Trick Your Kids With a Treat

If you know someone that won't touch a vegetable with a 10 foot pole, this recipe is for you. This is an old recipe but is still scrumptious and perfect for this time of year. Zucchini casserole. I have a friend that has 4 kids under the age of 12, none of which would touch zucchini. I made them this recipe and they begged for more. I missed a few pics so hang in here with me and I will be as descriptive as possible. Begin by slicing 4 medium sized zucchini. You can add several more when you have more zucchini than you know what to do with. If you are having a 4th of July party, double this recipe because believe me..people are going to love it! Next, slice or dice a large onion and add it to the zucchini. I used a big sweet vidalia.

The original recipe calls for a bag of Stovetop stuffing. I don't use that so I threw in a sleeve of crushed Ritz crackers and added 3 T. of poultry seasoning (do not omit this seasoning).

Add 4 or 5 grated carrots.

Add 1 cup of sour cream. You can use low fat sour cream if you wish. This recipe easily adapts to low fat ingredients. Add a cup of grated cheddar cheese.

Add 1/2 cup of melted butter. You can substitute Olivio or a low fat butter substitute.

Just pour it over top of everything in the bowl.

Then add 2 cans of cream of chicken soup. You can see that I used fat free.

Add some cracked black pepper and a bit of salt. Stir it all around until thoroughly combined.

Place it in a casserole or heavy pot and bake it for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

It should be golden and bubbling around the edges. This can also be served at room temperature if you want to make it a bit in advance. Enjoy!

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Rue said…
I love Zucchini! This looks so yummy!
Looks delicius!
I made something similar those years I had lots of zucchinis. But i usually mixed in some pork or bacon too :-)

Have a great day now!
Nydia said…
Jaz, my little witch is here by my side, and said he can't see something like that and not taking a bite, lol! Thank the gods, he's an exception and eats any vegetable and fruits, except pumpkin and mango. Since he started trying food, around 6 months old, I introduced him to all types, a bit at a time, so he got used to al of them. Of course, watching me eating the same things helped a lot to create a good habit.

I'll try this recipe asap!

Kisses from us.
Mmm mmm mmm.... I need to make this!
Looks good. I've had something like this but it didn't have carrots and that looks like a yummy addition.
John Deere Mom said…
Oh, yum! I have made a similar recipe with yellow squash, but am definitely going to have to make this one! :)
look at this...and what timing on two counts.

1. i have been CRAVING something that calls for a can of Campbells Cream of Anything...i get a Fall off of it...and
2. the boys that live next door attend Cal Poly which is out for the summer...they are gone till the end of September...i will be in FULL ON HALLOWEEN by then...and they planted tons of zuchinni and tomatoes...and then left to go back to San Diego for the Ca-Ching !!!!! we won the veggie lotto.....

and i am making this....

yesterday we took Teddy for a ride to go to lunch...i turned 54 yesterday...thought it was 53 until a family member told me otherwise..i literally had to get out the calculator..what a blow..too bad it wasn't the other never is
Teddy got car sick and lost his cookies 6 times on mommy so we came home...then we walked to lunch downtown..and as i am eating my GIANT burrito from Chipolte restaurant I see a homeless kid wearing a downcoat(80 degrees) with a dog and a sign that says:"Traveling and Hungry...anything helps". So i gave him my burrito.
We did have a nice dinner out though...and Teddy is fine. whew...
Guillaume said…
Interesting, it looks like a mix of a cold day and hot day meal. Looks both delicious (yeah, I say that often) and complete as a meal.
Pricilla said…
I love zucchini. Mmmmmm

This sounds wonderful. I will have to try it when the zucchini come in
I have made the same casserole with the addition of sour cream. I made it with Pepperidge Farm Dressing. You take 1 stick of butter and lightly brown the dressing, then add 1/2 c. to the zucchini mixture. The remaining "dressing" goes on top. It is delicious.

Great recipe.

Happy Sunday.

xoxo to "Teddy Rests on Sunday, sometimes". :)
Bridgett said…
Looks delicious! Unfortunately, my kiddos can't have dairy. :(

I'll definitely be making this for myself though! Yum.
Mystica said…
Looks interesting.
Zedral Z said…
I wish I had a big ol' plate of that right in front of me right now!
LisaDay said…
I often wonder what to do with all that zucchini. This does look great. When ours comes in August, I will be sure to try it.

faerwillow said… bubbly goodness...this i have to try! my mouth is watering at this sight...thank you so for sharing...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Terry Mac said…
Looks so good, and so easy too! As soon as my zuccini is ready, I am going to try this! Thank you