Teddy and I would like to apologize for a mistake in yesterday's recipe. I said that I added bok choy to the salad recipe. Brain cloud! It was actually napa cabbage. Teddy recognized my mistake but couldn't tell me because she does not talk. Which sometimes stymies me because she sure communicates very well.

Do you eat garlic scapes?

They are one of my families favorite summer treats. They usually appear right about the time of summer solstice around here.

I have friends that grow garlic and used to cut these and throw them in the compost pile. Now they give them to me so between my own and the ones they give me, I have plenty for a short period of time.

You can do lots of things with them...make pesto, bake them in bread, use them any way you would use garlic. We LOVE them in omelets though because their flavor is at it's best with eggs and butter. Just melt some butter in a non stick pan.

Chop the scapes and add them to the butter.

Sprinkle them with some freshly cracked pepper and sea salt. Saute them for a minute or two.

Crack a bunch of eggs in a bowl.

Beat them until combined.

Pour the eggs over the scapes.

I push the scapes around to spread them out because they tend to clump together.

Cook over medium heat and gently lift the edges to allow the liquid eggs to flow underneath the cooked eggs. Keep doing this until there is no more flowing egg mixture.

Fold the sides over towards the middle.

FYI...I used non stick pans for years and never found one I liked. Even my non stick All-clad pan was a disappointment. It also took me years to find out you should never use non stick cooking spray on these pans because it breaks down the finish. I finally found the pan of my dreams. The Scanpan. They come with their own little potholders too. I highly recommend these pans.

The finished omelet.

Just in time for my daughter's breakfast.

Served with bread straight from the oven.

I just can't get enough of the rosemary no knead bread I showed you last week.

I mean, look at this loaf. And the smell is to die for.

I am doubling the recipe each time I make it so it is a much higher loaf.

**We have just crossed over the hump! Summer Solstice is behind us. The countdown is on! Each day will now become shorter and the darkness will start to come back to us. Fall is on the way!!! Yahoo!!!!

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What did I do with the recipe for that bread? I am going to make it for sure. Those omelets look so good.
The women in my family are beginning to take notice of your blog even though they have none of their own. That you mentioned Summer Solstice was another thing that perked up their ears. :) Especially youngest daughter who celebrates it with passion. Like me, she celebrates the seasons.

I think everyone has fallen in love with Teddy, even me who has her own littler version of such a furry major member of the family.

I began putting my printed recipes into my new binder today...and these will follow..AND the salad below, which looks fantastic.
Thanks SO much for all you share with us.
Pricilla said…
You know if you get your pan hot enough you don't need a non stick to cook eggs. They will come right out. Clean pan. No problems. It's a very fine line though....

I have only one non-stick and it's an all clad
Suzie said…
Whew! Thank you for clearing that up! I thought that I was going to have to grovel at the feet of the local produce stockers. . The produce sections of the local grocery stores keep labeling Napa Cabbage as Bok Choy, even though I have occasionally pointed out that it is NOT Bok Choy. .they just shrug, and do what they want to do, anyway.

When I saw your luscious recipe, and the photos, I thought "Major OOOps!They were right, and I was wrong" and went looking for my knee pads. .but now I don't have to!!

That omelet looks SO yummy, and your bread is beautiful as always!

And yes! I thought the same thing yesterday, and told Hubs this morning, that we are now on the downhill side to Autumn! Yippee!!
Laura said…
That bread looks divine! I'm going to have to give it a try. I too am happy that we have passed the summer solstice... not just because I like the shorter days, but because I can't stand the HEAT of summer. If I could have the summmer light with the cool fall temps, I'd be the happiest little witch around. :)
hugs to Teddy!
i am laughing....we are officially over the hump....shorter..darker days !!!! yipee....i was trying to convince myself last night that the sun was changing. i was making supper and the sun had moved and was setting over Mission Mountain..and it was right in my eyes...that happens every year...on Summer Solstice...
p.s. the bread and omelette looks GREAT!!!!

happy days are here again !!!
I have eaten it once and liked it. But I seldom have garlic in my garden. That omelette looks very nice, but I prefer it to lunch. I almost never eat cooked or fried food to breakfast.

That bread sure looks fine! I love all kinds of bread wih rosemary in it :-)
Have a great day now!
You constantly impress me with your culinary expertise... everything you cook is amazing!
Guillaume said…
Omelette and bread look delicious.
Scapes, another new one for me. The eggs look good enough to eat! :)

The Rosemary Bread....ah, the best of the best, ever! It is so beautiful baked in your special bowl.

I still plan to cook yesterday's recipe soon and will make note of the recipe change.

Have a wonderful day.

xoxo to "Teddy of the Sweet Summertime"...when the livin' is easy.
Clearly the cabbage produced a brain fart. Darn it, cabbage is so windy!
Nydia said…
I drool at omelets! And this one looks fantastic... sigh...

I'l have to scroll down again to get the rosemary bread recipe and try it, I can't stand looking at this without taking a bite.

Just sent you an email about my heart box that arrived last evening, thank you! :o)

Kisses from us.
Sharlene T. said…
Oh, yummy. I do that with chives...haven't planted garlic because of lack of room, at least, in these may extend...gosh, I love that Rosemary Bread...have already done three loaves...we must show restraint...but, it's, oh, so pretty...thanks for the recipe correction...
Celia said…
Well....I read this entire post and then at the very end you said fall is on it's way.....and now that's all I can remember of what I read.....FALL IS ON IT'S WAY!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!
VintageSage said…
I've never even heard of scapes! Poor Teddy..someone needs to get him a voice box..then he'll remind me of the puppy from UP. I think that was the movie, LOL. He's such a teddy bear! I've gotta try your rosemary bread too.
Diandra said…
Your bread looks so delicious! I can hardly wait to get my kitchen so I can finally make own sourdough bread again...
William Bezek said…
I use the scapes every year...I thought it was just me. I made your salad into a stir fry with cabbage AND bok choy, it was soooo good. The garlic browned and caramelized, the best!
LisaDay said…
I would say 'bad, Teddy' but I am afraid she would bite my butt. Ha, ha. My coworker just picked up garlic scrapes so I will send this link over to her.

Debbie said…
Another thing I have learned from you! I've never heard of garlic scapes before. They look like scallions. Do they taste garlicky? That omelet looks delish. Teddy is so adorable too. What an intersting post the other day about Chows. It was quite revealing.
Sugar said…
You are a goddess!! I truly wish I could cook like you :)