Witch Closeups

I got a couple emails about closeups of the witches so here are a few.

A witch that didn't get away!

The electrical outlet in the lower knot.

An interesting thing about cleaning out the garage is finding things you thought were lost. Earlier in the spring I looked everywhere for these frogs and here they are. They were buried deep under a lot of junk!

And I found all of my ceramic roosters.

And good heavens, I packed the car until I could not fit another thing and off to the Goodwill I went. I am making at least 2 more trips today. And I have a big car...it's not like I am driving a Mini Cooper.

One of the flip sides of this awful task is I can display some Halloween all year long.

See that plane up there. I think it's the fly by clutter control snapping pics of my driveway.

Teddy was visiting the Blog Tech, one of her favorite things to do.

She feels the need several times a day to thoroughly check out his yard.

She is ready to take care of any critters that might be a problem for her boy.

Hi mama..I'm back and all is clear at the Blog Tech's house.

Here's hoping you will see an organized garage by tomorrow!

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William Bezek said…
Nice clean up! By the way, your Mansard roof and Victorian framed windows are to die for. Love the black awning, it reminds me of a Victorian bustle.
Gracie said…
You are such a talented lady. Maybe is just my imagination (and thought didn't have one!), but in your clouds, I see subtle images of people & scenes 'painted' within your paintings (no, was not tipsy either yesterday or today!), that give it depths maybe not conscientiously perceived (no not going off the deep end, either!). Hope what I just typed makes sense!
Thank you for sharing your mural.
Melodie said…
I could use a few outlet in the tress around here...who contracts that...elves maybe?
Marie S said…
Oh this is wonderful and I love your witch paintings.
Have fun with your childhood dream.
I can not believe you are taking it all back.
Goodwill must love you. ;-D
Fly by "clutter control". Too funny!

Finding lost things while cleaning can be a motivator to clean.

How is it possible to love Teddy so much from so far away? I don't know, but it is true. She is so precious coming through the hedge and standing back at the door to give her report!

Have a great day.

xoxo to "Teddy Takes Care of Her Boy"!
Guillaume said…
Love the picture of the roof. It looks like the roof of a haunted house.
Thanks for posting the close ups. I was gonna ask also but I didn't wanna be pushy. Yeah like that's ever stopped me before. You do such fabu work.
Wow, that's alot of stuff to say goodbye to. You're a better man than me Gunga Dhin.
The Olde Bagg, Linda
Pricilla said…
I think I need you to come out here and organize my new house for me....
Hey, you have/make/do such lovely things, it's nice to see that you have mess just like a normal person!! ;)
Debbie said…
Hi Joyce...just catching up on three blog entries! The garden is GORGEOUS! I am GREEN with envy! Now I find out you are not only great cook and gardener and many other things I am sure I do not know as of yet...but you are an artist too!! OMG! I love it! That witch hanging would have scared the crap out of me as a child. I had a reoccuring dream of a witch when I was little and it was not a good one....so witches are not my favorite but I am not completely frightened by them. You do great work....artistically and you clean and organize well too! Can't wait to find out what's going in that side of the garage. Oh...and Teddy?...how adorable is she. I am thouroughly in love with her...that face...it melts my heart.
Sometimes I´m so happy that my place is so small, I can´t save many things in here :-) :-) :-) Otherwise I would most probably have as many things like You have :-)

I really like how Your roof looks! The castle nearby has something similar actually.

Teddy is as cute as ever! How does she manage the heat this summer?

Have a great day now!
VintageSage said…
Oh too funny! I still have things I've lost and I know they are down in the garage...in the deep depths of a very scary place. I love your witches!! Teddy...what can I say all I wanna do is just grab that face and kiss him all over!

rox said…
Oh Jaz I hope you didn't send the frogs away ! I love froggies ;-) I am thinking they'd look so good in Your gardens ☺
again I so wish I could visit and hang out , go thrifting , lol or dropping off ☺
I would've loved the pic as a kid my fav books were the velevt room and what the witch left and always loved the grave yard so a witchy wall would've been right up my alley ☺
however I can't draw or paint so I'd need someone like You do do the work for me .
I'd love a forest scene with fairies etc. now if Your up for another job ☺
my ds9 loves loves coming here to see Teddy !
Celia said…
What a great feeling when you declutter.....and when you are doing it to gain something else.....even better! I love the mural.....what a great party back drop.....you are so very talented.
Lin said…
I love to clean out clutter and get rid of it. It is amazing how much we collect over time. Glad you found your frogs!
Sharlene T. said…
You are hereby hired...door is open...shovel at hand...tea waiting...LOVE that mural...Teddy has stolen my heart...
Rue said…
The witch mural is wonderful!

It's good that Teddy keeps a watch on her brother and sister's houses. Someone has to protect them from those wiley squirrels!
I wish my garage looked like your's. I love the witches on the wall. Give Teddy a huge hug for me.