A Winner, A New Giveaway and More Thrifting

The winner of last weeks giveaway for the garden plates is Linda from Georgia! Please contact me with your info and I will ship them right out to you. This weeks giveaway is for this very nice amber covered compote and the two small amber dishes. This is a really sweet set. To enter just leave a comment on this post and if you are not already a follower, sign on to follow.

The Blog Tech went to a Hungarian restaurant a few weeks ago and just raved about the food. We decided to go back there last night. He had several conversations with the owner who also happens to be the chef and waiter and the only one that works there. The Blog Tech insisted that I should take some food to the owner and suggested that I bring lasagna. I think I am the only person I have ever known that takes food to a restaurant.

I also decided to make him some chocolate chip cookies.

So we walked into the restaurant toting bags of my famous chocolate chip cookies....

And about 20 pounds of lasagna. The chef/owner was surprised to say the least. And he was thrilled. The Hungarian food was superb! As he served us dinner he kept telling us the lasagna was driving him crazy but he had to wait until he could take it home for he and his wife and daughter to eat it. He was so cute! He said....it is so nice of your son to bring you to dinner and give you the day off from cooking. Then he smiled and said.....but you cooked for me all day!

Today brings us to six months until Halloween so it is perfect that I found another jack o'lantern blow mold! 2.95 The Halloween countdown has officially begun!!!

Look at the size of this basket! It was 2.95.

This pedestal was 3.95 and I am going to paint it celery green and use it on my porch as a plant stand.

Whenever I find nice cheap pieces of costume jewelry I buy them. Bib necklaces are all the rage now and I have been making them for my daughter.

This is not completed but I thought I would show you one of the ones I am working on. Click for a better look.

Most of the pieces can be found for under a dollar and some as cheap as 29 cents.

I have collected Anchor Hocking peach dishes for years. I use them at Halloween. I also collect black glass plates to throw into the mix. These were 49 cents each.

I've also been picking up pieces of these old 1960's wooden pieces.

They cost a dollar or two and I think that painted white or green or whatever color, and antiqued, they can have a whole new life. I like the idea of using them on my potting table to hold tools and plant markers.

I also found this cute little wire birdcage that will be going in the gazebo when it is done.

I've also been buying jewelry boxes when I find ones with good lines and soon I will show you what I have been doing with them. 1.95

It doesn't matter if the outside is a bit rough as long as the inside is clean.

I was really excited to find these. They are some sort of plastic composite.

And perfect at 99 cents each.

I put them on the wire racks by my outdoor sink. Click to enlarge.

These four sterling forks were 29 cents each.

And these were the big find of the day.

I found 22 of these in perfect condition

29 cents each...yahoo!


Linda said…
Wow love your thrifty finds. Those knives are gorgeous! Love finding something special for a great price! My other favorite would be the bird cage!
Autumnforest said…
That jewelry transformation was awesome!
Congratulations to Linda from Georgia for the latest Teddy's Treat!!!

Another lovely giveaway this week!

Taking lasagna and chocolate chip cookies to a restaurant! Splendid idea and who knows what good & thoughtful karma will return. Good idea blog tech!

The lasagna & chocolate chip cookies look so good.

Thrifting away...always great to see your finds. So many, so wonderful.

xoxo to Teddy the Wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Great finds !! I love the amber coloured dishes.
Those floral plaques are so cute !!!
You have found some very lovely things and for such great prizes !!
Have a lovely weekend.
Suzie said…
Congratulations Linda! You've got to be SO excited!!

And what a lovely give-away you've chosen. .I think I say that every week, but it is true!

Once again, you've made quite a haul of various delights! I'm very happy for you that you can find such bargains! We don't have thrift shops here, but Antique & Collectible markets and malls, and things are priced accordingly.

I love the necklace that you are creating for your daughter! A beautiful one of a kind!

That's such a cute story about you taking food to a restaurant! You're right. I don't ever remember hearing anyone do that, but no one else I know of cooks like you do! If they did, they'd be asked to bring food too! I'll bet his family was thrilled!!

I've been meaning to ask. .whatever happened to that drying rack that you were wrestling? Should we be looking for similar looking parts in the supportive structure of your gazebo?
As Usual You´ve done great bargains! I especially liked that little bird cage!

I don´t think I´ve ever heard about anyone taking food to a restaurant :-) :-) and when I saw those wonderful cookies I suddenly got an urge to be a hungarian restaurant owner in Your town :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
My mother had a full set of the orange carnival glass. We weren't allowed to touch it.

I smile any time I see it.
Mmmm, the food looks delicious (as always!) And I love that jewelry box!

P.S.- Yay for Halloween!! ♥
Sara said…
Such great finds. And that lasagna looks so yummy! xx
Nydia said…
Congrats to Linda!

Jaz, you have a shapr eye to find good treasures around! That jack'o'lantern is cute!

Crossing my fingers once more!

Kisses from Nydia.
pastrywitch said…
Halfway to Halloween! Yay!
Wow, Joyce..you did good and I found almost nothing. Just three pots that match to go in a pot rack I have and a garden sign that was really heavy. Total was $2.00. Makes you wonder why we ever buy at department stores or any store for that matter.
:) Great find on those knives and the little sterling spoons. :)

What patience you have to sit down and make those necklaces...sooo pretty!
loved all of it...but my palms started to sweat when i saw that Jack O Lantern ! what a HUGE SCORE...love the necklace too...and can i have a piece of that lasagna? yum

hugs to Teddy

kary and teddy
YES ! it feels like he has been here forever....you're right:-)

making pizza dough over here...
and sauce...and a teeny tiny little piece of cheese for Teddy...somebody is spoiled..and we LOVE it !!!
it scares me cause there was another girl who wanted him valerie told me...some girl and her boyfriend ...who had HUGE feet...and he would have been living in bakersfield...and not with me...now we can't imagine him NOT with us !
love everything! i can't believe those sterling forks - i can NEVER find sterling. they are gorgeous! and the knives too!
oldblackcatboo said…
Congrats Linda!

I'm hungry for cookies now! I think I have a "roll" in the frig, so that I can cut a couple of slices off and bake em!... LOL!
I can't wait to see what you do with the jewelry boxes! I wanted Everything you found! What a score!
The amber dishes make a nice giveaway but er...ummm...psst...what about the (whispering now) gun?
Ha! Ha! Just kidding! (I think!)
Bronny said…
Love to see your finds - I also collect FireKing - and use my peach lustreware daily. It's getting harder to find good flat soup bowls here though. I particularly collect FK Jadeite (and a few pink pressed glass patterns)
Thanks for sharing. (please don't enter me in the contest - it would cost too much to send glassware way over here) Congratulations to the other winners by the way!
CathyH said…
Not only do you find great things you have the creativity to make them into something new! Those look like the best cookies I've ever seen!!
Zedral Z said…
Thrift shopping is the best! Those stores are Pagan paradise. I can't wait to get back to the U.S. and rummage through Goodwill. Ah...memories :) Great finds, by the way!
Carapace said…
Wow! My husband and I-- we tip, we talk, but it's never occurred to either of us to FEED the restaurant staff! It makes me happy to know people as awesome as you exist!
Bridgett said…
Congrats to Linda and great finds, as always!
Autumnforest said…
You’re mentioned on my blog today http://autumnforestghosthunter.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
You have a real knack for finding the coolest things. Love the compote for this giveaway. Thank you for sharing!
Sharlene T. said…
Ok. I'll take your potting sink! Gosh, that's lovely. I could spend the day working on it. Thanks for sharing and getting the creative juices flowing...
katscorner said…
I really love your wire birdcage and the flower plaques. I also am so intersted in asking a question on your home page on the right hand side on the top you have two plates that I believe to be old. I am looking for more information on those cause I found one in a yard sale paid only 50 cents for it. Any help would be great.
I love visiting your blog. Wonderful eye candy for me with all that delicious food you cook... yum! Please enter me for the giveaway, the set is lovely!
Max's Mommy said…
Great finds!! I'm so impressed by your MANY talents! The lasagna looks delicious and is making my stomach growl, good thing I get to leave for my lunch break in about 10 minutes!
Viscid said…
What is a blow mold?

My dear, you have just started my own personal lifelong hunt for and love of anchor hocking peach dishes. I'll stay out of your thrifting territory, though, our tastes are similar, particularly with the costume jewelry.

Can't wait to find out what youre doing with the boxes, either, im mad about them, to put things in, miniature shrines, etc.
Viscid said…
I can follow on Google reader, correct?
katscorner said…
I love baskets and the one you have would be great to go out in my flower garden to cut fresh flowers for the table. So I could just lay them flat and carry right in perfact.
Teresa said…
I am amazed at all the things you have found. You have a great blog.
Anonymous said…
You give away a lot of stuff on this blog!