Suddenly It's There....It's Magic!

A couple of days slipped by and I had not visited parts of my garden. I went out early this morning and was shocked to see how much had grown in such a short time. I harvested some of my lavender. I've always wanted to learn how to weave those lavender wands so maybe I will look into that.

This is a bit blurry but here is my first tomato!!! And what a cutie it is!!!

The beginning of my eggplants.

The first cherry tomato.

Evidence that a certain puppy has been boozing again! Not really, I just used this as a slug trap.

The oakleaf hydrangeas are gorgeous.

Achoo......their pollen is killing me.

Magnolias.....this smell should be bottled.

HA!!! The first blue blueberry. was very tasty.

There are many more to come.

These are some of the mums from last fall. I can't believe they are going to bloom already. Is this a prediction of an early Halloween?


This planter has ivy, petunias, ferns, and basil.

Strawberry blossoms.

This pot is planted with a tomato plant and two peppers and under planted with basil. I like growing things together that will be cooked together.

To the left of the blossom you can see the first eggplant emerging.

My first little baby...I can't wait to EAT you!!!

This is clematis 'jumanji" growing with a fall flowering clematis. I will have purple blossoms all summer and then this will be entirely covered by tiny fragrant white blooms in the fall.

I walked around the side of the house this morning and was met by a wall of these hydrangeas in bloom.

These will be cut in the fall after they dry on the plant and used in fall arrangements.

The chameleon plants have tiny white flowers on them. If you ever need a good ground cover that will grow almost anywhere, this is the plant for you. Towards the end of summer these will start to show bright pink areas on each leaf. They also spread like crazy.

All of the hostas are ready to flower.

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What an array of beautiful scents you've encountered this morning!
Linda said…
I love taking a walk with you in the garden! Just beautiful!
The Frog Queen said…
You yard is looking awesome as always! Thanks for sharing.

Hi, Brenda at Cozy Little House sent me over. Your lavender stalks are beautiful, if you weave them, I hope you'll post a photo of them!
I'm going to poke around a bit and read a few of your yummy recipes.
Wo´nderful photo´s!
It´s nice to see how it grows somewhere when it doesn´t do that here :-)

Lavender and magnolias is just to dream about here. The winter is to hard and so also for hydragenas and mums.

But I´m thinking of buying some bluberry plants next year. We call them American blueberries. Ours are rather low and they are red/blue inside. I do hope those blueberry plants are hardy enough to live in my chill hole :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Our garden is finally starting to show some life.
The hubby was worried after all the rain.
Rue said…
I love spotting all the new blossoms and veggies as they appear! Lucky girl to have blueberries - they don't grow well here, so I head to the Coast each summer to buy them.

Also - my neices and I made a batch of your BBQ rub yesterday and put it in small jars for their dad (my brother) and grandfather for Father's Day.

We tried some out on chicken and made bbq chicken sandwiches for lunch. They said it was the best chicken they ever had - so I promised to pass on the compliment!

Thanks again for that recipe!
Anonymous said…
I love your walk in the garden posts : ) Thanks!
Oh my goodness. It's kinda of nice to have a surprise like that. Everything looks so green or colorful.

I am very excited to see all the growth. I had never seen the oak leaf hydrangea's before. That was an especial treat.

Magnolia's give me goosebumps. Go figure. I adore them. :) Strawberries are beautiful red and yummy too! And the deep purple shiny pod eggplants, they are a beauty and so versatile. Fried, baked, casseroled and in spaghetti sauce with fresh mushrooms.

For me a beautiful garden creates an atmosphere of beauty and peace. We can walk about and take small doses when needed.

Thanks for sharing.

The Rosemary Bread was...easy and so warm and moist. I thought I would swoon...but, I ate 3 pieces instead. :) Everyone should give this a try!!!!

Happy Day! xoxo to Julia Chow.
Jenna Gayle said…
Funny you say the magnolia scent should be bottled.... on my way to work this morning I got my first good whiff of the season and wondered to myself if I could make some sort of water or tincture from it!! :)
Sydnii said…
Your strawberry blossoms are PINK! I'm amazed.

And I'm slightly jealous of all your beautiful growing things. :)
Eliza said…
Your garden looks wonderful, mine needs lots of work :-)
Sharlene T. said…
Aren't they adorable! Beautiful flora and veggie-babies...thanks for sharing...will have to replant the raspberries and blackberries...only thing that made it through the rains was the blueberries...ah, the joys of gardening...

Twitter: SolarChief
Sara said…
Such a beautiful garden you have. SO many little treasures to be found.
The garden is magical isn't it? That's how I felt about last year's MoonVine. One day it was poking along barely growing, the next it was a huge monster taking over both side of the fence and full of big white blooms. I love the magic of the garden! I have some magic in my own garden right now too, but I've been too lazy to photograph it. Maybe sometime soon...ha! :o)
Nydia said…
My city is called the "ciy of hydrangeas", they are lovely! As all your garden is, actually.

Oh lavender wands... I remember my friend Blue once posted a tutorial on that... I'l check it out.

Teresa said…
Your gardens are so beautiful. Isn't it wonderful when all the veggies and fruits start! I'm anxiously waiting for my first tomato yet.