I Have Witches in My Garage

Lots of people ask me where I store all of my thrift shop finds. The answer is, my garage and basement. However, it is not quite storage but more like clutter. So the time has come. Clean out and clean up. I took a car full of thrift finds BACK to the thrift store yesterday. While I am working on the garage, I thought I would show you how I painted one of the garage walls many years ago. One day I was literally staring at the wall and thought....hmmm...this would make a great canvas. I used to hold huge Halloween parties and tented the area right in front of the garage. I would decorate the whole garage so this wall made a nice backdrop for the setting. Click these pics for a better view!

My kids were quite young at the time and I remember them being a bit frightened by the hanging witch. To the right of the puritan is another character I have yet to finish.

The electrical outlet is in the knot on the tree.

Ok...here comes the embarrassing part....

One side of the garage. One of the motivations for doing this will be posted soon. Let's just say I am making room for one of my childhood dreams. Stay tuned!

The driveway during cleanup. Of course, as soon as I pulled all the stuff out to the driveway the rains arrived. This is going to take a few days but I will show you when I am done. Then I get to start on the basement. It looks like a glass bomb exploded in it!

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Pricilla said…
You are something else. I wish I had half your energy!
faerwillow said…
~what an amazing mural you painted! such beautiful details...as for the treasures we all have a spot that would bring forth embarrassment! atleast you are making your way through it!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Linda said…
You are quite the artist!! Wow and now I'm intrigued as to one of your childhood dreams!!
LisaDay said…
That's a lot of thrift finds. Wow. Great job on the mural.

Oh pshaw! Your garage is a paragon of order and neatness compared to those places on "Hoarders" (LOL!)
The Niki said…
Your mural is awesome. I <3 the sneaky looking witch climbing the tree. =)
Guillaume said…
Wow! I love the pictures.
Okay, so now I am amazed again, you are an artist! The witches in the garage are very good!

You do have lots of stuff and I think it is a real hoot that you return things to the thrift shops!

Waiting to discover what one of your child hood dreams was.

Happy Day!

xoxo to Teddy Summertime
What a great wall painting!! The hanging woman "puts the dot over the i" as we say here when we think something is perfect!

The puritan looks just as evil as I would think he must have looked :-) Can´t wait to see what You are going to do there now!
Have a great day now!
where to start...you are a WONDERFUL artist...that witch mural is so GREAT !!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!

...and too funny...the embarassing part....

i would so have LOVED to have been at your Halloween Party...I have an old trunk that is from Vermont...and it is filled with Halloween....opened it yesterday...dare I?
magikalseasons said…
Your Witch paintings are wonderful! Your clutter isn't that bad! You should see ours Yikes!
The Frog Queen said…
That is an amazing mural on your wall!!! Very jealous :)

pastrywitch said…
I love the mural. I've always wanted to do a mural but I get voted down by other members of the household.
Jennifer Rose said…
thats such a great mural :D
William Bezek said…
That is one scary garage...and I'm not talking about the wutches! He He!
Farmgirl_dk: said…
I swear you are one of the most talented women I know! That mural is amazing.
Your garage mess doesn't scare me, though. You should see mine! We've lived here almost 2 1/2 years and there are still unpacked boxes piled high. Embarrassing!!
rox said…
Love love love it !
Sharlene T. said…
Believe me, we all have embarrassing spots that need our attention...BUT, they aren't backed up by a gorgeous mural!...I'm pea-green with jealousy...come visit when you can. Can't wait to see your childhood dream...

Twitter: SolarChief
oldblackcatboo said…
LOVE the mural!
Hey! I need your address (LOL!) so I can drive over and fill up my van!
Anet said…
I love your witchy wall!
Nydia said…
Oh, how cool! I remember what first attracted me to your blog was your awesome witch collection. Your garage looks fantastic this way, and now you got me curious about what comes next! :o)

Kisses from us.
Teresa said…
I just love clearing the clutter. It is so often a fun ride through memory lane.
your mural is fab!

... and I can't believe all that stuff LOL LOL LOL

You have your work cut out for you.

I look forward to your next endeavor!
Can't wait to see what your childhood dream turns out to be! Ha ha! We all have our messy spaces.
What an awesome mural!

Can't wait to see what the next suprise will be!