Thinning the Forest

The arborists have finished and now I need to figure out what I am going to do with what remains.

This is what the gazebo area looked like before they arrived.

This is what it looks like now.

Teddy seemed to be confused with the changes.

This weeping evergreen is gone now. This hurt.

Looking down the hill before the chainsaw massacre.

Looking down the hill now.

A 40 foot blue spruce used to be here.

At least they left my Jack in the Pulpit.

I have not had bare spots like this in years.

See the arborvitae to the left. They are all gone now.

The area to the left of the gazebo used to be lined with junipers. Not any more!

Teddy walked around looking at all the bare spots. Ten junipers were removed from the millstone room.

Teddy looked at me as if to ask...where are my trees mama?

Now I have to replant the perimeter of this room.

These are two of the reasons why the forest needed to be thinned out. These two massive Bald Cyprus need room to grow.

Here is a third one which was being choked out and you can see how sad it looks. Now it should be able to grow to it's full potential.

That lower area is no longer the hidden vegetable garden. This is another nother area which needs to be replanted.

All of the areas look much less overgrown.

This area had a bunch of apple trees that were not producing because of being crowded and because of my refusal to spray. They are gone and now the Serbin Spruces have lots of room to grow.

Even with all the trees removed, Teddy still insisted on walking through the doors. I can't wait to replant this area.

All of the arborvitaes behind the fireplace had to be removed. Now I have to figure out what to replace them with.

Now that the old arbs are gone, you can see the stone work and the oakleaf hydrangeas that were hidden before.

Teddy's had it.

She wants her trees back.

Come back puppy....I promise I will plant new ones for you!

Not only was Teddy unhappy, the birds went a bit crazy. They were swooping and yelling and claiming new territory. As tough as it was to remove all of these trees, I think it was the right thing to do to preserve a lot of the important trees. At least I hope so!

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Guillaume said…
I loooooove forest pictures.
Celia said…
I bet that was a tough thing to watch. Poor Teddy.
Anonymous said…
Teddy leaving in disgust is hysterical. It really does look like he's pissed. LOL. The yards look really good. I'm doing something similar to my front fence line but have to take down three palms and a pine tree to get a 6 foot nature path back.
Judith said…
It always hurts when you take out some plants to help others! why, I've been know to cry over tomatoe seedling that I had to pull out!! But you know it's for the best!!!
Hard to do but it really made an improvement in some areas. Now you get the fun of designing and planting new gardens. You really have a beautiful garden. We lost a few trees and shrubs this year, probably to an early thaw and then a bad freeze. Always heart breaking, it's like losing old friends. Thanks for sharing and cheer up Teddy, there's still plenty of trees left for you.
It is a must sometimes to thin out the garden! Now there´s so much more space and I think that what reamins will get a better life. But it is a hard decision to take! I think You choosed well.
Have a great day now!
Gracie said…
Can only imagine how hard it was to have certain plants/trees removed so others could survive. Be that as it may, you still have a lovely forest.
Bangchik said…
It's like having a haircut... it will soon grow and require another haircut.


Lots was accomplished. Cleaning out allows the earth, and remaining plants, shrubs and trees to breathe. It is a time of refreshing!

I am always amazed how our pet babies notice every little thing. So precious that she still walked through to garden door, rather than going around.

All Teddy knows is, someone has cover of darkness, and stole her and her Momma's trees. She thinks..."maybe, just maybe it was...those people visiting yesterday. They didn't smell funny. just can't trust anyone. Momma will plant more trees for me, I know she will." :)

I know you will have fun designing and planning for the new additions to your wonder garden.

Happy day!

xoxo to "Teddy Bewildered".
i know....i always feel bad about taking plants out...

yesterday Teddy helped me take out the dried up sweet peas...they were so pretty this spring...smelled go fragrant walking in the gate on a warm day..and now GONE...but they were all was tough to pull them out...but somebody else had a mama...let me help...ggrrrrr.....
but now i can see my zinfandel grape vines...they are to the top of the fence...and loaded with grapes....looks like we will have grapes for FALL !!!!

Hi to Teddy

kary and teddy
Pricilla said…
Ooooooh, I love blue spruce.
But much healthier for the forest I am sure.
Have I mentioned that I'm in love with your yard? ♥
I have to wonder how much trouble the Faeries gave the tree guys...and how much trouble they'll give you, now!
CathyH said…
I love jack in the pulpit!! How much land do you have? I have a little over 2.5 acres, it was a jungle but little by little I'm planting and taming a bit. It has a lot of natural walkways which is cool
LC said…
The measure of a true gardener is their ability to do just what you have done... last season I removed 25 truck loads of plant material... I'm now facing some difficult decisions in the next few years regarding what has to go... it's so very difficult!... congratulations on doing what was necessary... Larry
Mystica said…
Tough decision but you did right.
Rue said…
It's tough to let go of trees - but if you want others to flourish, you need the room. Poor Teddy - she'll get over it soon!
Jennifer Rose said…
that is a huge change! so funny that Teddy still uses the door lol
This is a first time visit and it felt like being there to see your land cleared for the gazebo - unfortunate to lose plantings, but necessary to let others survive. I also follow Christer's blog and it was so nice of you to send him the ingredients package. I will revisit your blog again :-) And please feel free to stop by our blog place as well...
LisaDay said…
Wow, what a fantastic yard. Good luck returning your garden/yard to what it was, but better.

Debbie said…
That was a big step for you and for Teddy too! Those animals are just so human sometimes aren't they? I am amazed at all your arborist did! I am starting to see what your lovely property looks like though with all those trees gone. It's a magical place. It must have taken you years to get it that way. Oh...happy belated anniversary to you and hubby.
Nydia said…
Oh.. It hurts to watch... But you're right, in due time it will be the best for the trees. Teddy and the birds will soon get used to the new spot, you'll see!