Corn Chowder recipe

I know, I know.....I've shown this what? ...a hundred times? I still can not get over how wonderful this rosemary no-knead bread is. I make it at least once a week. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should. The recipe is on the sidebar under no-knead bread recipe.

Anyway, I had some corn on the cob which I had not gotten around to making so I made it into corn chowder.

First I cooked the corn.

After I removed the corn from the cobs, I simmered the cobs in the water to create corn stock.

After slicing the corn from the cob, use the back of a knife to "milk" the remaining corn and juice from the cob. Just run the knife down the sides of the cob.

Dice a large onion and saute it in 3 tablespoons of olive oil or bacon grease. I used bacon grease to give it a smokey base.

Dice several stalks of celery and add it to the onion. Saute until softened.

Add 32 ounces of chicken stock. I also added some of the corn stock. Oops...I just realized I forgot to take a pic of the diced potatoes. I used red potatoes cut into small dice. Simmer this for about 30 minutes until the potato is tender.

Next, add two diced zucchini and the corn. Cook for about 10 minutes, then stir in a cup and a half of milk.

Stir in about a cup and a half of cheddar cheese. Stir until the cheese melts. Season with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

A bowl of wonderful. Especially when it is served with the rosemary bread.


i woke up this morning and before i opened my eyes i was thinking about soup recipes !!!!

this looks wonderful...

i have to send you my recipe for my dilly bread..i make it always....just did it again the other reminds me of this bread...only knead...i just bake it in my cast iron skillet and john and i eat the whole thing.....even teddy likes to chew on a piece...

getting out my mable hoffman slow cooker cookbook today...july is almost toast...yipeee

kary and teddy
Pricilla said…
I make a ham/corn chowder whenever I am lucky enough to have a ham bone. Mmmm. One of my favorites!
Oh, that soup looks good!
I just posted a comment here but got an error code after. Did it reach You? or should I comment once again?
Melodie said…
Too hot for soup yet here...but this will definitely be good on the first cool day!
WOW! What a meal! The soup mmmmm..
and the Rosemary Bread, I'll bet I've gained 10 pounds eating it right out of the oven with butter!!!

xoxo to "Teddy Red Fluffs".

Happy Day!
Mmmmm, love corn chowder. Now I MUST try it with the rosemary bread! Love your blog, it's what I look forward to on my lunch break every day....
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Thanks dear JAZ, this is my kind of cooking. I love the no knead (what smells better than this baking) and I'll try your corn chowder.

Tonight is casserole night for us. I made it this morning and also made old fashioned cole slaw, yep, I'm admitting it, cole slaw from an Iowa friend's recipe box. Believe it or not for CRUNCH it has baked Ramen noodles. It is really good and a family and friend hit.

Sending love from autumnal Maine,

Guillaume said…
Corn is the vegetable of the ending summer and beginning of autumn.
Sharlene T. said…
Okay. I made the Rosemary bread this week, but left out the Rosemary... cut the slices and made toast, slathered it with farm fresh butter and my fresh homemade raspberry-fig jam... I was ready to die and leave the earth to everyone else... have to have the bread either available for eating or busy rising at all time, now... you have created a monster... so, now, I've got to have some corn chowder (like I don't have enough to do!)... come visit when you can

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The Frog Queen said…
Corn chowder is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing this reciepe. Looking forward to trying it.

William Bezek said…
Corn Chowder is the best! The book that I won in Teddy's givaway arrived today and it is beautiful(wonderful photographs)...thank you!
Debbie said…
Looks so yummy! I love corn chowder. I can look at that bread picture every day...I's just that beautiful.
Mmm, I love corn chowder... this looks delicious! ♥
Lin said…
Gees, you make me hungry when I come here! We need blogsmells and blogtasting to go along with all these delicious photos!! Arrrgghhh.
That looks great to do now when autumn is comming! I´m so glad that You put Your recipes here in Your blog, because I don´t trust my computer enough to put them there :-)

Rosemary bread in all varieties are fantastic :-)
Have a great day now!
Celia said…
You always have such wonderful recipes! And I love Teddy's garden tours too....

You have a blog award waiting for you over at my
After reading this corn chowder recipe, I want to go out to the nearest farm stand and get some fresh corn to try it this weekend. If only it weren't so hot here again, soup might seem the best thing to enjoy. Our butternut squash will be ready soon and soup make with it is wonderful.
Divaeva said…
looks delicious - definitely want to try this with left over corn....