The Tree

This is the Maple which is right outside of my kitchen window. It puts on quite a show all year long. This is a pic of it this morning helping the patio umbrella shade the patio to keep Teddy cool.

This was it about a month ago.

Early spring with it's red buds.

Very very early spring and totally bare.

Holding snow during the big storm this past winter.

You could hardly see it during the storm.

Here it is with the first snow of the season.

Some days it was too cold to even open the window.

Leafless by Thanksgiving.

Past it's peak in Fall.

At it's best during my favorite season! Only 3 more months until we can see this again. I love my Maple.

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faerwillow said…
~maples are among my favorite trees...i l♥ve watching them cycle through the seasons and autumn is the warmest of their rich colors they show...l♥vely pictures this morning...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Guillaume said…
Trees are beautiful all year round, but moreso in Autumn. Especially maple trees.
Pricilla said…
I love maple trees. There really aren't that many out here. Only ones that people have planted. It's an evergreen world - well except for the cottonwoods.

You spoil me...
A lovely year-long retrospective of your maple tree!
Maples are so big, strong, and fluffy with leaves. Fall colors make my heart flutter. Soon, very soon.

I liked the photo chronology of the Maple tree.

It is a good tree that keeps Teddy cool!

xoxo to Teddy Girl.
Leanne said…
I've really been enjoying your blog. I got pulled into a blog award thingy - which gets you to pass it onto 5 other bloggers - link is at my blog.

Lots of Love Leanne New Zealand

Ps our maple outside our bedroom window is one of my fav trees we have. Just going into winter now here so it is nearly has lost all its leaves.
Sharlene T. said…
Thanks for sharing your view. My sister-in-law has a view from her kitchen window that I just adore, too. Come visit when you can...
Lovely season to season comparison!

I have a Japanese Maple, which I really love - though it's always "in color" and is never green.

The addition of the toy pick up truck on the garden "altar" is terrific!!!
Hilde said…
What a great series of photos of your maple tree :)
Maples are so pretty all year around, I love the small flowers in spring and the red leaves in autumn.
Melodie said…
One of these days I am going to get me one of those maple trees! Your is lovely!
Loved this post! So glad winter is over, so happy it's summer, but so excited for the fall ♥
Sonia ;) said…
Jaz...that was amazing and beautiful. Maples are my favorites also. Have a great week

Mystica said…
We do not have distinct seasons in my part of the world and that is why I like to see photographs like yours. Thank you.
oldblackcatboo said…
I just love all the photos of your Maple during the Seasons!
Teresa said…
What a lovely journey through the last year. I must say I like it best in the fall also.