Flowers in Teddy's Garden and a Blueberry Jam Recipe

Teddy would like to show you some of the blooms in her garden.

She says look, they are right over there.

Marigolds which seem to be a favorite food for slugs.

An eggplant blossom

White clematis

Purple clematis


The Oakleaf Hydraneas are providing lots of pollen for the bees and meez to sneeze.

My largest tomato


My Hydrangeas are acting rather strange this year. These have always bloomed white. I know you can change the color by changing the acidity of the soil but I did not do any such thing.

All of these hydrangeas are the same variety and they are all planted within a few feet of each other.

Yet the colors are all different.

They range from maroon to pink to purple.

Go figure!

Even in our 90 degree heat no one has set foot in the pool.

You can see my bat spinner spinning. He keeps the birds away from the raised beds.

This is my one lemon tree that comes back each year. I under planted it with purple petunias. It had only one bud on it which disappeared so no fruit this year.

I like planting different types of clematis together. I also plant clematis to grow up and through my climbing roses.

An abundance of blueberries means time for blueberry jam. I give so much of this away that I don't bother canning it. People tend to eat it as soon as they get it. This recipe is so simple it literally takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

I put the blueberries in a heavy pot with some sugar. For this recipe I used 4 pints of blueberries to 3/4 cup of sugar.

I add the zest of one lemon and nothing else.

Cover the pot and cook over medium heat.

Just until some of the berries begin to pop and the liquid bubbles. I like to keep a lot of the berries whole. It also continues to thicken as it cools.

You can use this on toast, ice cream, shortbread or any way you wish. This is excellent stirred into oatmeal.


Your flowers are beautiful. I love hydrangeas but don't know enough about them to say why they are changing color like that but it's pretty!
Jaz, I know you are doing this on purpose. You knew I got a boatload of blueberries and now you are going to make me make jam. Good thing it's quick, don't have a lot of time today.

Good chance homemade ice cream, pound cake and blueberry jam will be Father's Day dessert. Thanks.
Beautiful photo´s!
Clematis is perfect flowers really, they can be used in so many ways and are never invasive. Should be used more like You are doing with roses.

Did You remove anmy trees close to those hydragenas that changed color the most? That could change the acidity enough I think. But then again, flowers never stops to amaze me :-)

It´s strange, there´s lots of blue berry bushes in the forest nearby, but there´s never a single blue berry??! I definatly has to buy some like the ones You have, to have in my garden too.

Have a great day now!
Melodie said…
Goodness! If I had that pool I might never get out! I picked 12 lbs of blueberries yesterday and am making The Boy's must have blueberry syrup today! He thinks it is an unspeakable act to expect him to eat a waffle without blueberry syrup! all of your, i would be in that pool in my kathy ireland suit is a family joke...i got it about a thousand years ago at the summer old lady section...and still have it...

blueberry jam....well, that just makes me smile...

but sadly, i may have found someone to pass the pet loss books along too. lorrie from lilylovekins...i think i have seen you over there..her sweet lily looks like she is in kidney failure...2 or 3 weeks left. omg...that leaves me with a very heavy heart. been through 4 kidney failures with my kitties...and then the 3 month heart failure with Buddy...coming on 4 months were takes a long time to recover (not ever, you know) from that one.

Teddy is getting so big...he already outgrew his puppy I put on Buddy's harness..cry..cry...cry....told him it was a very SPECIAL HARNESS...wasn't going to put it on...but then I did...

pet loss....blag :-(

Hugs to you and Teddy
Kary and Teddy
:-) :-)
How does your garden grow? Very very well. Love the marigolds. Hydregeas are giving a magic show.

The blueberry jam will be a big hit.

Have a great weekend.

xoxo to Teddy Garden Girl
Sharon Day said…
I would kill for fresh blueberries! Teddy, thank you for pointing out the blooms. You are a very good garden pup!
Sharlene T. said…
Love, love, love Teddy! My hydrangeas did the same thing and are a deep blue-magenta. Gorgeous! Gonna make some blueberry jam when I get back. My baby blueberry bush has just taken hold but my neighbor has some mature ones that are filled with berries -- and, she shares...

Twitter SolarChief
Love your photo of the blueberry cluster with each berry at a different stage of ripeness! And mmm, that jam looks good!
brokenteepee said…
Has Teddy been, erm "visiting" where the hydrangeas bloom?
What gorgeous photographs... wow! And yummy jam recipe ♥
lilylovekin said…
What a beautiful pool you have, it looks like something out of a fancy spa!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind words re: Lily, we are very sad at out house but loving her every minute we have left.
Nydia said…
I wish I culd be surrounded by flowers like these, Jaz... And your hydrangeas look perfect. Told you that my city's symbol is this lovely flower, right? I didn't know anything about changing its color according to the soil acidity either...

And no blueberries grow here, never tasted them!

Wishing you a sweet Sunday,

Kisses from us.
Mystica said…
Love your flowers specially the hydrangeas! dont have much hydrangeas in our part of the world unless you go to the cooler areas - those flowers are beautiful.
Teresa said…
The flowers are so beautiful. It never amazes me how pretty some of the blossoms can be on the veggies. I might have to try your recipe next time I make blueberry jam. I like the idea of adding the lemon zest.
Cindi Myers said…
Teddy + Flowers + Blueberries + Swimming Pool = Heaven!
Carapace said…
What gorgeous flowers! And oh, how can you resist that pool? I'd be there every day...though that would of course cut into my internet time. ;)

And oh dear, Teddy is *getting* big? I thought that was a full grown fluffbucket! How big will he be?!?
Anonymous said…
Hi Jazz,
Teddy looks so terribly cute !!!! I love dogs. Mine is nearly 11 years old now ; )She is a cross between a flatcoated retriever and a border collie. She's super sweet !!
such beautiful pictures of flowers. I can only watch my garden right now, because I am still healing after my operation and I am not allowed to bend and stretch, so no gardening at the moment. I can't wait to get out there again !!!
The jam looks so delicious. The taste must be wonderful. Have a fantastic day.
Debbie said…
So beautiful and you are way ahead of us here in New England! Our blueberries have not even started to ripen...July is the month for that. My garden is just starting to show signs of life and there are ugly gold/yellow beetles that are killing my flowers...what few I have this year. You have so much going on. Teddy gave us a fantastic that face. Oh!! Is that the pot I sent you sitting by the clematis??? It looks so much better at your place!! I am still waiting to see my daughter, which is unusual...she's away a Phish concert for 4 days. Love the blueberry recipe...will definitely try that one! Thanks again for the lovely tour....Teddy!
Our trip to Maine has been delayed due to knee surgery on Howard. But, you can bet I am taking this recipe to the island when we go. The Blue berries should be in abundance by then. Thanks so much for sharing it.
Celia said…
Yum! That looks SO good! Thanks for the tour Teddy.....always a pleasure.
Anonymous said…
I'll put my foot in your pool!!!
Amanda said…
yummy!! always enjoy your recipes, I can't wait for the Halloween recipes and pictures to come!!