It's All Downhill From Here

Summer Solstice has passed and this is how it affects me. I start thinking of these.

I get these out of the pantry.

The Green Man is ready.

Soon we will be traveling to Salem for our annual trip.

And Teddy will roll on the sands at Wells Beach.

And she will eat as many of her beloved clams as she can get her chubby little paws on.

When we return home, the view out of my kitchen window will look like this.

And the trees in the yard will look like this.

And when Teddy lays on the patio this will happen.

It will be time to decorate like this.

I will be so happy I might dance under the moonlight playing my witch tambourine.

I will be logging and painting in my spellbook.

And I might make a new Jake.

The owl collection will come out and replace all the birds on the potting table.

Hopefully I will not see any more of this nonsense.

I will be building a lot of these in my fire pit which will lead my neighbor to believe the title on the above book.

I will travel back to the Country Living fair which will be decorated like this.

It will be time to bring out the haunted dollhouse again.

And time to wear the special order Keds that my wonderful daughter was thoughtful enough to have made for me. That pic on the side of the shoe is the Salem witch trials. Click on any of the pics for a closer look.

And it will be the time of year to start cooking dishes like this.

Though some people are excited about Summer beginning, I see it as the true beginning of Fall.

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i am sure were related....and i am smiling here....sister friend....

you are JUST LIKE ME !!!

everyone is saying yipeeeeee...summer...

not me...i am into FALL...already have my scarecrow out by the kitchen door too...

and just this morning got out my casserole cookbook....

just can't get no like-ee the just go into FALL and i am HAPPY !!!!

kary and teddy
the Salem trip looks like heaven..have you ever gone to that Pumpkin Festival in Keene, New Hampshire...Julie and I went to Keene...but the timing was off on the festival...darn.

off to check on my Halloween lights
I wish I could see it like you do. But now I only see cold and dark times ahead. Autumn is ok, but then winter follows and I´m not a big fan of the white garbage that falls from the sky :-) :-) and I´m not a big fan of darkness 17 hours of the day either :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
BleuMoon said…
Wow - that sounds wonderful - my husband makes me promise not to talk to him about Halloween at least until after his birthday, which is in July, however I have been happily working on things without bringing it up to him. Would love to someday get out to Salem and visit, would be such a neat experience!

-- Bleumoon
Squeeeee! I can feel your excitement from here!
Pricilla said…
Nope. I want my 6 weeks of summer thank you.
D.Suplicki said…
I spend all winter and spring waiting for Midsummer so I can begin my Autumn preparations! I'm right there with you sister.

The pumpkins are slowly rolling out of my closets (the ones I put away that is), the bats are descending from the belfry and my heart yearns to descend upon the sprawling fields in search of the perfect Jack.

I used to spend a lot of time in Salem, it's such a magical and beautiful place. I miss it dearly, especially now that I'm 1,000 miles away and can no longer drive a few short hours to visit.
Sugar said…
oh man...I wanna go I wanna go!!
What fun...Love the leaves on Teddy..
Diandra said…
I really don't like summer (too hot, too sunny, too many people), but - when you go through life looking at what will (or may) be, you're missing out all the fun that is *now*! (^v°)

What exactly is that last dish, by the way? I recognize the peas...
Yes Yes Yes! The countdown has begun....hooray! :o) Great photos!
Anet said…
Oh the joy!!!
I can hardly wait...
I'm such an "autumn spirit" I even named my daughter Autumn Rose.

You have the greatest Autumns with the trips to Salem and the Country Living fair. I'd love to go with you!
Lisa said…
I can't say I'm ready. I LOVE summer but you sure do make it sound fun. I'll be way ready by the time it gets here, though. Always am. What fun would life be if you couldn't worry the neighbors a little? :)
Sharlene T. said…
Ah, you're just a beginner...there's a couple in Delaware who love Halloween so much that they start decorating the yard in September and it's filled with stuff they've collected from all over the world -- scary stuff...your's is beautiful and adorable and makes sense and I'm pea-green with jealousy...but, yup, you're a beginner...(need to see bodies under the lawn mower...)
A story with pictures and commentary. Fabulous idea. I loved it.

Can't wait for fall. Here in Florida it means cooler weather.

Hope you post from Salem.

Happy Day!

xoxo to "Teddy Fall Leaves"
Can I just tell you how happy it makes me to know another Halloween lover like yourself? :) I cannot WAIT till October to immerse myself in all the Halloween festivities, nor can I wait to see all your posts on what you have in store for the month. I'm so excited!! ♥

P.S.- Where is the Country Living fair?? That would be a wonderful event to go to!
P.P.S.- I want those Keds so badly!
Jennifer Rose said…
that is such a cool doll house :D
I missed all this last year as I started actively blogging in November. Can't wait until it's time for fall. Well I do want to still enjoy my summer for a little longer!
Nydia said…
Ah, your trip to Salem! I remember the posts about it and how I droold on hem! :o) Everybody is crving for Halloween to come, and though here it will be Beltane, I can't wait too, because there are s many fun giveaways and cool posts on the holiday

Kisses and love from us.
pastrywitch said…
Great shoes! The fall trees are lovely too. Here in Colorado we get mostly shades of yellow, although some of the non-native trees put on a fiery show.
Being a Solstice child (it was on the 22nd the year I was born, so I think it counts) I have to speak up for summer. At least for early summer, when everything is lush and green and growing. I'll feel differently by Lughnasadh/Lammas, but right now, summer is lovely.
Celia said…
I am so with you!!!! I am also an Autumn Spirit! My birthday is in October too...which may be one reason I love fall....but even more....I love the weather.....the colors.....the food.....the smell of fires.....and the sound of the crunching leaves under my feet. I have never seen this time of year as the countdown to Fall before.....but thanks to you.....I now have something to do all Summer while I'm suffering in the heat!
Teresa said…
As much as I have dreaded the thought of going back to work, you've given me hope that fall will be wonderful.
WAIT a MINUTE! I could swear just last week I was looking at Teddy in the snow and now you're speeding into Autumn!?!?! lol
oldblackcatboo said…
I LOVE FALL! It's my favorite time of the year and of course Halloween is my Fav Holiday but...
I have perennials AND annuals that aren't planted yet!
AND I haven't had any watermelon or grilled corn on the cob OR BLT sandwiches and SUN iced tea and ....
nope, not ready yet
and the HOT HUMID weather makes me cherish the Fall all the more!
Mystica said…
We dont have summer or autumn or any of the seasons as you know it but believe me your photos bring it so much in my mind and heart what autumn would be like its wonderful!!!

Those shoes are gorgeous - autumn or no autumn!
Carapace said…
I'm a summer girl all the way- give me a box fan, a jug of tea, and a long slow summer day to spend, and I'm in good with the world!

But fall is nice too,especially since it still feels so summery...and without the other seasons for contrast, how would we know how nice our favorites are?:)
Oseaana said…
I am right there with ya! I love fall and start thinking about it this time of year too. Hurry summer be over...let autumn in!

What dog-friendly places do you stay at in Salem? We want to take our fur-baby with us.
Debbie said…
I am a fall girl too. My absolute favorite season has always been Fall. I love everything about it and you have shown pictures of it and talked about it here....the comfortable weather, the harvest from the garden, the decorating for the coming holidays, the cooking changes and those recipes are my faves's all good. Now...where are you going? To Wells? Will you still be blogging? You are gone for the entire summer? What do you do?
Rue said… have me jonesing for some pumpkin pie now!

Love all the memories of last year - can't wait to see what you come up this Fall!
Lin said…
Oh, I LOVE Salem! We were there years ago and we thoroughly loved the sea captains' houses along with the history of the trials. Cool place to go.

I love fall too.
amy said…
May i ask about the cup and saucers i see on the side of your page decorated with the witches in flight? I adore looking at your collection but that pic is hard to examine in that size...i love tea and witches.Thank you for your time -amy