Lasagna Walk-A-Ways

How would you like to walk a way with one of these?

This is a new recipe which I will be making many times in the future. This had my family hootin' and hollerin'!!! You start out with some crusty rolls. I could not find small ones so I used the bread bowls that are typically filled with soup. Next time I will make these smaller. You cut the tops off and hollow out the inside leaving only about 1/4 inch of shell. Use the removed bread to make bread crumbs or bread pudding or stuffing.

I made a garlic compound butter to spread on the inside and top the walk-a-ways at the end. You can use regular butter or any kind of garlic butter you regularly use.

Spread the inside of the roll shell with the compound butter.

In a separate bowl, add 2 cups of ricotta.

Add an assortment of cheeses to the ricotta. I add some shredded parmesan, asiago and mozarella. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I also added some shredded cheddar. I don't know why. Cheddar is not commonly used in lasagna but I just decided to throw some in and was glad I did.

Place a slice of provolone into the base. This will melt and seal the base so there is no leakage.

Just tuck it down in there really tight.

I made my own sauce but just take any spaghetti sauce you usually use and mix it with some sort of pasta. I used a small penne so I could layer it evenly on the bottom of the walk-a-way.

Place a layer of the pasta in each roll and press it down.

I added a slice of mortadella at this point. You could skip this or you could substitute a thin layer of any kind of meat you like. Pepperoni would be good or prosciutto would work too.

Spread a layer of the ricotta mixture and press down.

Add a heaping layer of remaining spaghetti sauce. Place in a preheated 350 degree oven. Bake for about 40 minutes depending on the size of the rolls you have use.

Remove them from the oven.

Top with another slice of provolone cheese and sprinkle with some grated mozzarella and sprinkle with parmesan.

At this point the smells were so good they resurrected Julia Chow.

She was summoning the gods of slippage.

And last but not least, add a dollop of the garlic butter to the top of the roll. Sit them back in the oven until the cheese begins to melt. Then turn on the broiler and put them under it for a few minutes until they start to brown and bubble. Watch closely so they do not burn.

This looks like a party waiting to happen.

Let these sit for about 30 minutes before eating.

They must rest and become firm. You can pick them up and eat them like a sandwich if you make them smaller than these. I can't wait for football weather for many reasons but now I have a great tailgating recipe! These would be great to take on picnics too.

Think of these as eating lasagna with garlic bread.

Except that you can grab one of these and just walk a way!

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goodness but that looks absolutely delicious.....
Jennifer Rose said…
yum! those look delicious :D
Delphyne said…
What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing it!
Wow, these look absolutely decadent and fabu. Yum.
Oh... my... God. That looks AMAZING.
Ask Julia Chow if the Gods of Slippage can manage to slip one of those up to Canada?
The Tablescaper said…
Very different, very interesting. It's a good spin on the traditional Italian fare.

I'm hosting a new meme, "Summer Sundays". It's all about what summer means to you - perhaps rhubarb??? I hope you'll come and join the fun.

- The Tablescaper
Sugar said…
mmmmmm yummyness!
Sharlene T. said…
You have done it! A perfect tailgate or arm-chair sandwich! Kudos to you and I will definitely try this one...Yummy...
Pricilla said…
Mmmm, they do look delicious.
I will have to try them.
In the new house when I get there.
Celia said…
Those look absolutely delicious!! I am going to have to start making some of your mouth just waters looking at them!
Fantastic! My mouth started to watering when I saw these! What a great idea! Perfect to have on long drives too, much better that to stop at some fast food place. You must make a book with all Your great recipes!
Have a great day now!

By the way. Since my old computor died I can´t find Your sons basball blog! Can You please send me the adress?
Rue said…
What a cool idea! A perfect summer food!
uh oh....looks like i have a new recipe to try this week..lasagna was on my list for Thursday ( Go Lakers!) but am making these !!!!

omg....yum !!! love teddy (julia chow) summoning the gods of slippage....too funny....

did you come up with this....what a great idea...and YES ! bring on the tailgateing i sit here with the fan on :-(

off to the grocery store.....

kary and teddy
Julia Chow rose to the occasion. She's a real trooper. The "god's of slippage", laugh out loud, so funny!

Honestly, you are blessed by the karma of good food.

What a totally amazing over-the-top recipe. I swear the aroma reaches me here in the deep south. :) Yums~

I made "Jaz's Tornado Spaghetti". Delish!!! It was easy and we ate it all gone!

Well, xoxo to Teddy Spahetti, & Happy Day to you!
There is not a single recipe you make that does not make me want to throw caution to the winds and make whatever it is...and this is NO excepting, Joyce!
Like Teddy, it roused this lady from her lethargy!
Printing this one too...soon I will have a cookbook by...OCTOBER FARM!
By the you have one?? :) I would love to buy it...
LOL I just read Christers comment!! And I thought my idea was original...I should have known!! :):)

I had to smile at the pic. of Teddy. Looks a lot like Mele from the tail end. :)
Jia said…
OMGs that looks sooooo good. I am going to have to try this one.
Anonymous said…
I SO wish I could eat bread and cheese right now......

....oh and I wish I lived at your house, too.:)
I have got to try these, they look so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes!
Toria said…
Oh yum, those look delicious.
OH. MY. *drool* I don't think I've seen anything that looked that good in a long time. Of course.. it looks even better because someone other than moi had to make it lol
Debbie said…
Oh my! This is definitely a keeper! What a fantastic idea! I used to cook like this all the time but since my heart attack, we gave up bread and butter and lots of other things I miss like crazy. This definitely will have to be something I will go off the diet for though. How lucky is your family to have you to cook for them all the time.:) This looks like something right out of a magazine...and the berries in the previous post...gorgeous and so tasty looking!
rox said…
Ok Jaz my dh is going to be so happy I read Your blog now ! Lazana is his fav ! I think my big burly ds14 would love these too , really good stuff for these cold wet days ( is it summer yet ? )
thanks a bunch
Mystica said…
These look heavenly!
The Traveler said…
oh wow. Another recipe I'm going to be adding to the list to try out. I, much like Garfield, adore lasagna!
rox said…
Hey Jaz just letting You know I made the lasagna ( did I spell it right this time ? ) ☺ last night for dh ! he loved loved it ! I got all the ingredients excatly although I put the layers together wrong it came out great ! so so yummy and I am not a lasangna person Jaz and I loved it .I think the garlicy bread did it for me it was so scrumpious ☺ dh even took dogs & kids for run afterwards so I know it really hit the spot for him .
Thanks so much for the yumminess ☺