An Anniversary Surprise

Today is my 28th wedding anniversary. The surprise is that my daughter remembered and made me this s'mores cake. It is fabulous! What is not a surprise is that my husband forget it for the 28th time. I give up. There is no hope there. He is a lost cause. He'll miss me when I am gone but up until then, I am very functional. MEN....blah!

This is what the sky looked like first thing this morning.

It looks like a great day for some garden work but I better hurry up and get it done.

Because this is what is on the way.

This is what it has looked like around here lately.

At least another inch is expected tonight but I am not complaining. I love rain and wish I had a summer of this ahead of me.

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rox said…
Oh Jaz I think You are right on the guy thing we are on yr 26 and my dh always walks in as if it is any other day but he his kind & genlte man so I know I am blessed in other ways ☺ I so wish he'd have the element of surprise even once a yr but our dd 23 told me " oh mum that's You " and she is totally right I'm mrs. risk taker pull me back from the edge I walk off the cliff and not know it kinda gal he is mr. predictable rational ok people would title him boring ☺
So you got cake ! Recipe please please !
I so love love Your garden stuff & crafty stuff ! Thanks so much , it is raining here too this weather system is so big and dosen't seem to be letting up anytime soon . I want a stay in bed tea day , wish I had cake but I'm to lazy to make it ☺
Yum, yum...'smores cake. Thoughtful daughter.

Happy 28th Anniversary! Men....who knew.

Rain is soothing and nourishes our spirit. I love rainy snuggle up, eat comfort food, and read days. I'm a rain watcher too.

Wishing your day to improve & Happy 28th Anniversary. That's a long, long time. :)

xoxo to Teddy Rainmaker!
Anonymous said…
You shoulda married me. My wife is soooo lucky to have me remember birthdays and our wedding day now 35 years in November.
Linda said…
Men! What can we say about them. I am heading out to do some repotting before we get more rain!
Melodie said…
Happy anniversary! Sure wish I could help you celebrate by helping you eat that cake!
Your husband may not be the King of Romance, but I'm sure he has many other admirable qualities for you to have stuck around for 28 years, eh?! Happy Anniversary!
Pricilla said…
Happy Anniversary!
We were both married in '82?!
How cool is that?

You were smart and waited for warmer weather...I went and got married in February. In New Jersey!

Congratulations. Mine never remembers either - except for the 20ieth when he took me to Hawaii but his parents lived there then so it wasn't THAT big a deal. and the 25th.

He forgets my birthday too...
But they are good in other ways, right?
LisaDay said…
What is it with men? Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!! The cake looks delicious. Enjoy the rain (I never thought I'd say that!) ♥
Autumnforest said…
Happy anniversary-that's an impressive landmark!
Happy Aniver
28 years! Fantastic!
I haven´t even managed to start yet :-) :-)

I love those rain photo´s! They are just great! Our day started much the same with blue sky and now it rains again. Well, that will at least keep the mosquitoes happy :-) :-)
Have a great anniversary today!
TMCPhoto said…
I have never once given the husband a reason to forget, I remind him liberally with direct hints like "So next Tuesday we'll have been together for 28 years, what do you have planned for that?" And "28 years for us tomorrow, have you got everything together for that?"

At least you got that yummy looking cake. Happy Anniversary
Guillaume said…
Happy anniversary!
A big Happy Anniversary to you! Men...what can you really say about that? Ha!

Your garden bench is looking lovely. I was wondering if you'd be able to dig your garden out of all the leave and then snow...but you have! I bet it's a ton of work. Hope you and the pooch are doing well! :o)
faerwillow said…
~28 years of wedded bliss...there must be some goodness to him...mine always forgets as well...we just celebrated our 6th on the 5th...wishing you a wonderful day and many more years of love and laughter together...happy anniversary! much l♥ve and light to you adn yours~
oldblackcatboo said…
Wow! 28 years! That's really something! Congrats! and Happy Anniversary!
Celia said…
Happy Anniversary! I would love to have a piece of that cake! I am a rain watcher too!
Mystica said…
A very happy anniversary to you both.
Rue said…
Happy Anniversary - a day late! Hubby better have made up for forgetting with a great gift!