A Special Giveaway and The Salem Witch Day Lily

The winner Of Teddy's giveaway for the two glass platters is: Millie!!! I already received your shipping info and they are packed and will be shipped out on Monday.

This week Teddy is giving away this wonderful handmade Oberon journal. It could be used as a spellbook! This is handmade from fine leather and finished with a cast pewter button. The designs on the button and book are Celtic.

The interior is filled with blank pages. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling how you would use this journal. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway will be posted at that time.

Oberon is located in Santa Rosa, California. I bought this journal in Seattle.

I think my raised bed vegetable gardens which I built last year in my formal gardens are going to be returned to mother earth this fall. They just don't get enough light. I have only 2 tomatoes so far. The tomato plants are 4 feet tall as they reach for the sun but barely have any flowers at all.

I have a few cherry tomatoes but not enough to be excited about.

The Salem Witch Day Lilies are blooming but they are not particularly attractive because they don't get enough sun either.

My magnolias continue to bloom and smell wonderful.

My berries are sparse in the upper gardens though the bushes are loaded down below.

Do you dry your hydrangeas? If so, how do you do it?

There are not going to be many peaches this year either. A late frost took care of most of them. This doesn't bother me much though since canning peaches is not my favorite activity!

And for any of you that are as excited about the World Cup as I am........GO USA!!!!!!! WIN....WIN....WIN!!!!!!!!


Too bad about the not enough sun on the raised beds. Phooey and all that jaz!

The journal, well, I would write every thing from soup to nuts and in between. Daily doings and thoughts, poetry snippets, recipes, track the moon and stars and me, a spell for this and a spell for that, book notes, and art - biddie bits of art. Hearth & Home!

Happy Day.

xoxo to "Teddy Strawberry Moon"
Monaxe said…
Just want to let you know that I was in Salem för the third time three weeks ago. Had a wonderful holiday, stayin in N.Y for 3 days and in Middelton Mass the rest of the time. Our host is born in Salem and left the city just some years ago. The city of Salem is a wonderful spot and I would like to go back again!
Regards, Monica
VintageSage said…
At least you have tomatoes! Lol! My tomato plant is still trying. My blueberries are round but still green. :(

The journal is gorgeous!! Teddy was so thoughtful to have such wonderful giveaways. :)
Draven said…
I would love to go to salem again, i was there for my honeymoon... I have always loved journals and buy them whenever one catches my eye, the one you have i would probably use for a sketch book for my jewelry design ideas.. so pretty
Judith said…
entering the give-a-way. I would probably use it as a portable book of spells. My regular one is huge! so it would be nice to have one I can carry around! :)
Congratulations to Millie!

That new give away is truly beautiful! When I saw it I was thinking that would be great for anyone interesting in herb medicine to write down their recipes for ointments and such things.

My tomatoes hasn´t even started to flower yet :-) :-) But there are rather a lot of buds now. If this heat we´ve gotten now stays for a while I might get some this year :-) :-)

If I remember correctly You just cut of the flowers from the hydragenas and hang them upside down in a warm and dry place. The colors will dissapere though. But I know there is some kind of salt or something like that, that You put the flowers in and then some color will be saved too.

Now we´ve tried the pudding :-) I was a bit surprised how many doesn´t eat bananas though. But we who does ate for them too :-) :-) This pudding will be made again over here :-)
Have a great midsummers day now!
Ellie said…
Oh pick me pick me for the journal. I would so use it as a Spell Book. It's lovely.

My tomato plants are still growing up, and my blueberries still look very green, not many ripe ones on the bush.
Brian said…
I would def use it as a spellbook since I'm just starting out and all I have is a notebook!
Starre said…
What a beautiful journal. I would probably use it to log my meditations, or maybe as a dream journal.
Skye said…
The journal would be perfect for a Tarot notebook. The colors are wonderful.

It's absolutely gorgeous.
I would die for that journal. I love that celtic horse symbol and have it on a pin and hair clip.

Lovely flower photos too!
BleuMoon said…
Such a beautiful journal - I would use it as gift for my daughter for her to use as a BoS book.

Anet said…
Oooo.... The journal is lovely!

I was just reading about drying hydrangeas. It said wait to until Aug. or Sept. when the flowers are just starting to dry themselves on the bush. When they get a vintage look to them.
Then just cut them and let them dry the rest of the way.
I have huge blooms, the white one that turn chartreuse.
Thanks for another wonderful giveaway!
rox said…
Jaz I would love to enter the giveaway ! I love journals etc. I don't often splurge for nice ones and just buy those hilroy scribblers for my journaling as I write to much ☺ if there is such a thing lol
we so don't even have tomatoes yet blueberries are still flowers here too .
I so want to eat green tomatoes !
this weather is still horrid here too if we could grow peaches here I'm sure they'd be stunted and behind in growth like everything else. not much to do but sit and write I guess ☺
Divaeva said…
What a beautiful journal! I recently got into art journaling and I am loving every creative second of pasting, cutting, burning, drawing, painting, sewing *laughs* I could go on and on...so I would definitely use it as an art journal!
Celia said…
That journal is gorgeous! I love journals.....and if I had this one I would use it as a spell book and maybe some gardening notes. I am new on this spiritual path and don't have a spell book yet....not sure where to start.

I love the Salem Witch Day Lilies....where did you get them?
The little journal is lovely, but I know I would never write in it. I haven't started a spell book yet..but daughter has. I am wondering if she would like it. I am betting she would..then again, so would I. :)
It is a truly nice giveaway.

Would you believe I have never eaten green tomatoes?
Pricilla said…
Oooh, I would write all those recipes I'm supposed to write down in there.
It's a beautiful book.

I'm sorry about your peach harvest. I love peaches. They don't grow so well here.
AngieB said…
I'd love to know more about your Salem Witch Day lilies! I have some pink lilies ("magic lilies" or "naked lady lilies") which always bloom on or about July 20th around here, but I'm not familiar with others that have such a calendar-specific blooming habit. I couldn't find anything enlightening online, even on Wiccan sites.
Nydia said…
Oh, Jaz... I can't resist this gorgeous book... Let me be a greedy witch ince again? :)

Kisses & love from us.
Nydia said…
PS: And I'm sorry for U.S. today! It was a hard game against Gana!
Jennifer Rose said…
that is a gorgeous journal! I would use it to sketch out ideas and to write them down before I forgot them (which I should be doing, but always forget lol)
tinypearl5758 said…
How very generous you are with your give aways. What would I use the journal for?? I don't have any of my own children, however, I have nieces and nephews that love coming over and stay, because I am the odd relative. heheh!! We play with crystals and do good spells on a full moon. ie "Pray to the spirits to protect our loved ones and our homes" So it would definately be for good spells to pass on to them. "Written in magic ink of course" Thank your for give us all a chance to win this lovely give away. Have a magic day. xxx
just checking in to say Hi today.....

kary and teddy
Mystica said…
The journal would be to list my TBR list of books! I love the name of your Lily!
Such beautiful goodies in your garden :)
I finally have a couple of tiny little tomatoes on my plants! Yeah! My first! Hope your flowers will do better next year. Love that journal and would love to write down thoughts and feelings in it.
Chaotic_Dreamer said…
This is a great giveaway, If I I picked I would most likely use it as my dream journal or as a spell-book.
S. said…
Ooooooohhh! I love Oberon! Thank you for offering this giveaway, please enter me into the drawing! :)
oldblackcatboo said…
Well, if I won the journal, I would also use it to write your recipes down in! Then I could sit there and look at it and think - "Boy, that sounds good!"
oh wow, so pretty. I'm kind of addicted to journals. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
Sharlene T. said…
Pick me, pick me, Teddy! I could write down all about my gentlemen callers and regale the ladies on the front porch of the old folks home...we gotta have some fun... stories like that need a very special journal, just like that one...spells should never be written in an obvious place...the wrong eyes may see them...

So sorry about your raised beds...and the US loss... come visit when you can...

Twitter: SolarChief
Sharon said…
My daughter goes wild for journals like this ...if I won, it would be hers to fill as she pleased. :)
cashmgrccm1964 said…
Such a beautiful journal! I would use it as a mixed media art journal. A place where I can let my thoughts and creativity run wild!

I've been reading your blog for over a year now and enjoy it so much!
your garden looks beautiful... so sorry to hear that you are not going to have a good peach crop.. ours was non existent last year. Fortunately it appears to be a bumper crop this year. I have already put up apricot, strawberry, and 3 berry jam... Will start working on my peach soon...

Another wonderful giveaway... I love the brass candle stick I won earlier this year... and seeing that I am somewhat of a journal whore... count me in...

The Traveler said…
I have been trying to grow one little lonely tomato plant and it has 4 tomatoes on it that are- dun dun dun, green. They have been green for quite some time. I think I may need to move the little thing. Maybe it's not getting enough light.
And that journal would be perfect for my poetry and creative writing at work. It's hard to find something you can write in standing up =).
greekwitch said…
I love the book. If i win this giveaway i will use it as a bos. One of my informal ones that i write all o9f my spells and rituals, not just those that work great.
TMCPhoto said…
I am something of a bibliophile. I took my first bookbinding course in college and was hooked. This book is simply gorgeous. i would use it for a journal to keep track of a pretty important phase I'm going through right now.

(I'll be away on vacation with limited email and internet access for two weeks. If I happen to be the lucky winner please be patient with me until I get back home July 12th)
Millie said…
Thank you so much. I am such a lucky goat! Sorry to hear some of your garden isn't doing as well as you wanted. We're fighting mother nature here for a good crop, and we all know how well that works.
Anonymous said…
I love that journal! Great find! Not sure what I'd use it for, I do a lot of journaling and have books for numemrous things, it usually comes to me in time, then I can't wait to begin. I'm hoping for travel soon so maybe to write about my adventures treking through the forest living off the land and other wild adventures!!!
Teddy finds such wonderful goodies! I'd love to win the beautiful journal, the emblem of Epona is my absolute favorite of the Celtic symbols. I'd have it with me in my bag all the time.

I'm glad you asked about the hydrangeas. I've tried 3 methods this year: hanging them - they just shriveled up on me, dehydrator - zapped all the color but kept the shape, and silica gel - which seemed to do the best, but left them very fragile (and took them the longest to dry). Hope that helps.

Thanks to Teddy and her mama for another great giveaway and post.
That is quite the journal! I'd use this for my BOS!

Teddy sure knows how to do a giveaway!

I finally made your homemade bbq recipe. Oh my word! It was a huge hit!
faerwillow said…
~i am longing for my tomatoes to get to the fullness of yours...mine are still only a foot high and just simply lacking sun! as for your journal, i came across oberon years ago in san fransico...bought a checkbook cover and have had it over 15 years...beautiful piece you have come across and ever so kind of you to gift it away...my little ones and i have been collecting plants adn feathers and various gifts on our adventures and coming home to find out what they are...this would be perfect for pressing and detailing each piece...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Melodie said…
The book is beautiful,I would love to win it!
Oh how beautiful, I would love to win this! I've been on the hunt for a lovely first BOS for my daughter, this would be perfect.

As always, I love your blog, and the newest post on crab cakes really makes me want to try my hand at making them for the first time, they look so delish!
Jennifer said…
I love journals and that is a really beautiful one. How would I use it? I guess I would use it to write down my thoughts and feelings that are way to personal to share on my blog. :)
postal orphan said…
I found out about your giveaway via a comment you left on Ricë's blog (the post about too many journals to pick from...). Ohmigosh, I love Oberon journals - I remember many years ago finding one at the RenFest here in Texas and then finding their website and being totally overwhelmed with the choices! I absolutely love this pattern, and if I were to win I would either gift it to my big sister (she has several horses) or if I couldn't bear to part with it, then it would solve my "which journal will I use next" dilemma! Thank you for the chance - I'm off to peruse the rest of your blog (and oh, Teddy is just too cute!).
I too am a transplant from Rice's House of Voodoo. Love your recipes! Looks like you have a site worthy of frequenting. If I were to win your lovely journal I would certainly take it everywhere with me and fill it with drawings, thoughts,lists, ephemera, use it as my travel journal, etc. My journals become my brain actually. This one would be well loved and fit nicely in my purse!
Corrine said…
Oh Wow, I've also found your blog via Rice's one. I'd adore that journal as an art journal, it looks like the perfect size. but I don't know if you post overseas.
Anyway I love the look of your blog, it would seem we have a lot in common. Glad to have found you.
honeysuckle said…
Your hydrangeas are beautiful and I can almost taste the blueberries! Sorry about your tomatoes. My salsa tomatoes are not doing very well, either but Mother Nature believes I need a huge batch of Roma's.

The journal is beautiful!. I have recently began keeping my dreams in a journal and this one is quickly filling up with dreams! So I would definately dedicate it to dreams. I'm discovering so much this way.
Thank you!
dolphyngyrl said…
That is a gorgeous journal and I would love to use it for Secrets or Spells! Hmmm... Probably spells!