Blondies and Lamps

I hate chocolate. I don't eat sweets. I bake with chocolate for my family and friends even though I find it disgusting. So, once in a while when brownies are due, I bake blondies instead. Everyone loves them and I don't have to deal with the dreaded chocolate. These are very rich and meant to be eaten in small cubes not like the tile sized slabs the Blog Tech eats. The blog tech has a very healthy appetite yet he is very, very thin. Start by melting 4 sticks of butter in a heavy pan. I told you they are rich!

Measure 4 cups of brown sugar.

Stir it into the melted butter. Then add 3 eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla.

Beat this with the paddle attachment of your mixer until smooth. Then add 2 cups of flour and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

You could add a cup of chopped nuts here but the Blog Tech does not like nuts in things so I added a cup of shredded coconut.

Pour into a 9x11 pan lined with parchment. Bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

These are thick, dense and chewy.

I have almost finished all of my lamps from the thrift stores. This lamp is alabaster but had rusty metal on it. I covered the alabaster with paint tape, sanded down the metal parts and spray painted them gold.

I decorated one of the shades which I found at the thrift store. Instant new lamp!

Another embellished thrift lamp.

Teddy is blowing in the wind. She loves sleeping at my feet while I work.

I found this old porcelain lamp a while back. Click for a closer look. It is two harlequins wooing each other.

There is great detail work on this lamp. With the ornate shade it would be great on a vanity.

I found this Stiffel lamp on a half off day and bought it for 12.00. It is in perfect shape. I have not made a shade for it yet.

This is also Stiffel and it cost me 14.00.

A small desk lamp.

Here is the second Stiffel lamp with it's new shade.

I added a black braided trim to the top.

I tricked out this little gold lamp with gold fringe trim.

I added a small gold bird at the base.

And a small gold owl on the back of the top fringe.

Lamps are fun to play with!

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I used to make something similar to the Blondies. Added nuts, which the Blog Tech doesn't like, and chocolate chips which the Mama doesn't like, added 1/2 cup of Crisco heated, flour, eggs, vanilla and salt. They were called Congo Squares and the recipe came out of Atlanta.

I think I'd leave nuts out if I made them again and add the coconut.

The lamps are awesome. Good job.

Happy Day and Blessings.....

xoxo to "Teddy Rests for Fall".
TMCPhoto said…
Too bad I'm on the Gestational Diabetes Diet or I'd be making some of those blondies right now and eating all of them with only a few bites to share with the Peanut.... I know I can be a little mean when it comes to food when I'm pregnant, I swear I'll make it up to her once the Bean comes along
nice going those brownies...i have been baking brownies too...and i am not a fan of chocolate either...would rather have a piece of pizza....anyday

teddy looks so cute laying there in the breeze...
teddy is right by my side keeping me warm

give teddy a hug from me

kary and teddy
So there should be no flour or baking soda in it? It´ll probably give me a heart attack, but it´s worth trying :-) :-)

Unlike You I love chocolate :-) But it mustn´t be too sweet, I rather have it towards the bitter taste then.

I do like those Stiffel lamps. They look great, But I can´t stand Harlequins. I think harlequins are a bit creepy to be honest,I get cold shivers all over my back, but I don´t know why :-) I don´t like clowns either so perhaps it´s a related thing.

I think I´ll try to do as Teddy, get a fan and sleep in front of it :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
That blondie recipe made my teeth ring.

I made bread yesterday in JJ. Went smooth as silk. That sucker can knead!

I swear you have the best thrift shops EVER.
greekwitch said…
You do n'y eat chocolate? You do n't eat sweets?
Teddy's fur looks so funny blowing in the breeze of the fan! Bet it feels good, though.
Divaeva said…
mmmm...always find myself mmm'ing when reading your blog! I tottally love your thrift shop finds...never much on shops around here! ...and Teddy's breezy golden locks are adorable!
Chocolate and sweets "disgusting"?! For shame! :p ♥

P.S.- The lamps looks great!
Nydia said…
I'm in the extreme opposite side, Jaz, because I'm a chocoholic, lol! But I don't like the dark onesm only the simple and delicious milk chocolate... But this blondie looks fantastic too, I'l give it a try asap.

Kisses from us to you and Teddy.
Blondies - now that's something I haven't made in a while!
Have you ever thought about putting a cookbook together? Maybe mesh recipes with some magic on the side....
YES ! i was just remebering FROSTY PAWS the other day..i gave them to Buddy..and the other night i was eating an ice cream cone..well, trying too..i gave up..somebody LOVES ice cream..i will get Teddy Frosty Paws that name...

Lucky Doggies !!! Teddy and mama like their steak rare :-)
tried going vegetarian...after reading michael pollan :-{
but i just can't do it.

isn't that turkey plate darling..i have had it a long time and have always loved made my day with 100 days till Halloween..that's it...the bat window clinger goes in the kitchen window tonight :-)
Mystica said…
I drool over your receipes but wont make anything because I am far too fat! Love the lamps as well.
Anonymous said…
Although I absolutely love chocolate, your blondies sound pretty rich and yummy. I am amazed at how you find such great things at the thrift stores. I'm even more impressed with how you turn these things into treasures.

The Traveler said…
I can't wait to try the blondie recipe, and I really like the black and red shade.
LisaDay said…
It was hard to concentrate on the rest of your blog since I read the words "I hate chocolate." It seems, well, just wrong.

Those blondies look absolutely delicious! I hate chocolate as well, and I used to live for blondies, but I haven't had one in a long time! Maybe I'll just to use your recipe! :)
Bridgett said…
Those lamps look amazing! I need to hire you to make me some lamps for my living room. LOL It only has one ceiling light and it's on one side of the the other side is dark.

The first one is my favorite. Well done.

BTW, no likey chocolate? LOL