. It would be great in our fairy garden....gotta do that too. Thanks for the idea. I must tell you though that I wanna go to your thrift stores, cuz the ones here are much pricer. It's really kinda sad. Used to be I could go and find lovely things for great prices but last year that all changed and now even the thrift stores are getting coo coo with prices. But I shall have a glass
Beauty upon beauty, it grows and grows.

Happy Day!

xoxo to Teddy Fluffs!
The Frog Queen said…
Oh compond butter and biscuts, what a great idea for a gift...I am stealing...I mean borrowing that from you :D

Thanks as always for your inspiration.

I'm in love with that bench!
I don´t think I´ve seen that many glass bells in all my life :-) To be honest, I think I´ve onlty seen them on tv :-) :-)

That bench would is real nice! Could work as a small table or perhaps to have flower pots on.

What a smart way to makw a mushroom!
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
You had a blast, didn't you!
You are so lucky to have all these thrift shops nearby.
greekwitch said…
You are so good at this! Unfortunately i do not have an eye for that sort of things. Brightest blessings*
Chrissykat said…
Ana Goncalves said…
I love your findings! They are priceless and beautiful.
Linda said…
That bench is wonderful and the price? awesome! Love all the glass for the totems! Can't wait to see more and I love the glass mushroom, too cute!
Teresa said…
This makes me want to go shopping, and I hate shopping! You have some nice buys here.
Jennifer Rose said…
hmm why do the charity/thrift stores around here not have anything like that lol I would go to them all the time if they did. love that bench :D
William Bezek said…
Cool bench...very "house of the seven gables"!
oldblackcatboo said…
WoW! Great score on that bench!
and I'm stealng your mushroom idea! LOL!
Sharlene T. said…
Can't wait to see the pix of the finished totems. I know they're going to be gorgeous.
Celia said…
I just have to have a glass mushroom!!!! It would great in my faerie garden!
Bridgett said…
You have THE BEST thrift stores!!!