The Big Bang

For those of you who might not have seen fireworks on the 4th, I give you mine. These were taken in front of the Blog Tech's house.

We live on top of a mountain so instead of looking up to the sky to watch fireworks, we just look straight ahead.

It is quite a different experience than most people have.

You can imagine the experience if you were stoned.

I don't smoke and even if I did once long ago, I certainly never inhaled. I'm just sain' is all....I can just imagine what these would look like then!

This one is my favorite. Click on any of them for a better look.

I am not a fireworks person.

I find no joy in watching things explode. I just don't get it.

It's like...if you've seen one fireworks display, you've seen them all.

Maybe I am just jaded. I've seen way too many fireworks for one lifetime.

The Blog Tech took these picks. I didn't even open my front door.

While all of this was happening right outside, I sat on the sofa and watched Patton.

I also acted as nonchalant as possible so as not to upset Teddy.

She watched Patton too.

My last chow was scared to death by these.

But not Teddy the Brave.

Not much scares her.

An invitation to the Blog Tech's 4th of July party is always desirable.

Just think, people got to eat those mini banana puddings while they watched these.

And that was after they ate all of the other food.

People made sure to remind him to invite them again next year.

In case you didn't notice, I changed my sidebar on July 5th.

The day after the 4th begins my official Fall season. Let the Halloween fun begin.

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William Bezek said…
The low fireworks made for spectacular pics with the crowd in the foreground, thank goodness the blogtech didn't get those port-o-potties in frame!
Teddy is brave and not afraid of explosions . . . hmmm . . . perhaps Teddy is Patton's reincarnation? Now there's a scary thought!
These photos are beautiful! Well done, Blog Tech! Can I be invited to the party next year??! :)

Halloween!!!!! I'm so glad you mentioned it, because it has been on my mind so deeply lately... I truly can't WAIT! ♥
Your blog tech has really captured the fireworks fantasticly well! It´s really hard to do that!

I´m childlishly happy about fireworks :-) :-) We so seldom see them here. They are forbidden most time of the year. Firecrackers are totally forbidden all year long, mostly because they scare pets.

No one of my pets are scared of fireworks (I don´t think my cats ever have seen one) and it´s forbidden to have fireworks in the village due to all cattle and horses around here.

Have a great day now!
Stellar fireworks photos! I don't care for the noise, but I love the sparkle show of the fireworks.

Teddy the Brave, is smart and knows what poses a danger to her family, and what doesn't. :)

Pretty cool to imagine the Blog Tech and friends enjoying banana pudding and berries while viewing the fireworks. The Blog Tech & His Mom know how to throw a party!

Like the sidebar changes....Rosemary Bread, frankly I'm trying desperately to OD on this bread!

That must be your Salem house, the gray slate?

Happy Day & xoxo to "Brave Teddy Red Fluffs"

Thanks for sharing!
Sugar said…
those look beatiful! I wish we could have good fireworks here..but, I bet it was fun!
Melodie said…
WOW! What a show! I am with you,come on Fall!
nice fireworks...but too...just don't get it...not interested in them at all....

but as soon as i walked in the door monday morning..the flags were gone before i even unlocked the door....

Anonymous said…
My dog learned to hate fireworks in Mexico where she was born, and we lived for some years. Everyone there uses them, and they spray over the walls of the houses, Lucy never paid attention until one night she joined the after dinner party in our garden, and they started - our guests were well lubricated, and we all cheered the blasts with 'OOOOOOOhhhhs & ahhhhhhs' until she just broke out with howls, barks, and pogo leaps, it was fun for all - now it is a pain as she is an old lady and not liking them at all.
Soraya said…
Those are beautiful!! :) I wish there was a "like" button like facebook has :-p
We almost didnt have any due to all the rain
The Wizardess said…
ooohhh...tell about the teacups with the flying witch border in the sidebar!! You can tell where my holiday loyalties lie :)
Mystica said…
Fireworks also do not do anything very much for me. One of my dogs are also terrified of them and that is why on 31st December I hate not to be at home at midnight because he gets very nervous and hides under the bed.
Lin said…
That was my favorite photo as well. I'm with you, I can totally do without fireworks, especially the loud ones. I think it is a "guy" thing. I mean, when was the last time you heard some woman talk about the fireworks she bought for her display???
Teresa said…
The pictures are beautiful. It makes a great vantage point. I admit I do love the fireworks, but my dog doesn't like it at all.
Sharlene T. said…
I didn't get to the fireworks, this year, so thanks for sharing those great pix... love the new sidebar look...

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