What's Happening in My Garden Now

Succulent in the rain.

Wet lettuce leaves.

The Salem Witch Day Lily has a bud.

Last Fall's mums came back this year.

A guard toad in the raised bed.

The bush tomatoes have blossoms.

So do the eggplants. These are Japanese Ichiban eggplants.

A fresh salad waiting to happen.


I don't like to waste space so I plant herbs and vegetables everywhere. This planter has some petunias but is also filled with pepper plants and thyme, rosemary and marjoram.

The magnolias are just beginning to open.

The first hydrangea.

This urn has chives and peppers, oregano and nasturtiums.

More tomatoes.

I just planted this basket for decoration.

Some of the tomatoes are as high as their cages already.

More eggplants.

Tomatoes, basil and a slug trap. I put beer in containers to trap slugs. One of the containers was not covered by a pot and the beer kept disappearing. I couldn't figure it out until I happened to turn around and see one rather large puppy slurping the beer out of the bowl. Does anyone know of a good puppy rehab out there?

I went thrifting all morning and threw this post up in a hurry. Sorry for so many boring veggie pics!

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Autumnforest said…
Hey, the least you could do if you're tempting Teddy with beer is to leave a few pretzels... jeez! The garden is awesome! I wish we could grow here in the summer but even with shade cloth it burns badly. My season will begin in September and run to May. You lucky gal!
I only know one word of Japanese and it happens to be "Ichiban" (as in your eggplants) -- it means "Number One!" I had a friend who played on a volleyball team coached by a Japanese guy and it's what he said to them before every game -- "Ichiban! Ichiban!"
Pricilla said…
Not boring: stunning!

My father used to slip beer to the dogs.

I canned eggplant tapenade last year and it was delicious. We are down to the last jar :(

I hope to do more this year.
So...Teddy got hammered and now thinks she's a slug? Tee-Hee! To funny! You must set her down on her fluffy red butt...and explain...slugs do not have red fluffy hair, four cute little legs, a brown nose, two ears, one mouth or black eyes! Therefore, she...Teddy Red Fluffs...She Who Sleeps with Her Face in the Dirt...is not a beer drinking slug! LOL. :)

The garden photos are not boring. They show me the beauty of progress, hard work and love!

I love the pairing of veggies, herbs, flowers and garden deco.

Thanks for sharing......
Guillaume said…
Watching these pics I wish I had a garden.
It´s never boring to look at vegetable photo´s :-) Over here it´s so cold that my tomatoe plants has stopped growing, the tomatillos too. But all other plants seemes to like this weather a lot.

I laughed so much when I read about Teddy :-) Better keep an eye on her :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!
Patty said…
The garden is beautiful
Everything is looking great! Garden pics are never boring! Especially since you will whip up some tantalizing delight from them and make me rush to try a new recipe!

I'm gaining weight - can I blame it on you?? haha

Have a great weekend!
Sharlene T. said…
Teddy asks, "If St.Bernard's can have brandy, why can't I have beer?"...not fair...your gardens are lovely and the mix of florals and vegetables is perfect...thanks for sharing...
I"ve never seen a Salem With Day Lily ... I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom!

This is my first day back from the near-dead and checking out my favorite blogs - and all these lovely photos are a real treat!
Nydia said…
I drool at your garden, Jaz, no way to get bored with these beautiful pics! ;o)

Stopping by your blog for the first time and had such a great chuckle!


If you ever get a chance stop by and join us on Fridays-- for finding beauty... you have it down pat!

Hope you are having the best weekend.

Teresa said…
Never boring. The gardens are beautiful. Your totems are stunning in the middle of them. I'm not sure if there is a twelve step doggie program out there. Good luck.
Suzie said…
I can't believe how lush your plants are looking already! It seems like everything is blooming early, and growing faster this year. .does that mean an early Fall? One can dream, can't one. .

And speaking of lushes. .I had no idea that Teddy had an avidity for the malt & hops. One would never get a clue from looking at her. She must imbibe for medicinal purposes only. Not! It just plain tastes good!! You must use a good brew!
Rue said…
Veggies and herbs are never boring! But I am wondering what you found at the thrift shops...
Linda said…
I always love your garden pics and so glad to see they are doing so well!! Poor Teddy, drinking again! It gave me a good laugh!!! I love flowers and herbs together!
Debbie said…
Hi...my name is Teddy and I am an alcoholic? No...not Teddy...I think a social drinker at best! Gosh I love, love, love, your gardens and the way you plant is so inspiring. I love the raised beds of all sizes and the containers of mixed veggies, herbs, and flowers! Do you do companion planting? Every year I get my companion planting chart out while planning my garden on paper. I rotate crops with that in mind. Beautiful gardens....it's something for me to dream about for my future gardens someday (I hope)...thanks for sharing. Oh!...today's my daughters b-day and she went away camping. I leaked the story of the dragon fly and a very nice lady who gave it to me to give to her last night! She can't wait to see it and loved the story! I will see her next Thursday and get photos. Thanks again for that...it's been safely tucked away in an undisclosed location! Hee hee