Flintstone Ribs

Most people like baby back ribs but they can really be expensive. Recently I found these St. Louis ribs on sale at my butcher for 1.99 a pound. Ok...so they got a little burned on the edge. I used the wrong rack in my big green egg and won't make that mistake the next time!

Ribs are so easy to make but some people think they are complicated. They aren't! This recipe shows them being made in my big green egg but they can easily be made in anything that can maintain a 225 degree temperature. You can make them in your oven. The key to good ribs is long slow cooking. All you do to prepare them for seasoning is to remove the membrane on the back. Just loosen it with a knife and then just rip it off.

You can trim the fat a bit but most of it will melt off while cooking.

Cover both sides of the ribs with yellow mustard.

I always have a bag of my magic dust ready.

Heavily sprinkle the magic dust over both sides of the ribs.

Stack them together.

I wrapped them in butcher paper and placed them in a zip lock bag and refrigerated them for one day.

When you are ready to cook them just place them in a 225 degree oven or grill. I used a rib rack here but you could just lay them on cookie sheets. Let them cook at a steady 225 degrees for about 5 hours. These are meaty ribs so they cook longer than baby backs. You can tell they are done when you lift them with tongs and the meat falls away from the bone.

Remember the barbecue sauce from the other day?

I cut all the ribs into individual sections and drenched them in the sauce. Many oohs and aahs were had as the fam bit into these.

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Jennifer said…
That looks so good! I didn't know ribs were that easy to fix. Boy I bet someone was sure hoping one of those would hit the floor. :)
Debbie said…
I figured out how to make the "fairy dust" a long time ago and use most all of your ingredients except for the white sugar. Yellow mustard is a surprise! I will have to try it! Actually I LOVE things really browned or blackened up but hubby HATES anything burnt or even looking like it wants to be burnt! Oh well...more for me! You are such a great cook Joyce!
Pricilla said…
Mmmm, I can imagine.

Big green egg - sounds like something Godzilla laid.
Oh my, these ribs look luscious! I already have the Magic Dust recipe, so I am good to go!

Happy Canada Day!

xoxo to "Teddy Loves a Holiday"
Funny you should post this. We just had St. Louis style ribs this past weekend. It was a first for us because we've always done babybacks, but they were on sale so we gave them a try. As we do with the BB ribs, we boil ours first for about an hour - hour and a half. This makes them fall off the bone tender. Then we slather them with KC Masterpiece Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce and slap them on the grill. They pretty much tasted just the same as the BB's, but the bones were really weird. They ran in 2 different directions and all in all they were just harder to eat than the BB's in our opinion...even though they tasted just as good. :o)
I always gets hungry after visiting Your blog :-) This looks absolutly delicious!

I love ribs but prefere thick ones. There was this store in Gothenburg that made them so delicious that I never made ribs myself, I could never make them as tasty as they could. That store is gone now and I miss it badly :-)

Have a great day now!
Celia said…
Ribs are my all time favorite....and you're right.....I've never made my own cause I didn't figure they would turn out right.....but I'm gonna try these! They look delicious!!!! YYYYUUUUUMMMM!
Sharlene T. said…
MmmmmMmmmm, so yummy! I stopped buying bone-in ribs years ago, when the price went up the wall... only get the country-cut type now and they're just as good and tender but with far more meat than the bone-in ones... (I copied your spices bag ingredients...) Have a great Fourth...

Twitter: SolarChief
I much prefer the St. Louis style ribs to baby back. I have not tried the dust but I will.

Have a wonderful safe 4th holiday.
you always make me laugh..flintstone ribs and magic dust...and these do look good, my friend...does Teddy like them...

Teddy just finished off the pork chops from last night somebody LOVES pork chops..they were boneless..me no like-ee boneless...but all the ones with the bones were in packages with enough to serve 50 !!!! i just caught those babies...man they cook FAST !!!!

might be going out for mexican tonight...have a cheese enchalada (pipebomb) craving :-)

kary and teddy
oldblackcatboo said…
I need a napkin!
Lin said…
You are making me HUNGRY!!!
Sara said…
Great... almost eleven o'clock at night and I'm craving ribs. lol They look so good!
Gracie said…
Gosh, your ribs look too tasty...I sure appreciate your recipes that accompany the process of making scrumptious foods. *10* STARS to you!!!
Rue said…
I LOVE the Magic Dust! It was a hit with the Dads on Father's Day!

Thanks again for the recipe!