Dreaming of Fall

Teddy and I are going to be very busy this weekend. My daughter is throwing a birthday party for her boyfriend. She works two jobs and is very busy so I offered to do a lot of the cooking for her. The Blog Tech has a show tonight and a house guest so he requires major quantities of food for the whole weekend. So, today I am just posting pictures of what I am looking forward to. I noticed that my Sycamore trees leaves are changing. Fall is on it's way.

Last year I framed some cool prints and postcards in frames I bought from the thrift store.

I think I will make some more of these this year. Click to enlarge. This is a vintage Halloween postcard.

I can't wait to line up the pumpkins on my porch roof.

But first I have to go to the market to buy them. It is always a happy day around here when I buy the first pumpkin of the year.

I want to drive down this road again. I want to LIVE on this road!!!

And I want to drive down roads like these.

I want to have these all over my gardens.

And I want to fight the squirrels to keep them away from these.

I will post pics of everything I cook over the weekend.

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Rue said…
Oh no! The last picture just reminded me that I bought some blue corn this year to plant for decoration - and I didn't plant it! Shoot! Now where the hell is that seed package...

Dreaming of Autumn with you!
Suzie said…
Yesterday, as we were pulling up to our local year around market and in-season nursery, I was telling Hubs that one of these days, we'll pull in to see huge crates full of all sorts of pumpkins and gourds, and he laughed at me. .Well!!!

But, before we picked up our birdseed, we went through the garden section to go back and buy a couple of new shrubs (they were on sale. .can't pass that up!), and what did I see? Rows and rows of pots of mums! YES! The long tables are full of them!! I LOVE mums, and am SO happy to see them. .another sign of Fall!!

I love all of your photos, and your framed pieces look wonderful! I'm anxious to see what you culinary wonders you come up with for the weekend. I'm sure that they'll be spectacular!
Wonderful backward glance to Halloween past. I love Halloween! Loved the pictures.

You are a great Momma! To the children and the Teddy.

Happy cooking! Happy Day.

xoxo to "Teddy Dreams of Fall".
Sharlene T. said…
This is going to be a great weekend for your family with lots of wonderful things to eat and great pix for US! Enjoy the family and friends...

Twitter: SolarChief
ana_didi said…
He gives me a tremendous desire to embrace :) It's so cute
The boyfriend of her daughter are lucky, you'll get delicious food.
kiss and hugs
Mystica said…
You will turn out a scrumptious spread.
I think autumn just have started over here now. We might still get some warm days but I think we mostly will have lowpressures passing now.

It seemes most of the northern hemisfare has a hughe heat wave right now, exept up at ours :-)

I do like that bat picture!
Have a great day now!
Supercool postcards, and I love the pumpkins over the porch! Might have to do that!

P.S. Teddy has Flair on Facebook!
Pricilla said…
Have fun cooking - I know you will!
TMCPhoto said…
normally I love to just be in whichever season it happens to be. I have favourite things about each one and look forward to each season as it comes but this year; carrying around the Bean and all the excess blood and weight that comes with baking up a little Frijole I am looking forward to fall with a longing that is a little bit amazing to me. Of course looking at the photos of what you're looking forward to is feeding the flames a little bit.
Guillaume said…
Yeah, I have the same feeling, and July is not even over yet! But it doesn't quite look like July. Some of the trees close to my working place even have some leaves turning yellow already... I wish I was young enough to play the haunted house and the haunted castle games of my youth again.
i am so HAPPY right now

LOVE the road sign

and the road wet with rain ...

i want to live on that road too...

happy last weekend of july

kary and teddy
William Bezek said…
Okay, I'm curious...what kind of show is the blog tech having?
It seems as though we're all starting to dream of autumn lately... usually after my birthday (July 22nd), I'm in full Halloween-mode, which is what I am now! :) Cannot wait until the leaves begin to change, the air becomes a little grumpier, and all the little ghost and goblins come crawling out again ♥
Laura said…
i too am dreaming of fall and am anxious to see the leaves begin their change and to feel the snap of fall in the air...
Autumnforest said…
I am well into my halloween mood and that was soooo fantastic. Just what I needed. Now, if someone could invent a real October in Arizona, complete with changing leaves and chilly noses!
Debbie said…
I am SOOO there with ya JOYCE!! I can't wait...I love everything about fall! I can feel that nip in the air already....just from looking at your photos! I found a HUGE pumpkin in my garden the other day and got sooo excited! I am so glad I am not the only fall lover.:)
Lin said…
I can't wait for cool, crisp fall air either. I love pumpkins and marching band season. I love the changing leaves and the smell of fall. ahhhhhh.
rox said…
Jaz You so need to live on that road ☺ !
I too am craving autumn , I can't handle this heat after I turned 45 a few yrs back that was it for me . I seek shade now .
I also love oct. 31st as it was/is my late grandmother Grace's birthday and I love the eve of souls just such a special time of yr.
Thanks so much