Bat Patrol

The tomatoes and eggplants and peppers in my raised planters are thriving.

It is almost peach time. I am not canning them this year because I still have the ones from last year.

Eggplants and peppers.

Lavender and ferns and basil.

More peppers and basil. You can see why the raised beds are on their way out at the end of this year. The tomato plants are 5 feet high with hardly any fruit. There just is not enough sun.

Hydrangeas are still looking good.

Impatiens are filling in.

Mother nature is taking over the gazebo again.

Grapes....Concord Purple.

I hung the dried flowers in the glass and lead frames which I found at a thrift store in the potting shed.

A four seasons faucet in the potting shed.

A which weather vane in the lower veggie garden.

A sure sign that Fall is almost here....Chinese Lanterns!

As I was walking through the garden I noticed my bat wind twirler had something in it's mouth.

I wonder if the moth realized how funny this is?

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Anonymous said…
Wonderful garden pictures. I love the gazebo !!!
Your tomatoes need sun ??? I can try to send some over from here, because it's very sunny and dry here.
Have a wonderful day.
Everything is so lush and green! What is the vine growing on the railing of the gazebo? Is it a perennial?
Suzie said…
I notice that your greenery is getting that paler look to it that comes towards the end of summer. .same here, and I noticed on our recent trip home through Iowa and northern Illinois, that the black eyed susans are already looking past peak, the chicory has been in bloom for some time, the queen anne's lace is blooming, as are the sweet peas. .but the real kicker is that the asters are blooming! And I saw some sprigs of golden rod!!

I love your witchie weather vane, and the moth choosing to rest in your bat's mouth is so funny!!

Every year I tell myself that I'm going to plant some Chinese lanterns, but each year something happens to prevent me from getting them into the ground. .yours are looking great!!

Do you dry your hydrandeas too? I love them, they are an old fashioned flower.

Keep cool!!!
You really have an eye for planting pots! They look fantastic!

My tomatoe and tomatillo plants are finally growing! I will get lots of tomatillos and I hope there will be some tomatoes too before the frost comes again. My grape vine has flowered too for the first time, but it stands in to much shade so they will not ripe at all I´m afraid. So now the old Honey suckle will be cut down so the grape vine gets all sun instead.

It looks so funny with that moth on the bat wind twirler :-) :-) :-) and I have to say that Your potting shed looks so cute :-)

Have a great day now!
Wandering your garden was great fun today.

I can see that the raised beds are not thriving. Shoot.

The concord grapes are so pretty, even green and unripe. They are the exact color I've seen the Gulf of Mexico on bright sunny days, days of my youth. And so I've grown older and the Gulf is now a mess. But I remember......

Lavender, I love anytime, anywhere.

The gazebo is a transport to peace. Lush green vines and shrubs are a quiet wrap.

Chines Lanterns....can hardly wait to see these.

The witch weather vane looks like it's planted in a garden that used to be a swimming pool?

Soft furry peach harvest is on it's way.

The moth and the funny! :))

Happy Day and xoxo to "Teddy Keepin' Cool".
Anonymous said…
Your garden looks great. Id like to start growing my own but have to work out how to keep the cats out of the dirt first! what was the very first piece of your witch collection?
You have the perfect garden-- I love everything that you grow! ♥

P.S.- LOL at the bat/moth photo!
Adore that Gazebo! I cracked up at the moth in the mouth of the funny. The witch weather vane is very cool. My flowers are looking like they won't last all summer even with extra watering...just too hot.
Sharlene T. said…
We still have plenty of summer left here and I'm looking forward to some really nice harvests... I have a stand of trees far enough from the gardens that the veggies get plenty of sun... I've lost two of the ferns I planted because of the incredible heat... they were just too young... I know you love Halloween but stop and smell the flowers... you have a beautiful yard and garden shed... I'm really envious, right now... I only have 12 years left in my longterm plan to make this a little heaven on earth...

Twitter: SolarChief
Pricilla said…
Irony is a wonderful thing.

My living room furniture came today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I have a plant question. We cannot get our hands on French Tarragon this year. Nobody has it, ours was so wonderful for so many years, (oops, it was wiped out by weed killer) and here we measure all plants and weather by hurricanes. "before Ivan" etc. so After Ivan all plant life went through major changes, and we got some introduced species by windpower. My blueberries were great but this year they had big growth, big leaves, and tiny bad little berries which we let the birds have - and the black berries grew like Jack and the Beanstalk with lots of big very tart berries - suggestions, anyone? We have been without big storms and things should be wonderful at least for this summer, so is there a berry thing happening? Besides the fact that we have NO honey bees - I am wondering what it is.
Mystica said…
I haven't seen a real live peach tree and just thought it looks very much like a mango tree!
Debbie said…
Love your plentiful and gorgeous garden my friend. The potting shed is to die for and a sink????? How divine!! The moth in the bat's mouth!! You could not have planned that better yourself!! That's a riot!! You are not getting enough sun for your tomatoes?? Is it because of a shaed area or is it cloudy there a lot? Come to Maine if you want sun! It's been so damned humid here the whole month! I hate it and can't wait until favorite time of year.
Absolutely amazing sacred space!

Do you know what kind of Moth that is?

I found one in the garden for the first time a few weeks ago. It was magnificant!
Celia said…
I love your garden shed SO much! It is just so beautiful and magical! I could spend all day there.
Guillaume said…
Bats are wonderful creatures, especially since they often are insectivorous and therefore are a natural way to reduce the population of flies during summertime.