Memorial Day Feast

Another holiday is behind us with some serious eating having been done. My daughter had a party and I helped with the cooking. I made a lot of these.

And I made a gazillion of these.

She told me that the stuffed jalapenos disappeared in minutes. These are dangerous. Forget any jalapeno popper you have ever had. They don't come close to these.

Eight quarts of potato salad.

My kids request these pizza rolls all the time. I've been making them for them since they were toddlers. I am sure you all have had these but if I can reach just one person with this super easy recipe, then it is worth posting it!!!

You roll out a sheet of store bought pizza bought....go figure!!!

Put a layer of peperoni across the bottom.

You can add anything you want. I had some prosciutto on hand so I used it and some salami and provolone.

Then I added mozzarella.

Then roll it into a log, brush it with olive oil and sprinkle on some Italian spices.

Bake it at 375 degrees until golden brown.

Slice and serve. I made two of these which produced about 30 slices. They were gone instantly.

In case you have not run across these yet, aren't they cute? They come in orange and lime wedges too.

Macaroni salad is a Memorial Day necessity.

Then I made more pies. I used cans of Oregon sour cherries. I drained them and put the juice in a pot, added sugar to taste and some corn starch. I brought this to a simmer and stirred just until it began to thicken. You want it to still be on the runny side.

I filled the mini pyrex bowls with pie dough and added the filling. It was very hot here so I refrigerated the pie shells while the filling cooled.

I put the lids on and crimped the edges.

Then I brushed them with cream and sprinkled them with demerara sugar. This is the best sugar to top cherry pies.

I refrigerated them again until they firmed up then baked them at 375 until golden and the filling is bubbling.

After they cool off you can remove them from the pyrex bowls.



Teddy was not too happy with the weather. She looked like this for most of the weekend.

Part of the buffet. Just as I lit the grill the rains came and shut me down. The sausages had to be cooked on the range top on a griddle. We managed to have some leftover beans so now my husband can have his favorite breakfast...beans on toast. How very British of him!

Hope you all had a fun holiday!

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How very delicious! I have my eyes on those pizza rolls, and mini pies! ♥
What a great party and tons of yummy foods!

Those poppers...mmmm..potato and macaroni salad, pizza rolls, baked beans and baby cherry pies.

Beans on toast, thats a new one on me!

I am going to make the cherry pies. I just can't help myself.

Teddy does look unhappy. The heat is no friend of Chow-Chow's.

xoxo to Teddy Girl.

Happy day!
Linda said…
Wow looks like a wonderful party! I love the little pies(cherry my fav) and the pizza roll! Yummy! Poor Teddy!
Pricilla said…
It all looks yummy.

I have to admit to loving cold baked beans. Never tried them on toast!

Poor Teddy - you should send her out here. It's still quite chilly!
Autumnforest said…
Nummers! I need to drive all the way across country some time and just butt in on a party and pretend I belong there... Yum!
Debbie said…
My Lord girl can you cook! I am always amazed when I come here. Those jalapeno things look fantastic! Is the recipe here somewhere on your blog? Those adorable little baby pies? die for! Poor Teddy...needed some air conditioning I guess eh? We have already started running ours. I was looking at your garden glass items you make....just incredible...where did you learn to do them? They are really very unusual. Where do you get the goop glue?
Rainbow Rivers said…
Oh your feast looks wonderful! By the way I keep getting sidetracked but I recieved that beautiful box you made for the giveway and absolutely loved it! I wanted to say a big thankyou!
As always, Your food looks delicious!!

I sometimes makes something similar to the pizza rolls. But I use soft flatbread instead. Tastes much the same I guess :-)
Have a great day now!
I am looking at those delicious little cherry pies and weeping with frustration.
oldblackcatboo said…
Well, I'm printing this post out and saving it!
YUM! Cherry pie is my FAVORITE!!!
And that pizza roll...mmmmmm
I dug out my George Foreman grill and made a cheeseburger! That and my cocktail made for a perfect day! LOL!

If you have a moment, stop by my blog! I am celebrating my 100th post with my first ever giveaway!
Crystalrainbow said…
wow you sure w as busy it all looks delish :) especially the pizza roll yummy :)
Sharlene T. said…
You know, I kept looking around all weekend and, sure enough, I was NOT at your house enjoying these luscious treats. Love the pizza roll recipe...Thanks for sharing your holiday with us...come visit when you can...
Bridgett said…
Mmm, mmmm, mmm.

Looks like you had a delicious Memorial Day! :D
Teresa said…
I love your pizza roll up. I'll have to try to fill up all the boys that hang around here. That might just do it.
Laura said…
Wow that all looks delicious! Yum Yum!
Anonymous said…
WOWWWW I need to come to a party at your house!!... and coming from another Brit - baked beans on toast is definitely THE BEST!

I mean


how long did all that take to prepare???
LisaDay said…
I wish at was at your Memorial Day party. Everything look delicious.

You may be my new favourite person. You have a countdown to Halloween.


PS-Thank you for popping by.