My kids love paninis and I love to make them.

My favorite recipe is to use up whatever I have in the refrigerator.
For these, I used some small loaves of ciabatta which I had leftover. The secret to a good panini or sandwich for that matter, is layering of flavors. First I spread on some dijon mustard on one side and some pesto on the other.

I like to cover both sides with cheese because when it melts it binds the panini together. Here I used muenster and cheddar.

I added some cherry tomatoes I had previously oven roasted.

I just shmushed them down to release their juices.

Next I added some ham and salami.

I happened to have some mortadella on hand so that was added too. I am a big fan of mortadella and use it to flavor all sorts of dishes.

A layer of smokey Westphalian ham.

A bit of turkey.

Some sliced onions.

And lastly, I added some mild pepper slices.

I spread some of my garlic and herb compound butter on both sides. You can certainly use regular butter if you wish. Or you could brush it with olive oil instead.

These are a bit too big for my panini press so I used my stove top griddle pan.

They are pressed down with the griddle lid. You can use a regular frying pan and just put a plate on top and weight it down.

I start them out over high heat to singe the exterior and then lower the heat until they are cooked through and the cheese has melted.

We need smell-a-vision and taste-a-vision......Mmmmmm......major yum!

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Guillaume said…
It will be salami for me as I hate ham. But the rest looks absolutely delicious.
What we really need is: to gather all our cash, jump in our car, and beat feet to your front door for - paninis! Yeah-Rah! :)

They look delicious!

Hot as blue blazes here in Florida! Nothing to be done about that.

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs.
Melodie said…
I think you will need an extendo-mouth to be able to bite those ginormous sandwiches! They look delicious!
Pricilla said…
You had me 'til the onions and peppers.

I love muenster cheese.

Except when I worked in the deli. I hated having to slice it. It made such a royal mess on on the slicer. OY!
Sharlene T. said…
Ok. Wild Magnolia, I've in drive with the car and ready to go...goshes, these look delish and would probably carry us through the entire day with four Teddy walks thrown in...yum, yum, umph, for sure...
I do something similar especially in winter time. But I don´t think that I have had that much in them :-) :-) Dangerously tasty :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
I like mortadella too. Your day is now enriched by knowing that!
I love Paninis (still waiting for you to adopt me)!
Debbie said…
Ouuulala do I wish you lived next to me!!
Bridgett said…
I'll have one, please! :)
Aussiemade said…
Oh my Mortadella I love this meat, have not seen it anywhere down here in Tasmania? Now I will have to have a good look about.

Jaz, such a meaty sandwich...but do wish I could try a

We have a vegetarian one and egg and bacon one but with flat bread at our local cafe.
Thank you for showing me a simple way to make them without having to buy a press.

Yep smellovision would be perhaps great in this intstance.

Dont know what muenster cheese is but looks yellow> lol
Katie P said…
Oh. My. Goodness. These look divine! You had me at oven-roasted cherry tomatoes!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Katie P
Food, Wine, & Mod Podge
Nydia said…
Wow! That's what I call generous paninis!! I love them, always have one here, specially during these cold days.
*GASP* If I were one of your children I would NEVER move out! :) Ok..maybe but I would be home every single day to eat..