I had a berry good day yesterday. My rhubarb was ready to be harvested and I bought a bunch of local strawberries. For the pies, I cut the rhubarb into small dice and cut the strawberries to about the same size.

For my jam, I like big pieces of berries so I quartered the strawberries.

This strawberry jam could not be easier. I add a bit of sugar and some lemon zest to the berries, sit it on the burner and bring it to a simmer. Since no liquid has been added, it thickens quickly. Most of this is going to neighbors this next week so no need to can it. The jars were hot and sterilized and some of them sealed just by tightening the lids. this will last for quite a while in the refrigerator and can also be frozen. It never lasts that long around here.

When my friends receive a jar of this with a basket of fresh biscuits they will be very happy. None of my friends cook so they depend on these treats.

The rhubarb/strawberry mixture was turned into mini pies.

They were baked with a bit of cream and sugar on top.

I had some leftover sour cherries from the pies I made the other day and I also had a basket of raspberries so a few of these were baked too.

This is how you know a pie is done. The filling should be bubbling and oozing over the edge. I can tell by the smell if a pie is done baking.

These mini pies just fly out of my house. If I made large pies no one would take it because it would be so messy. But my kids can just grab these and run with no mess at all. The Blog Tech really Bogarts these pies.

Pie perfection.....what screams spring more than a strawberry/rhubarb pie?

Sorry for the out of focus pic! You sort of get the idea though!

***I am trying a new recipe today that I think is going to be a winner. If so, I will post it tomorrow.

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Why do you torture me so with photos of these delicious little pies? Why???
Mmmm... there's nothing I love more than homemade Strawberry jam &hearts... and those pies look out of this WORLD!
You couldn´t concider buying one of the two small farms over here, that are for sale, and become my neighbour :-) :-) :-)

I´ve never combiend strawberries and rhubarbs in a pie, must do that this year. We will have plenty of the wild ones this year, so I might pick some to make jam from. They do taste different from the ones we have in our gardens. I might get a couple of arctic raspberries this year and that would be a jam to remember :-)

Those pies looks delicious!
Have a great day now!
PIE.....just that word sends cozy and homey and old fashion....these look wonderful....

hugs to teddy

kary and teddy
brokenteepee said…
Yummy - I love strawberries.

We planted some last year but the you know whats ate them.
Berries! Luscious and Tasty! They are all beautiful. The jars of jam are so colorful.

Your friends will be delighted!

Happy Day!

xoxo to Teddy Girl!
TMCPhoto said…
not much is appealing to me these days but your pies are making my mouth water. Also the idea of fresh biscuits and jam, my tummy is now grumbling
G'morning! I are one of the most amazing women! I come here and am always thinking I must get back to cooking more..or gardening more...or redoing some item that just plain needs redoing..
Amazing...yes...just amazing! Kinda like striking gold, finding you. Thanks for all you share...
Zabet said…
OMG I LOVE Strawberry-Rhubarb pie!! Still warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream mmmmmmm.

I'm not much of a baker but I am bribing a friend to make me pie this summer.
Thats it. I saw some rhubarb at the grocery and almost got it to eat raw. (yup, I like it that way)
now i see these fabulous creations, and am VERY inspired to make individual pies!thank you Joyce and Teddy
Cindi Myers said…
I agree with Debra and Christer!
You are torturing me with your pies!!!!!
And I want you to be MY neighbor (instead of the guy who hangs his underwear on the line for me to see! LOL!)
Divaeva said…
mmmm...if I close my eyes I can almost smell those delicious looking pies baking! You are lucky i do not live near would find me often on your front step begging!
Teresa said…
The pies and jam look so yummy. We are getting about a gallon of strawberries a day, and they've just started. I will be making lots of jams next week hopefully.
How scrumptious! must..make..something so delicious! You've inspired me!
brandi said…
~how i would long to have a neighbor who shared such baking treats...each picture tantalizes us with vibrant juicy sweetness from the berries...l♥ve the idea of making mini husband would be over the moon if i made those! warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Celia said…
Can you mail me some of those mini pies???? YUUUUMMMMM!
Rue said…
The only way I can eat rhubarb is with strawberries! Although my mom does an amazing rhubarb muffin with a brown sugar topping...
Esme said…
strawberry rhubarb is one of my favorite summer desserts.
Those pies look amazing. Hmm ... I have a bumper crop this year ... perhaps a pie is in my future!